[638] Blackburn “San Quentin” Bike Lock Picked (18mm Shackle!)


will wheatcraft says:

I would love to see a series of videos of picking different car locks. From chevy to ford to dodge and imports and semi truck locks.

тарантино says:


cointoss election says:

It’s not that bad for a $35 U lock because the bike thieves prefer Brute force attacks. I went back to a short 16″ 10mm pewag security chain and closed shackle padlock that i wrap around my seat. Bikes are incredibly vulnerable in high security areas so it’s best to have a cheap bike that you don’t mind losing. I can’t stress enough how simply removing the front tire of a bike taking it with you is a great deterrent. BTW U locks are a pain in the ass transporting on a bike and imho old school chain wrapped around a seat wins that battle again.

Thanks for testing these locks.

vanerek says:

Burn it up!
Burn it up!
Burn it up!
Burn it up!

Rich Scott says:

GREAT REVIEW : nicely done way pass my skill set.

mahdi rafatjah says:

Can you break and force core with screwdriver to open disk cores?

Vincent Mercier says:

Hard to twist?! But its like the ideal shape for a big crescent wrench or pipe wrench? You own a big pipe wrench. Would you try it on this lock?

Clement Darchez says:

I want to see a destructive attack against this lock ! I want to compare it to my forgetaboutit

Kaloka says:

Are you actually a lawyer? Yust curious

Dave Prettejohns says:

Your gonna break it aren’t you…???

Darren N says:

“”pick proof”” lol …good vid&pick.

Chapaa says:

Wouldn’t the hexangonal shape make it easier and more vulnerable to twist attacks?

Pyroman / says:

Seems like good value for 35$ would be good if you could get a better core I’m there

vlkodlaq says:

Try tokoz gama pro! I bet you will not able to open it without use of force. It’s padlock fo about 20USD 🙂

John Blackburn says:

Maybe I can get a discount

Diego Mainou says:

@LockPickingLawyer Thanks for your videos. Is there a bicycle lock that is relatively light and relatively safe that you like?

sheep lord says:

Blackburn was always a faliure

xmoroseguyx says:

I would prefer you to pick the lock without inspecting the key first

kd1s says:

Only goes to show, never advertise your lock as pick proof if you don’t want to be severely embarrassed.

Alex DOM says:

What about Abus 540 Granit X-Plus? Please, very interesting your think.

Albert Rieder says:

Great Lock, nice Pick. This strong Lock ia a Case for The Ramset.

Claudio Andrei says:

Cut this with the hydraulic cutter

SellerThink says:

Intriguing. Never heard of this brand. How long and wide is the shackle? The NY Fahgetaboutit I just bought is pretty narrow and 6 inches long. Hoping you disassemble it and Show any weaknesses – it’s slightly more expensive than what I got my second new lock for which is Abus 420 rated 10 and sold secure silver.

Jane Smitherson says:

The hell…he picked the lock?

David Null says:

“waving a red flag before the bull” – all cows and bulls are red green color blind – they cannot differentiate the color of the flag. Bulls do however have 2 kinds of color receptors and as such can theoretically see some shades of color. *It is actually the motion of the material that angers the bull and causes it to want to charge*

Per_S says:

That’s the coolest looking U-lock I’ve ever seen though.

RagTheNutsOff says:

Howdy fella, looking at that lock, would one good hit downwards from the shackle onto the section / bar break this open? That body part outer did look rather thin. Matt

Ellie Johnson says:

No. The thickness is not “18” because it’s an average, the thickness is 16 because that’s the smallest amount someone needs to cut through to cut it.

S B says:

What’s the best lock in your opinion LPL?

DjDuncman says:

I’m curious if the rubber bumper is the same thickness all the way around or if there are parts where it is thicker and necessitating a thinner shackle.

Albert Lebel says:

I agree, Not bad for the price. Well done on picking. I am having one of those evenings where I can’t pick to save my life, UGH!!!

cointoss election says:

In a real world scenario the bike thieves will use an old car jack to bust this lock perhaps you should try that with this lock? The San Francisco police call it the clam shell attack. You can buy one at any junkyard for around $5. Thanks LPL i always thumb up your vids and really appreciate your work. I have already told a few motorcycle people not to buy those crap disc locks you are saving people’s stuff gods work you are doing m8

Andrei Rosas says:

I believe that if you were to place the lock in an angle that would make it harder to manipulate the picking lock thing, a street thief would just to either cut the shackle or move on

Dave Leland says:

A lock (any lock) has only one purpose… To keep an honest person honest. The only “pick proof” lock wouldn’t have a key or a place to insert the key! 🙂 Love your videos, thanks.

huxleypig69 says:

Tension from the rear, very rarely loses.

Boreasrex11 says:

How will you be destroying this lock?

In Hawaii says:

LPL Where did you buy this lock i can’t find it on amazon or ebay for $35

Alex Morgan says:

Again a great video for bike thieves.

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