(1391) Review: TiGr Mini Titanium Bike Lock

The TiGr Mini Titanium bike lock has been on the market for a couple of years now, enough time for any obvious design defect to become common knowledge. After a number of requests, I decided it was time to grab one and take a close look at it to see if there were some vulnerabilities that thieves could exploit. Suprisingly, it was really difficult to pick ( I did not manage to pick it before the video, despite three hours of trying – but later managed to pick it open twice). The lock is TOUGH to pick. The rest of the lock…. see for yourself.

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Cy Early says:

Looks like a better work out than a Shake weight !

InsaneFirebat says:

14:18 Nice try, TiGr. You almost had me fooled.

Do R/C! says:

Titanium is many things. Cut resistant isnt one of them.

Bob Dobalina says:

That looks like quite a small slide-hammer. I think it would have been much faster if you had used a larger/heavier one. To be fair though, a thief might want the smaller one (but I think they’d want the most effective tool that they can manage)

Venti9874 says:

Never seen a guy jack off a bike lock before.

davetileguy says:

The locking pawl has 2 pins that look weak, I would throw away the lock drill a hole and use a large padlock.

Aaron Aneloski says:

The plastic coating protects the finish on the bike.

Prjndigo says:

You need a Mansaver for the slamhammer. I agree with mercmech, send that junk to Cody so he can test it to see how little titanium is in that loop. It does NOT look it.

TheNy615 says:

Get a real slide hammer

ForthyPremonition says:

i remember i requested this lock awhile ago since i was curious, especially about the cutters. looks like it can be cut fairly easily. you mentioned it was cheap but $100 isnt that cheap.

LOST & FOUND says:

Thank you for sharing, I was just looking at this lock. Glad you put it to the test.
I don’t think the slam hammer is quite the length of a common dent puller. More length, creates more force, producing less effort and a quicker time of entry.

TheNy615 says:

It is a cheap titanium alloy mix

Black3ternity says:

Hey Bill,

great video. Thanks for that.
Just out of curiousity: Did you contact the manufacturer with your video? Are they aware of that “mishap” with the Bolt cutter AND the hacksaw? It’s a jarring difference to the crap videos they have shown on their website. Maybe they changed something during their manufacturing process so they aren’t fully aware of the matal change or something like that.

Regardless: Thanks for showing this stuff and making sure that IF I ever buy a bike, I will have NO clue on what lock to buy 😛

joseph crosby mecham says:

I wanted to scream, run! The cops are here.

Jeffery Wells says:

Titanium is not stronger than steel for the same volume. It’s lighter (about 45% lighter), that’s it.

Good quality hardened steel will outperform titanium every day of the week where weight is not critical, and I’m sorry but .9 lbs instead of 1.7 lbs for a more expensive, less durable bike lock just doesn’t seem that important to me.

It’s a great design that would be better in steel.

davetileguy says:

What grade titanium? Maybe that makes a difference.

Heretobenosey says:

I’d happily take the leftovers off your hands, I’m sure I could make something from them!

David Johnson says:

Nicely Done. I was not expecting you to defeat it so easily.

tuxontour says:

I know it is a bit late to try but isn’t it possible to bypass it thrue the hole in the back? Even if not the keyway seems so big that you could drill it and than bypass.

Chris Hurlbut says:

Very nice soldering station. What model is that?

Mudsuitable says:

Remember children titanium is incredibly strong……..for its weight. Its also extremely resistant to heat…….for its mass. Titanium is the perfect material for making extremely light weight high strength components that need to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations on a regular basis. Ti is definitely not indestructible and it’s weaknesses can be easily exploited by the simplest of hand tools and a bit of common sense. I do think the lock’s designers relied too heavily on the material used being a psychological deterrent and counting on a lack of general knowledge or experience using Titanium.

Alessio Sangalli says:

Hey Bosnian Bill, that sledgehammer looks quite whimpy… loan one at AutoZone for free it will be so much better.

Crawl IntoTheCalm says:

If that is a cheap bike lock, what is an expensive one?

Mudsuitable says:

Hey Mr.Bill! is that slide hammer made by fisher price??

Zurkster says:

@Bosnianbill Titanium shackles are nothing more than a consumer TAG to increase price, but doesn’t offer any greater strength against BF attacks. I’m not sure but a potential weakness would be squeezing the shackle together just after the locking lugs, to sheer the small hex bolts off. I noted that the locking pawl only protrudes a couple of millimetres over the ends of the shackle tips. The slide hammer technique is pretty brutal but usually an effective opening tool.

sailorashore says:


Tyler Marney says:

It doesnt surprise me. Titanium doesnt have a great ability to bend well. That is why it shears easily.

EpicATrain says:

Am I the only one who is super skeptical of whether or not that is actual Titanium? I mean it’s not above a company to flat out LIE about the materials used. I believe others mentioned it is a Titanium alloy, thus the mixture could have the Titanium be such a low percentage with the majority of the metal being something like aluminum or magnesium or a similar metal (say 1% Titanium, 20% aluminum, 70% magnsium, and the rest as trace elements – think a crappy cheap metal that they found that had trace amounts of Titanium on it and can advertise the lock as Titanium). I agree with others, send the remains to Cody.

MasterBata says:

You sure it’s not aluminum?

Jeremy C says:

It was susceptible to brute force, but it other than being big, awkward, and seemingly designed to scratch the paint off of your bike, it uhh I forgot where I was going with this.
Ps I love the warning sign lol

TheNy615 says:

I don’t know why anybody would not try to Curlett first personally I would use a battery operated igrinder

Bob Stout says:

Great videos as usual, Bill!

What you mean Thirsty? says:

You forgot to spit on it

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