(1304) Review: Kryptonite Keeper 510 Bicycle Lock

After the review of the MTB Bicycle lock, about a dozen people told me it was a knockoff of the Kryptonite Keeper 510, which was MUCH higher quality. I performed identical tests on the Kryptonite and agree with that assessment. However, it does have one glaring weakness…

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Yo ski says:

I Think if you would have struck it on concrete it may have had a better chance than on a wooden deck..

Evl Stache says:

always interesting to take it to the next level of tool to see just how strong it is

alex b. says:

Just use your vice Bill. A criminal out in the field won’t care if he scratches a bike while trying to steal it. If the bike can be used to jam a link/chain/lock into place for cutting, they will. Any tools of oppertunity lying around, an accomplice, will do the trick as well to hold things steady, so might as well use your vice. .

How well do those links hold up against bending? If I was trying to hacksaw through a link pivot, I’d probably start by giving a might heave on a link to bend it and jam the bushing in place and then hacksaw at it. Or, pound a screwdriver into the gap and hacksaw from another angle.

Taluvian says:

What it the material protecting the screw holding the core in from a side attack?

Ron Drew says:

Make the locking lug a spinner.

Havok Zeroz says:

Great video. I always fall asleep watching your videos and wake up ready to try picking more difficult locks.

Udo Willkomm says:

I could immediate imagine the conversation with the Cop: “Hey Punk, why you are carrying that bolt cutter?” “YSir, yes, i thought by me….perhaps i want to trim my nails, waiting on the bus…”

Judge has the Word says:

Anymore as bad as lot of the bike locks are. You would be better of just use a zip tie. No different then the locks. Love the Video’s Bosianbill . I am training to pick as a said before. Never miss a video. Good luck everyone that enters the give away. I haven’t won any of the give away but someday Again Good lock ! ! !

Peter Svangren says:

Nice test

Jim Fortune says:

Holding the punch in vise grips while smacking it with a hammer. That idea may save me a fair number of skinned knuckles. Thank you.

Den William says:

Bill I really enjoy watching you pick gut and destroy all of the locks you have. I enjoy lockpicking but alas I lost my picks in a burglary of my house. Thank you for your videos.

dragade101 says:

Just an observation but how likely are criminals going to carry around hacksaws and bolt cutters. I think this locks defeats against most attacks.

Meaning its not like one is going to drive up with a utility truck with 999 ways to defeat a lock but rather only carry a couple of tools and try several bikes.

Ryley says:

I just rewatched the MTB lock video the other day, and now you’ve got this out. Weird.


Hi Bill; a reminder;  the LPL did a destructive attach on a Abus Bordo heavy duty bike lock similar to this Kryptonite a couple of months back (#616). Rather than massive bolt cutters he used a C type open ended nut splitter. And yes it forced the link pin to fail ! The big advantage of the nut splitter is that the tools required will fit in a coat pocket.

SilentSniper Vt says:

I wonder if you could just buy the core and try to pick it open

Zeigren says:

I’ve always wondered, how/why do you have so many different intros?

michael shampine says:

Harder yes but a easy EASY FIX! Adding a hardened ring around it would make it almost impossible to hacksaw though. But you did prove cheap is cheap.

Phil M says:

“a criminal could easily make this and put it in their pocket.” I’ve watched a lot of your videos where you say this. its almost like the criminals have a bag full of special tools to break into all the different locks out there….oh wait. never mind.

james42519 says:

you miss the point of this. it is supposed to slow people down. people are not going to want to take there time and make noise to try and steel something when there are others that will be easier to. this makes it harder to steal and make it more trouble then it is worth for them.

J White says:

Good video (as always). Thanks for sharing your knowledge

Makale Ward says:

Love seeing the reviews, before I started watching you, I thought a good old master lock was fine, you’ve opened my eyes!

alan3082 says:

Bike and grill are undamaged but your deck took a pounding Bill.

Sidewindermac says:

I always enjoy your reviews.

Kilgore Trout says:

If they fixed the thickness & hardness of that pin, I would buy this lock in a second! Thanks (P.S. I’m a lefty LOL)

wcytc85 says:

Your wooden deck bounces next time do it on concrete which is firmer and the shock will be much more

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