(1272) Review: Ottolock Bike Lock (JUNK!)

Several people recommended the Ottolock Bike lock, so I bought one from Amazon. It was defective, so I ordered others, also defective, so I gave up. Until Ottolock fixes their quality control, I’d recommend you avoid this lock.

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OTTO DesignWorks says:

This is very unfortunate. We appreciate the quality of your reviews and explained context around bike locks and design intent. As you mentioned, our lock is designed as a short-stop theft deterrent with key features being lightweight, compact size, and ease of carry. The lock reviewed in this video most likely has a defective key inside. The key is not engaging the pawl. This could be due to a missing key, damaged key, missing spring, or stuck key. In any case, it demonstrates a gap in our quality control procedures. We have a very comprehensive incoming part inspection program, and we also conduct a 100% inspection of each lock at the end of our assembly line. While we do not know the problems with your prior two locks, this lock is defective and completely a fault in our workmanship, not design. We will provide you with another new lock for another review.

Additionally, two other points: 1. Your shim failure attempt is not entirely valid as the pawl was not locked in place in this test, and 2. The ladder strap on the provided lock is not for carrying on the bike, but rather for holding the lock in coiled position. The bike mount is much bigger, stronger and sold separately.

We are proud of our ‘Made in the USA’ manufacturing and prioritization of quality first, and happy to address any questions directly via our website and support team.
Thank you,
OTTO DesignWorks

Dan Reilly says:

Odd…I have one and it works perfectly. Perfect for cafe stops, etc. I’ve never had a problem with it…

stagepyro says:

Just thought of those stainless steel hose clamps (the ones with the screw). Much cheaper. Available at any hardware store.

Otherwise, four to five feet of Pewag chain (1/4 the weight of your bike should suffice) and a decent Squire padlock should offer some more resistance. Thieves will then cut the tree or fence or try their luck on another bike 😉

merlin308 says:

Potti314 might be interested in playing with it.  He likes those style of locks.

thefuumanchuu says:

i was really looking into this lock for my front wheel and frame, but i might just stick to another U-lock..

Y J says:

Thanks for saving my time and money. I almost ordered one for myself 🙂

Bearsback says:

Very nice job my friend.

David Kurtz says:

Bill, I just flipping love these videos.

Michael Anderson says:

I have this lock and COULD NOT REPLICATE THE FLAW in the video. It’s going to give some sort of protection; but if I was going to leave my bike unattended with it for some time, there would be at least one other lock used in conjunction.

Michael Kushma says:

Third times a charm…or not…

Tactical Custard says:

I would like to be able to take that apart and find out what caused them to be faulty

John Galt says:

Just bought one from the Amazon, for $65, longer version, seems to work fine, and wheels are smooth too, changed combination in two seconds, does look like an expensive zip tie, but I wouldn’t carry any other lock this one is weightless, goes into my tiny underseat bag.

Harry Joseph says:

My OTTOLOCK came in the mail today. The 30″ Black model. For one thing, the lock looks a lot thinner than it does in the pictures. What I mean by thin is that its less than inch in width. In any case, after watching this video I took it through the steps. First I checked if I could change the combination. I was able to change the combination NO problem. After changing the combination I pushed the other end through the lock and tried to pull it apart. I’m not the strongest guy in the world, but not the weakest either. I finally gave up trying to take it apart with my bare hands.

Then I did the shim test as seen on your video, again I was unable to take the lock apart. The mount the lock came with I think is just to keep it together and is not really a bike mount. Why would someone want to mount this to their bike I don’t know ? It is small and light enough to fit in your pocket(jacket pocket).

Maybe I got lucky or something, but thank god none of the things you mentioned happened with my lock. Of course I’m not going to try the hammer trick, drill, or Grinder test you did at the end of your video, I just can’t afford it !

Well so far so good… If any of the things you mentioned on your video do occur in the future I will surely keep you posted.

This lock is just what I wanted for short trips around the neighborhood, the grocery store, liquor shop etc. or when I’m relieving myself on the trail. I also got myself an ABUS Ultra 410(entry level) and a $40 bike Alarm for more serious situations. I know this might be overkill, but I hate thieves, especially bike thieves.

Next week I’ll probably order the OTTOLOCK’s big brother which is the LiteLok Gold, https://www.litelok.com/collections/litelok-products/products/litelok-gold-wearable-boa-green . What else am I going to spend my Tax refund on ? One thing for sure I will not be leaving my bike overnight anywhere on this planet, lock or no lock. Not even in front of a police station. But for a couple of hours I think I “might” have purchased peace of mind.

cr0cket01 says:

ouch might as well buy some cable ties

James Ball says:

Why didn’t you open it to see why it was defective???????????

Big Papi says:

Thieves had a festival when those battery-powered die grinders came out. Vey amazing tools.

Gary Rumain says:

Hey, Bill, you sure it wasn’t the exact same lock each time? 🙂

anjairis says:

very crap lock :S

Ben Smith says:

I think leaving a big old turd on the bike might be better theft prevention than that lock

Thomas Prehn says:

I would love to see what you think of an OTTO Lock that works!

PezCycling says:

Mine’s been working fine… https://youtu.be/JYcWdJGcRpU

MPAH1981 says:

How does it operate when it’s pilled tight around a pole or bike? My guess is that that is a quick release feature so you can open it quickly without something in it regardless of what position the locking parts are in, but when you pull it tight around whatever you’re locking, it operates properly.

joseph lambert says:

Is that the new zip belt?


I think that would encourage thieves as it looks easy to cut, looks like plastic.

ö. . , says:

Nice. A regular zip tie protects your bike better.

Thomas Prehn says:

I have this lock and can tell you that it does NOT behave like this AT ALL. When out of the combination, it will NOT open or slide out. The other thing I see is that if the lock was not working properly when locked, sliding the shim in is not going to prove anything. You can’t slide a shim in my lock.

jay evans says:

can you sue people for giving out defective locks?

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