(1348) OnGuard Bulldog ATB 8011 Bicycle U-Lock Picked

This is the OnGuard Bulldog ATB 8011 U-Lock, which OnGuard rates at 63/100. I was surprised at how easy it was to get picked open. If you are looking for a bicycle lock, there are better options…

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Tony Papantoniou says:

63 means 63 out of 100 lock pickers opened it.

begone30 says:

The one dislike is because they bought the On guard lock

eak125 says:

63 is for the # of seconds maximum to pick the lock…

farbusBR says:

Seriously??? Was that easy???

Thor Lancaster says:

Compared to the other bikes on the rack with 4-pin Master style cores (or even waffer cores god forbid), I’d say the OnGuard is still a pretty decent lock. Sure, it’s not a disc detainer core, but you can’t just rake it open either. I also think your picking experience contributed to you opening it so quickly.

Blitnock says:

Thanks for your video. I have one slider lock to practice on and this video is very helpful. (Also, I think that’s the offset hybrid pick you used; it’s also one of my favorite picks.)

Oliwer Gumowski says:

WTF I have another lock from another brand with similar core and almost identical bitting on the key. Are these all the same?

2xrpm says:

Nothing like a marshmallow core ! Lol

Seth B says:

If you are going to have a 0-100 scale and round up and or down to 5s or 10s, then have a 0-20 scale or a 0-10 scale. Why are trailer & big boy toy locks so easy to open?

Grouchy Ed says:

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks

Thái Trần says:

he used to spend money

LockPickingLawyer says:

Great open! I was wincing with you looking at your tensioning finger… it’s definitely painful with those short tensioners, but also the fastest way in that I know of.

Alien Alive says:

dam fine show Bill

Dubelectroify says:

I hate that when i look for a new motorbike lock youve uploaded a video picking everyone

g mihalic says:

i think we should get a discount when we don’t need keys

Wes Dresen says:

Ive watched enough of your videos and pick some of the same locks as you have. I bet it is not as easy as you make it look.

SUPERTELL vlogs-challenges-karate-reviews-how to says:

Would it be possible to switch between manual and auto focus while filming? That way you can lock the focus on the lock without cutting the footage.

David Castle says:

I seen you video on the Masterlock u Lock it was the same one you can open with a pin I was wondering if you have seen the newer one they put out that has a wafferlock core and tensions from the back I can’t remember the model number

Justen Siljan says:

I wonder how much Criminals watch these videos

Top Water Spook says:

Thank you for another great video bill!!!

Danny Allen says:

Is there a video about the camera? I’d just be curious to see if it’s specifically marketed for lockpicking, how much it costs, etc. Cool tool for the videos.

zwz • zdenek says:

The “63” rating is like ingress protection. The first digit is against brute force, the second digit is against Bill.

bradw 053 says:

“One mean Lock”, eh?? I’d say they have some more work to do on that core! I like to see that a lot of manufacturers seem to put some effort towards the physical toughness of the locks, but always surprised at how few put any effort into making a tougher core. Sort of like putting a big scary spoiler on the back of a chevette, and hoping it looks intimidating enough, that no one will test you at the stop light!

JD shenanigans says:

No its a 6.5 out of a hundred they forgot the decimal point lol

Maria Schick says:

Meanwhile over at the LPL house he’s banging out old Billy’s naughty bucket locks like a hot knife through warm butter. LOLOL

john morgan says:

Hope the recovery is going well.

The 63, is pyschobable, to make it appear as if thought went into the security rating, now if they had just spent a bit more of that time working on the lock, instead of trying to be clever with the marketing!

endospores says:

the new mounted camera gives nice detail, cheers.  The fibre optic one is cool too!

Red Pill says:

63 out of 100. Are these marketers stupid? Great Job once again Bill.

ehsnils says:

63 – because it takes Bill 63 seconds to pick it.

Gunga Dinn says:

Silly boy, the 63 was the time in seconds it took you to remove the lock from the package and open it up. Did Master Lock purchase another company to destroy with their cutting edge technology?

da coder says:

Aw and i just bought this lock for my bike. I mean it’s not some 500 dollar amazing bike, but still 🙁

David stowe says:

It post to be 36

sailorashore says:

I find this lock good enough,bike thieves do not spp,try using their method-bolt cutters! also to be used for self-defence, anti car driver it is superb

Hugo Cordoba says:

Hey Bill, just wanted to send a message to let you know I love your videos. The two best ones I send to friends are attacking locks 404 and your work bench tool kit. When someone asks what tools to buy that video is the bomb. Keep up the good work. I’m attempting to make a pick set with so much in it that even if I dont have the skills, the set will have the tools that maybe someone more skilled will be able to utilize. A get through anything lock tool set. It’s a work in progress, wish me luck.

B!tchSlapper says:

Maybe it costs $63 dollars on their scale.

《THUMPER》 Lock picking, Police accountability says:

I love your logic Mr.Bill, its awful funny. 60 for what it is made of, 3 for the marshmallow core. Love it

Jay H says:

I think 63, might be
60 is physically (6 out of 10)
3 is pick resistant (3 out of 10)

shubus says:

Between Bill and LPL, I’ve really been getting schooled on tensioning and indeed there’s lots of room for both light tension and strong tension—the catch is knowing which to use.

Silver Iris says:

Hey Bill, I was wondering how your neck is doing?

Albert Lebel says:

Well done. Thanks for sharing this one. Maybe I would have better luck with one of these than the Lobo Jack disc detainer padlock I get NOTHING from..

Jake Boerman says:

Focus Bill’s camera…

D Sloop says:

Gotta toughen that finger up, it sure was getting pale on the tip.

Adam Bernstein says:

Do you create a unique, and very cool, opening for every LockLab / LockTube video?

Jordan Bjork says:

0 to 100 seconds is the rating system

Moon Moon says:

Hey Bill, how’s your neck? Been kinda worried about that – I hope it’s healing up well!

Dream Services International says:

1-e^(-1) = ~63.2%

Are they actually trying to do some statistical analysis instead of just pulling random numbers out of their ass?

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