(1049) Review: Master Lock Street Cuffs Bike Lock

Finally, a Master Lock product that does what it is SUPPOSED to do! The Master Lock Street Cuffs Bike Lock is tough and the lock, although tubular, is GREAT at resisting picking.

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MUZZER says:

LMFAO! “if your in the field” lad your picking a lock, your not in the army.

AnythingKid123 says:

People on ebay sold it for $600

Scott Y3NNEY says:

Wh… why do you need these?

bearsemen says:

These work great for keeping people prisoners in your basement

Flash Gordon says:

Would have liked you to cut the head off one of the hinge pivot pins.

Philip Eatherington says:

I’m so conflicted. A good MasterLock product. 2017, what a time to be alive.

SoldierMike says:

You use this on your wife bud?

TomMalufe says:

I haven’t watched any of your videos in a while, but when I saw a “Great!” rating on a MasterLock… I just had to see this for myself.

gacegood says:

Just watch cops use that

Drill Hammer says:

Shame. In london these fking thiefs use angle grinders so this lock is waste of money :/

Brainwash Effect says:

My God, every time I see a product there is always something simple they can do to drastically improve it. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PUT SOME SECURITY PINS IN THERE

Jeff Roush says:

He, him & somebody??? Dude, they’re inanimate objects not people

Exploration Of Tech says:

This is a kidnappers dream: now you don’t have to go to the trouble of finding good handcuffs online, you can just use this “bike-lock” to cuff their ankles to a pole! Lovely how companies can’t think of the consequences of their designs anymore…

HalfaBakedPotato says:

The bad guys always break out of the cuffs because they aren’t using these

Timmy says:

Why is watching you pick a lock so damn satisfying?

Phino K.M. says:

“Let’s see how long it takes” … “ok, I didn’t time it”
Yeah sure, not timing it is always a great way of seeing how long things take.

Sfs Aviation says:

A good master lock?No.This can’t be,you wanna were paid for this right?PLEASE TELL ME YOU WE PAID TO DO THIS

Bob Piff says:

I wonder if master lock sued him & he’s giving 1 good review to make amends

Don'z Lockz says:

Well, I’ll be darned!

Roy Telling says:

you could lock little brother by his ankles LoL

Phillip Woody Shepherd says:

sorry but every thief these days is using cordless angle grinders. This Lock is about as much use as a wet fart.

Noah Moyer says:

top ten anime plot twists

cloridan Beauchamps says:

Does any manufacturer make locks out of chromoly steel, i heard its a pain in the ass to cut and destroys most tools

Blind Steve Bailey says:

Why can’t you just use a chainbreak on it

E H says:

Master lock made a good product???
It’s snowing in hell right now

shutupsucka says:

dude that’s a piece of shit. a 10 pin tubular lock pick will open that in 5 seconds.

Bob Piff says:

That actually looked fairly easy

SuperMerlot says:

Almost no bike thief will try to pick it. Most likely bolt cutters will be used

hedsy says:

Rumours have it to this day, that the man who engineered this lock has since been fired from MasterLock for making a lock too good for their standards.

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