4 THEFT PROOF Locks to Keep your Bike Safe 2017

Some great bike locks to consider if you are planning to buy a bike lock. All of these will start shipping in 2017.
Part 1 – https://youtu.be/CxEfZLg2C5M

• SKUNKLOCK – https://igg.me/p/1913089/twtr
• LINKA – http://linkalock.com/
• tex—lock – http://kck.st/2kvRLgY
• Nokē U-lock – http://noke.com/pages/ulock
• Bonus – AIRLOCK – http://www.hiplok.com/airlok

Music in the Airlock video: Horizon by Blume
• Brume


Adrian Wulff says:

What if somebody hacks into the lock?

Dogeisan Dan says:

skunklock should not have its name on the lock so thieves know what it does

Jaffa335 says:

Firstly what asshole locks their bike to a bench

PublicAgent says:

Gas Mask- Check

Daniel B says:

or just a tag that says “I HAVE HIV”


Spray paint Skunk lock black or wrap it in Duct tape to give it that “old lock” look.lol

CaptainCanoe says:

yeah that 3rd one. You could make the strongest cable in the world but if you lock it with a padlock, thieves will just cut off the padlock. They went into detail, about how strong and resistant the cable is but never mentioned about the padlock. I’m guessing that it isn’t very good and could easily be cut off

MrQuinum says:

Would also help to have a strobe led alarm system on the bike. Along with theft announcement/gps authority alerted and are on route type message. A few integrated cameras to broadcast live pics/footage like in the handlebar tube for example can capture a good face shot. Also have the bike to be able to broadcast your voice live or custom message.

Maybe some gps tracking alarm security signs or attachments/covers that you put on when you leave the bike so potential thieves wont bother with the hassle/potential/risks involved when there are easier targets.

FullOilBarrel says:

yea because bluetooth will stop a angle grinder

sugepoola says:

why not mase for skunk lock, seems more useful

Truth Seeker says:

SKUNK might be the answer depends of what the “Obnoxious Vapour” is as to whether it is allowed in various countries and it is a-one-time-use lock what happens after the vapor is gone after the first time attack on the lock.

NOKE and TEX LOCK have you tried it out on a Battery Powered Angle Grinder? You did not show how it reacts to Grinders? Duh!

X6800 says:

Just give me a lock that can send 10000 volts of electricity through the entire bike when someone attempts to steal it.

johnmichael karma says:

That Text-lock thing can be defeated by a hungry moth. It also double as nifty purse strap,get one to match each outfit.

Quentin 33 says:


Red Star says:

for number 2 what if someone else taps it

Jaigar says:

I have my own form of bike protection consisting of three simple stages
1. Place GPS tracker in bike’s inner frame (bike frame will act as a giant antenna)
2. Place sticker on bike stating “If You Steal This Bike, You Will Pay A High Price”
3. If the bike is stolen. Track bike with GPS. Confront thieves and make them suck each others’ cock in the midst of a crowd. If there is resistance begin rib breakage starting with lowest rib closest to stomach.
************************************** PROBLEM SOLVED *********************************

Dogeisan Dan says:

it doesnt matter about locks. get a small bike with a message on it saying: “this bike belongs to a kid and if you steal it you have a curse that will make you have bad luck forever”

Ooh Kah says:

#1: And if the thief with the angle grinder came back 10 minutes later to continue his “work”, the chemical having dissipated? Are there different compartments with the chemical in them?

John Sellers says:

not true ive tested an onguard lock against angle grinder bolt cutters and blow torch and all methods took a lot longer than a minute

SegaDisney says:

If thieves were that desperate, they coul just cut through the bars of the bike itself…

Harry Greenaway says:

I know bike locks that can’t even be destroyed by thermite or diamond tools

Reptilian Bilderburgers says:

4:40 our high tech textile based lock is actually locked by a metal padlock, rendering the NASA level textile protection absolutely useless, but at least it has beautiful aesthetics.

smh, women..

Carl Reynolds says:

Sorry but the skunk lock is a joke, smoke clears in seconds, bike still stolen! Then there’s the Linca? absolutely terrible!! all someone has to do is pick your bike up n throw it in a van?? Stupid!

Dogeisan Dan says:

make a lock with an alarm so loud that any near person can hear it and cops will be sent to its location

Smokey Stoner says:

Whats stopping the thief from coming back a minute later once the gas has dispersed?

MrInternetDude says:

i can buy a new bike with linka lol

Erick Mazareigos says:


digitalsketchguy says:

Would this not violate a poor thief’s human rights? He might sue the shit out of the bicycle owner for inhalation of a noxious substance – i mean that’s how crazy the world is today

Peter Knagge says:

Give me an angle grinder (& maybe a gas mask) and I would through any of these locks plus any other you could name and have it in the back of my van in under a minute. The cause of the problem here like all problems is overpopulation and American Capitalism – the thing that made the thief want to steal the bike in the first place.
The world salutes you again America…

Brainwash Effect says:

Wtf is up with tex-lock. Is it necessary to have a women-only team? That’s seriously sexist. I’m not saying a man has to be there, but to limit your team to women and then promote it? Honestly disgusting. Take it off the list…

MimekQ says:

kryptonite evolution 😀

Jacob Morehouse says:

What women only so sexist. Imagine if they said men only how TRIGGERED do you think they would be.

Peter Getinard says:

Something stinks about this product…..

Potato Life says:

I feel like someone punch linka and it will stop working :DDD

Δημοσθένης ο μάρτυρας! says:

So in order to beat skunk lock i just need a gas mask? Hmm..

James Miller says:

Fill skunk lock with a toxic fume too, euthanize that thief.

Bob Long says:

I LIKE THIS!!! let me suggest you use a combination of Ricin, Anthrax and Sarin. I would buy 20 of them regardless of the price! as I hate thieves, last thief stole a $12K riding lawnmower, Death is too damn good for him.

Ken Williams says:

someone told me today that it is a thing to slip u locks with ease. and the first thing i see is a u lock, nty

Aleziss says:

did I just watch a fucking bunch of ads ??? uuuuurgh…

NovaPrime says:

not getting the 3rd lock because the makers are sexist

pds tech says:

lol skunklock too identifiable. thief holds breath then cuts
tex lock. the thin rings at the padlock get cut like butter
linka gets cut – your phone goes off so you scramble to get to your bike just in time to see someone riding away with it

Freerider says:

Tex-Lock… Well it’s obvious that women made this, and thankfully not all women are as naive as these women. When you focus on the locks of a security feature you are simply ignorant, and when you focus so much at it as these people have done, you have simply failed hard and wasted a lot of time accomplishing nothing but making a sturdy rope. The other thing these people forget is how dirty it will be in no time, and people who wear their locks around their clothing must have forgotten about backpacks.
Personally I ride my bike 365 days a year, so I do know a thing or two about what works and what does not work. A thief would laugh at that “lock” and your bike would be gone in no time at all. Trust in truth, ignore all hype, especially when it comes to security features. These women should move into making handbags or something instead…


Obviously if it says *”skunk lock”* on it they’ll most likely grab a gas mask!!

Ken Williams says:

someone told me today that it is a thing to slip u locks with ease. and the first thing i see is a u lock, nty

adamania says:

The Skunk Lock is real?

Kaczeka Osh says:

THE BEST LOCK??…Take You Bike With You ;D…Always 😉

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