[455] Bell “Catalyst 200” Bicycle U-Lock Picked


Mr Khan says:

I’ve had this lock, someone used freeze spray on the core and used a hammer to take off the lock

Bobby Keyz says:

wow that has to be the quickest tube lock I’ve ever seen impressioned. I wouldn’t lock up a tricycle with it.

Dirk Stabins says:

Worst bike helmet ever.

Don'z Lockz says:

At least it looks much stronger than all the gun locks!

ForthyPremonition says:

i wanted to see the pen attack! did you try it on this lock, and did it work? when using the pen, its much more impactful then using that impressioning tool, because that tool looks like a specialized thing that people might think is hard to get or that a thief probably wouldnt have. (which may be somewhat true, i doubt these are common even though easy to get), thats why the bic pen got in the news so easily, everyone has one!

The Lock Picking Lebowski says:

I would think a lock manufacturer such as Bell would exercise more care in lock design.

BangDroid says:

Bell must have Master-full aspirations

john smythe says:

None of the Bell Locks offer much security. I use a cheap Bell U-lock as a secondary lock for the rear wheel, but thats it. Always 2 locks even on my cheap bikes.

Lock Noob says:

Ouch! Such an awful oversight from Bell. I hope they do something about it now

Den Brass says:

Hello LPL, nice tool and great picking, i have question for you, do you have open my challenge lockS ? 😉 have a good day

LockTest says:

That is a lock sin.

Potti314 says:

I did not expect this to open right away – unbelievable. What do you think is the reason for them to not have it fixed? Would be interesting to get a response from them – will you contact Bell?

Silent Majority says:

Inexcusable is right. Disgusting, outrageous oversight on Bell’s part. Complete FAIL!

waddac2 says:

Great video and hope it opens the general public’s eyes of shoddy locks.

David Morris says:

It seems like they could make that change very easily.

Brian Hignett says:

Hi Harry, Surprised at how quick the impressioning tool worked. We have seen on the odd occasion with similar locks, that when the key was removed, the pins remained at the shearline, just offset from their correct position, not noticable until an impression tool is applied. This would sometimes happen, making the “Bic” pen attack a little more successful. Could this be the case with the Bell? Regards, Brian.

F3Wstr says:

The Antifa’s favourite weapon

DarkWoodPicks says:

Nooooooo!!!!! XP I was so afraid you were going to use the Bic pen. Why bell, WHY.

TotallyRandom Locks and Picks TV says:

Irrespective of the manufacturer you would think “they” would put some time into R&D/Design Solutions. Seems as if that has been outsourced to the #Locksport community to “test” the products in a way… whilst Lock manufacturer’s continue to make money from uninformed customers, sad really.

Rocco. says:

I guess u have to be good lawyer, when u can lockpick anything :DDDD

huxleypig69 says:

Did you remove the pin from the middle of that tool?

tonyholt90 says:

wow that was a shock! good looking lock and no effort on the security of attack on working parts!!

rhbvkleef says:

Damn. You just made me buy a lockpicking set…

robin111v says:

“how to make a 6 minute video about a 1 second pick”

THUNDERBOLT 1003 says:

And i thought my Bell 12mm hardened u lock was secure… people tried to take it but couldnt

jahidk123 says:

Is there any bike lock u find very difficult or time consuming to pick

John Doe says:

Could you please try the Bic pen or other household items and also as a test for other abysmal locks like this? Again awesome job highlighting brand/models to avoid. Keep up the awesome work.

shubus says:

How Bell’s engineers would miss this. A shame that they did and no way for us to fix it with variable strength springs. One would expect that lock engineers would be aware of ALL security flaws in their designs, but I’ll bet most are held back from implementing what’s needed by the bean counters.

The Avid Picker says:

Wow! That’s probably the quickest picking of a tubular lock I’ve ever seen. They really need to correct this flaw!

최현석 says:

What is the key to using the key instead of the key?



bebeto says:

Hello, can you open Abloy lock? Is it possible with the simple method or you need special tool and more time? I put the link for this kind of locks


wpolkjr says:

DAMN!!! Who knew lock picking was so darn interesting??? I didn’t. Love it a lot.

Gary says:

Bell is almost as lazy as its users it seems.

Logic Bob says:

But is it AntiFa approved? 🙂

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