(1280) Review: Knog Strongman Bike Lock (Nice!)

The Knog Strongman bicycle lock is pretty impressive in both design and security. I couldn’t find any “shortcuts” that the manufacturer took, so for once, I’m impressed with a bike lock. LockLab approved.

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Merigold says:

As an non American citizen i wonder why Bill use the Metric system instead of the US-Standard. I had always the impression the americans rather shoot themselves before using the Metric System.

233kosta says:

.com.au… They’re Australian – of course they have a sense of humour 😀

WestEast3259585 says:

LockPickingLawyer, get one please

choochoochooseyou says:

If it gets Bill’s seal of approval, that’s good enough for me.

cthulpiss says:

as for the hardness test:
try googling Hardness Tester Checker File HRC40-HRC65

Ollie B says:

Did you get a new microphone? It sounds rather good.

Kennedy's Locksport says:

You had me at”you can put it on any body part”lol great review Bill

David Dittmar says:

Nice video bill.. I have a question I see you doing a lot of reviews on different types of pics I was just wondering can you do a review of the RCS jackknife thank you

cthulpiss says:

nice one!

Harrison William says:

LPL needs this next, time for destructive testing!!!

beez1717 says:

They need to make one with an egg-shaped opening and call it the “Egg Knog”!

Yevhenii Diomidov says:

Personally I’m not a big fan of keeping your keys on you wrist where anyone with a good zoom lens can see your biddings.

idk idk says:

The locker lock with the wafer core is “grandmas house” level security

VicariousReality7 says:

18 dollars is a ripoff for you? I have paid 80 dollars to ship similar items to me

Rain Coast says:

BB’s nod goes to the knog!

fredmackay says:

I’ve got one of these! Had it for six years and it’s survived so many attacks. Looks beat up as hell.
The shiny end over the shackle is actually plastic, but it’s durable as all hell. Survived a few hammer blows.
Send it to the Lock picking Lawyer!
I messaged him ages ago to get one and he said he was interested.

Alex V-i-P says:

A tough egg … (Knog)!! then lol

Talatharas says:

Bosnian bill.. your grasp of the metric system.. never change.

Niels Skaaning says:

You can get a set of hardness test files for 100 USD or so – that is no too bad I think. They are not super accurate, but totally fine for your purpose :).

thechosendude says:

9:36 – Who only drops into the pub for 5 minutes?

john Leonard says:


Jacob Kirk says:

That’s a sweet lock!

Albert Lebel says:

I agree, very nice. They really thought it out and made a quality product. Attention to detail. Thanks for the share B’Bill…

overbuilts10 says:

As far as a cheap hardness tester look in to the file set I bought mine from McMaster Carr.

shubus says:

Congratulations, Bill! You finally found a lock that’s not a POS. Very interesting design to prevent picking.

pill28 says:

I could use a secure bike lock.

Trever Pulvermacher says:

Looks like a good bike lock I’ve been looking for a new U-BAR lock.

BrightBulb Photography says:

Kewl lock. I wonder if they make one with a shackle twice as long. That way you can prevent your bike from being stolen. The fastest way to defeat this bike lock. Is to leave the front/rear wheel behind, in what it has been secured to. A ratchett works faster on a bolt than a hacksaw on that shackle in every case of a U and bar style bike lock.

Ryan Penrod says:

$99 new, so $48 isn’t bad

Russell Warren says:

hey Mr bill, I have an assa abloy 341 disk detainer lock with out a key that I have no need for. interested in a trade?

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