[654] Bell “Catalyst 300” Bike Lock Picked


Chris Flynn says:

I have this lock, and so far no one has stolen my bike. To be honest tho, a thief would likely take the lock and leave the bike…

dahveed284 says:

Is it possible to rake a dimple lock? Given that the depth of the dimples are not as great as the cuts in a key, you would think a dimple lock would be easier to rake open.

Gary Rumain says:

It occurs to me that the basic approach to bike security is all wrong. Bike locks, etc. are all just nonsense. I think the problem starts with the manufacturers. Surely there must be easier ways that they can use to immobilize their bikes.

bmitch3020 says:

Curious if that can be raked open any faster (not that you didn’t fly right through it).

DARTwillRULErraawwrr says:


Kenney Chappuis says:

You know when the video length is under three minutes things didn’t end well for the lock

Richard Thompson says:


Brandon Clarke says:

F U! subbed

Aaron John says:

Thank you for pointing out the corporate hypocrisy of how this “lock” has been independently tested. Based on an unknown value system, using numbers that are just selling points and a company of no name!

bird718 says:

i seen those bells, i will say they are very cheap to purchase in stores so not much should be expected.

joseph crosby mecham says:

These are so cheap I’ll just buy nineteen of them and since I pull a homeless junkie dumpster diver trailer the extra weight isn’t much of an issue. HahahaHHa
They are not available in nineteen unit keyed alike sets so as of right now I’ve had to color code my massive key ring although nineteen different easily distinguishable colors that I can see at night was a challenge and a half. Thank -Godless- Goddess for fingernail polish!

Any suggestions on how I can improve my security system? I thought about practicing picking my own locks for speed so I could discontinue the three kilos of keys on my belt but I was afraid of both appearances to law enforcers and setting a bad example to less principled observers. I’m really impressed with this fantastic lock and I’m open to any input that can make my use of them more effective.

allothernamesbutthis says:

can you judge how good a lock is by the length of lpl’s videos? 1:17 starts to pick, guessing it is easy lock?

Sven Schumacher says:

Even if the core is not easy to pick… It looks really easy if you do it 😉

rstyrone says:

good whack with a hammer and this would be off

Pentti Jakonen says:

A sincere question. In what kind of ghettos you people live in?

Albert Lebel says:

Great picking LPL. Cant wait to see this piece of junk tortured LOL

Fredrik G says:

I understand now why LPL chooses easy to pick “cheap” bike and padlocks. In his normal profession, he may come across petty theft, burglars and drug addicts stealing ppls bikes and motor cycles, all to easily.

Lpl figured, one way for one single guy to make it harder for the thieves.. and make US great again (at least greater) is by getting rid of the worst locks out there. Thats why we seldomly see lpl pick into those hard core assa locks…

good choice lpl. Every time you expose the poor quality locks, ppl make another purchasing choise, and make it harder for the thief each day… just my $0.02

merlin308 says:

It’s like the fence the SeaBee’s put in for us. Two 10′-high rows of chain-link fence with concertina wire at the top. It was designed to keep the innocent people out. Anyone inside the fence was fair game, so to speak.

Maher Jrad says:

Try volkswagen locks

Mark illa says:

Ive had this lock on my bicycle for about a year now. Looks like its time for an upgrade!

Dave Kimball says:

Only thing less secure would be a sticky note on your bike frame saying “please don’t steal”

MrTigaente says:

What I always wanted to know after watching several videos where every lock has been defeated quite easily: are there any decent locks?

mickenoss says:

I reckon you could have that open with a hammer in under 10 hits, better than nothing I suppose.

Vagebond335 says:

The reason most U-Lock manufacturers have abandoned this design many years ago, in favor of having the locking cilinder between the shackles, is the reason that the protruding end of the lock body can be extremely easily snapped off with a short piece of pipe. This how my motorcycle was stolen long ago, “protected” by this “top notch” Kryptonite design dating some thirty years or more.
I’m sad to see this design flaw is being kept alive.

Medawk says:

Waiting for screw spreader video. When it comes to bike locks I would generally like to see more videos with brute force attacks or design flaw exploits, cause that is way more likely to happen in the real world scenario.

Shiraume says:

“high security”

fredz786 says:

Hi, what would you recommend for locking up a bike. I won’t be locking up the bike for long periods but just when i’m taking kids to the park, and popping into a cafe for half hour.

metamorphicorder says:

TSDW. Too short didnt watch.

THUNDERBOLT 1003 says:

I own one of these and on the other side of the lock body there is a second pin on the bottom

DARTwillRULErraawwrr says:

So what is basic security? A shoe string tied around your bike?

Gary Rumain says:

Bring out the Ramset!

Simonas Dailidė says:

Nice trip!

AlisonWheeler says:

“a High Security Lock”. O RLY???

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