(633) “Forever” Lock (GREAT Lock!!)


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Jesus Christ says:

try a chainsaw

MOSES Smith says:

Use a modified key covered in tin foil to do an impressioning attack. It will open in seconds

William Ginter says:

Hey Bill I found a website that sells them, they even have cable locks and dead bolts along with pad locks for the version 2.
URL https://the-forever-lock.myshopify.com/

Sean Gilbert says:

Not sure if anyone said this before but shackle locks on bikes are simple to get off as long as there is some gap left between the bike and what you lock it too. Just Google “mini bottle Jack”, they slip one of these inside the shackle and Jack it up. The weak point is the cut out where the pawl slots in, it just shears off. Just accept that your bike is going to get stolen if you leave it unattended unless it’s in a very public place!

USSEG says:

In my 8 years working physical security/locksmith in higher ed watching way too many videos of bike thefts, I can safely say that no bike thief bothers picking a bike lock no matter how cheap or expensive it is. Majority are stolen without a lock and next are just parts of the bike being stolen. When the locking device is involved it is defeated from bolt cutters or a cordless angle grinder in far shorter of time then it would ever take to pick the lock. The best way to reduce the possibility is using a snake cable that goes through the front tire, back tire, and frame $20-30. Also do not have a quick adjust on your seat. Best advice is also simply writing down the serial number and don’t lock up a bike you will will not loose sleep loosing. Awesomely engineered mechanism though.

Jeremy Friesner says:

New business plan:
1. Find bosnianbill’s locked bike
2. Use angle grinder to grind through the bike frame to remove the lock
3. Advertise lock on Etsy as “almost-unsolvable puzzle for geniuses only”
4. Profit!

zeus lim says:

I want to see your bike. Sounds like a really nice one.

toadamine says:

Die grinder, Ramset, porta-band…

Ege İndere says:

Why would i want a fat boyfriend?

Keith Reiter says:

Diamond hacksaw at the edge of the hols to cut the steel pawl. Smallest amount of effort to release it.

epSos.de says:

This good for the shop owners. The only issue is when you forget the key inside of the lock 🙂

Cosmo says:

the best physical attack is a cordless angle grinder to that shackle, will cut through it withing a minute.

Hope Hurteau says:

it cant withstand a portable grinder. they should put some kind of threads or oil inside the metal that would foil up a grinder.

Phenom Menon says:

Why wouldn’t you try to chisel the hinge at the other end? Wouldn’t that be a potential weak point?

bo2god says:


S T says:

You can make a bump key

Joniclem says:

It’d be easier to just take apart whatever the lock is on, probably.

felix nicholls says:

Scissor jack in the d

YouBazinga says:

Neko mi je ukrao biciklo
jer ga nisam dobro vezo lancom,
na biciklo ovde sam naviklo
da se ne bi osećalo strancom.

cn 250 says:

Chris Christie?

Dejay Clayton says:

If I was a criminal, and this lock was truly undefeatable, I’d just find a really expensive bike locked with this lock, put my OWN Forever lock on the bike, and attach a note saying, “I’ll tell you where the key is as soon as you send me $x to this bitcoin address. Oh, and you’ll get a second lock out of this transaction.”

Addicted2baseball rgd says:

Foil? Also, how’s the shackle hold up to bolt cutters?

Derek Kinsella says:

Cool new intro

鄧名峻 says:

forever lock V3    https://youtu.be/nW0NjM1ol7U

Kithanalane says:

The weakest point may not be the lock itself but what you lock your bike to.

Ronan B says:

30 second with those big wire cutters.

That’s how they do it, pull up next to the bike in a van, snap, snap, steal it and they are gone.

chili24137 says:

Only thing I can think it to try to stick a wedge in and hammer off the blue panel on the left and then maybe you could get access to that seemingly weaker side (I say seemingly weaker because it has the hinge) or to perhaps try to hammer off the entire big blue section on tthe right to get view the internals and manipulate, besides that looks good.

Richard lewis says:

1mm Cutting disk in 20 seconds or less.

Niko Mähönen says:

Nobody stelas bikes sith a lockpick. When a guy comes with batterypowered powertool it takes 20 sec to deal with that lock. Good bikelocks need two cuts, but that can be opened with one cut.

mepi.pl says:

You could 3d print the key tho.. just need to scan in it or model it.

Havel The Wall says:

lock = anti nigger tech.

Victor Varsanyi says:

Hey, can you please mythbust an urban legend I’ve heard regarding u locks? The myth is that a scissor type car jack can spread them open. I’d like to know if that’s true or not.

Jay Algonkin says:

This video was very well made. Clear and to the point.

Eric Dee says:

That’s an interesting lock,quite a bit of engineering was applied to the design.
Thanks for sharing Mr.Bill
Kind regards! Eric Dee.

Tony Music says:

What kind of key opens no doors?

A turkey

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