[546] Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Bike Lock Picked and Disassembled


Sarah Garden says:

Show-off video that will help thieves

PanzamaGaming says:

You are a professional

ToxicDonut81 says:

How much are four-and-a-half pounds in developed-world units?

John Durkin says:

Great public service. Thank you for doing these instructive videos. Be great to see a comparison video of ABUS Granit X-Plus.

Eric Biera says:

So over all do u recromend this lock then?

Ross Best says:

reccomend a good low maintenance electrical or bike with a motor, or add on to my bike?

Mikael Gotlib says:

Just curious, but why do you say that it’s unlikely that a bike thief would pick the lock…surely if you’re “professional” bike thief you’d consider picking up these skills given how quick it was for you and the fact that it makes no noise and probably won’t attract any attention…

Phil John says:

love these lock picking vids…I buy a brand new bike and buy expensive locks and then this arsehole and many others show potential thieves how to pick it … so thanks very much you fucking twat

Биркхард Метценгерштейн says:

Что это, отмычка?

Ymenard says:


Cookie Monster says:

could you do a video on the kryptonite mini? i havent found one on your channel, if their is one, please give me a link

Robert Kattner says:

Dont worry about any of these locks, we use battery operated cutoff saws, takes 15 seconds to cut any lock, any metal, hardened steel, titanium, makes no difference, 15 seconds, done. Bike gone.

pfguo87 says:

Hi, can you please also do a similar video for Abus GRANIT X Plus 540 230. Thanks!

IWroteThis says:

My last two Kryps has faulty locks that stuck.

Bence Makkai says:

Kryptonite… not even Superman can touch it!

ken gruz says:

Waiting for a lock called the “Nose” for you to attack. Your headline: “Nose PIcked!”

Aa Gg says:

Best line of defence is a lock that when you crack it, spits toxic lethal gas, so when you come back, the thief is lying death next to your bike

filip000 says:

Once you use this lock for a few months, in the rain and bad weather – it rusts just a little bit – so that there’s practically zero chance of feeling where the gates are. I suspect the chances to open a used, a bit rusty lock – are near minimum.

Bud White says:

I noticed those allen head screws first removed early in the video are coated with blue loctite, thus able to be removed, but if green “sleeve retainer” loctite is used, those screws will not come off without a propane torch or a high set electric hair dryer,….and they don’t need to be removed by a thief trying to figure out if the lock can be picked.

NonyaBusiness! says:

With my angle grinder I’d cut through that in less than a minute! I certainly wouldn’t need five minutes. But obviously if you’re looking to steal a bike, you want to be descrete and an angle grinder is not!

Mauro Molinero says:

you would make the skeleton key look stupid lol.

Edly Li says:

Even superman can’t break this lock.

bagged milk says:

why are teaching people to pick locks

Audio Fella says:

Yeah but how much does that tool cost most bike theives are pretty crude too

Johnny BottaBoop says:

40 seconds !

SurrealJC Games says:

So, you can use like steel weld glue to keep the screws locked in? And you could use some sort of thermal resistant paste to keep heat from getting to the vital interior parts?

Mark Heirholzer says:

Why would you teach people this shit. Like w get it your cool you know how to steal shit but why the hell would it teach the public this shit

Insite LifeTec says:

I appreciate such detail in a video. Also appreciated is the education offered to your common thief, allowing a just so-so thief to truly elevate his/hers skills to the next level. And, of course, doing your part to push the economy forward with a multitude of bicycle, and bicycle lock sales! Thank you! As a locksmith (or whatever) you were invisible – a nobody. But now? These how-to videos have placed upon you the status of a shining beacon to the Urban Underworld! Bravo!

Filip Čížek says:

*Thiccest* Shackle

Nyanko Sensei says:

2,500 bike thiefs liked thad video 😉

Daniel Nørgaard says:

Who else find it Extreme satifying when the lock get unlocked?

Folepeek says:


Sammy Jones says:

Seems like anyone could pick this as long as they had the disc pick. A disc detainer without false gates is like a combination lock with all the correct combination numbers highlighted, isn’t it?

Fwiffo says:

The biggest vulnerability of this lock is that it’s too heavy to carry on a bike.

Brigitte L. says:

Thank you! Mein Fahrrad wurde geklaut.Werde mir dieses Schloß kaufen. 🙂

James Trotman says:

I turn my Fahgettaboudit upside down.
Problem solved.
Unless you plan on laying on your back in the dirt and mud while doing this with one hand.
I always put the lock in a hard to reach position to stop lock pickers.
Works 100% against you fancy guys.
Forget about it.

random man says:

This bike costs just a little less than my actual bike

random tv 1 says:

what about fire tourch or a grinder boom your bike is gone

WillBrink says:

Even though I know anyone with the skills your showing in this vid is not using such skills to steal mere bikes, it’s depressing to see how easy they get opened. No doubt, 99.9% of bikes stolen are done by physically defeating the lock and that’s really what people should worry about.

Ganja Joe says:

At the hacker conference called DEFCON, there’s a whole area dedicated to lockpicking. It’s really cool. I can’t wait for my picks to arrive and to start picking! Very excited about it! If I get half as good as you, I’ll go to DEFCON!

Psaikodelik says:

I always pronounced it in a germanic style: Feh-Gat-Booh-Deet! Thanks for illuminating me on this model! 😛

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