(352) Master Lock 8184D Disc Detainer Bike U-Lock

Bike locks should be strong to resist attack. The Master Lock 8184D disc detainer bike lock…well….isn’t. The disc detainer lock is a good idea and is fairly difficult to pick, but the designers cheaped out on the locking mechanism. One or two good licks with a hammer pops these right open.

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Frank says:


Mudsuitable says:

I’ve used a small jack from the trunk of a Honda accord to bust em open it works on all kinds and small bottle jacks work just as well but are are significantly heavier to carry, I’m strictly legal as a reformed professional car motorcycle boat, well anything with an engine thief, now I’m a professional repo agent that works with a few security companies and law type organizations to impede the attempts of dishonest people and completely deny their entry, and they friggin PAY ME real money to do it and the law is always on my side!!

BowHunter77 says:

He didn’t need to pick it because he was able to quickly get into it with a hammer lol

MrXHammerx says:

if you did that on a bike all the spokes or chain would be #@@*

Adrian Weber says:

Hey bill well done video! What thieves do is they try to twist the U-Shackle with a crowbar or use a bolt cropper like the one you have used on the Commando Lock. The locking mechanism is the same Chinese disc cylinder than on my Untouchable padlock and the Kryptonite Fahgettaboutit lock I believe. Could keep one damaged lock for me so I can take the cylinder apart and take a look at it? This way I do not have to take apart one of my expensive locks. I do not need the shackle!

Aleksejs says:

What if you ground off the schakle’s sharp edge? Make it a bit roundish. Would it make less wulnerable to shearing?

atfsgeoff says:

I wanted to comment, I picked up this exact master lock several years ago for my roommate so he could lock up his bike outside his workplace. A lot of the reviews for this lock on amazon and other sites complain about the lock mechanism not working and binding up after being left out in the elements. This happened to my roommate too, but instead of being an idiot and twisting the key off in the lock, he just squirted some light oil into it and it freed right up. The U-lock works perfectly to this day.

eminentjonfrost says:

Holy, that beat boxing

manaquri says:

+bosnianbill hello,I got a smaller one with chain (rated 9/10 master BScale), and I would like to know if the disc detainer is somewhat useful? (the locking thingy is a lot bigger on mine)

WarbananaOfDA says:

That’s potentially Masterlock’s best lock, asking for anything more is like asking a limping man to do a high jump.

One Two says:

LOL I love it how you did not even try to pick it; went straight for the hammer.

J T says:

Bill, can you or did you ever pick these, I know its a stupid question to ask !

tim turner says:

lol wtf was that thing at the end

Eric Day says:

Well in your defense Bill, smashing a masterlock with a hammer did look like ALOT of fun!!!

G o o g l e FOO says:

hey bosso i would like to stay legal but possession with out a locksmith licence in my state is illegal (to the best of my knowledge), but i will defiantly try to stay safe. thanks from the AU for the great videos!

the spood king says:

dat beat box

Riyame says:

Hmmm, I wonder how well a hydraulic jack would work for a slower albeit more quiet entry. Would the slow force eventually shear off the locking tabs or just bend the shackle?

Wayne Fong says:

Hilarious .. The professional Beat-Box subscriber request appeal .. The cat is not impressed .. !!

Frank Depalma Jr says:

In fairness like bill said…Tru the hanging part causes it to be quite harder to hammer break….

Grim Dark End says:

Didn’t take much, did it? lol…

Grim Dark End says:

You know what works faster? Liquid nitrogen, or similar super-cool fluid, and a small hammer on the hardened steel 😀 Or heating up with a relatively weak torch, then hitting it with liquid n2… even more fun, like cracking a mug by putting hot coffee in, and then ice water right after…

TheTomco11 says:

Could you grind the sharp part off?

l.fisk says:

I realize that this is really old stuff but… If you read the reviews via Amazon a lot of people complain about the key breaking off. Somehow I don’t think that is a very good application for a disc detainer lock. Rain, corrosion, dirt and some of the keys for disc locks I’ve seen are quite weak where the actual bitting is done. If you still have some keys around it would be interesting to know how easy it is to twist one off…

HarpothekidRS says:

I’ve seen something like this at Wal-Mart.


try the same thing with master lock 8195D ) do you think master lock 8195D is secure? Thx

Mazaroth says:

The paper cover was harder to bust than the lock.

Adrian Weber says:

Oh and by the way the BEST U Locks I have seen believe it or not is the Abus X-Plus Granit 54, the Power and the Extreme! These are still made in Germany and the quality is exceptional!!! I am uploading the video on the 54 right now, I do not have the Extreme yet since it costs like 150€+ but I will buy it one day!

nhojyelbom says:

You cant find me

Bosnianbill says:

I’m guessing you need it for securing a bicycle. I was in Performance Bike (a chain in the NE US) looking at the U-locks about a month ago. The OnGuard disc detainer models look AWESOME. Tough locks, hardened steel components, and rubber weather covers. If I was in the market I’d take a serious look at them.

Кристиян Александров says:

my respects to you BosnianBill, but give a manifold spreader, watch my show and tell me again these masterlock ulocks have security in them.

Manuel Bergmann says:

Maybe using the handle instead of the head (handle should be pretty solid for this of course!) Something like this: http://s1.directupload.net/images/140327/e4jc6kcd.png

Matthew Ray says:

Bill, I have done a ton of research on locks and have been watching your videos for months. I realize you are one of very few people who can get past locks of the caliber of the challenge locks you receive, but it seems picking is the least common method of opening a lock for theft. I have been the victim of bicycle theft by thieves who bolt cut/hammer the locks, chains, and cables I have used. While I know there is no lock & chain that will PREVENT theft, based on the experience you have had with all of the locks you test: what lock/chain/cable situation do you recommend for minimizing theft of a bicycle from a public bike rack?


bobby buenno says:

try a car jack !

Lil Red says:

you r the dumbest son of a bitch for showing criminals how to break locks bro for real r u fucken stupid or just brain dead either way ur a moron

Eric Day says:

Do you think the disc detained is more comparable to the Chinese junk you picked in another video or closer to something like abloy?….I think I know the answer but surprise me. You don’t look at all like I had imagined…..well maybe a little.

Eric Day says:

Disc detainer that is..

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