[663] The ORIGINAL Bike U-Lock Picked (Kryptonite K3)


Travis Pachal says:

So what you are saying is that if I want to go full hipster with my Schwinn bicycle, I should still avoid retro locks from the same era?

Gantry says:

Would the “bic pen” trick work on it I wonder?

Larry David says:

I missed all this in the Army back then.

Russell Hltn says:

I guess we won’t be seeing any destructive tests on this one 😉

Andre L says:

I find this reminds me of The Club for your steering wheel. Did you try to pick that yet?

Gary Rumain says:

So not going to use the Ramset on it? Would be nice to have seen the back of the lock too.

King Street Rob says:

In the 70’s we made impressioning tools out of drill rod, bobby pins and elastic bands. Used a big washer welded to the drill rod as the the way to work the pins.

Edge Snob says:

I was so zoned in on the pick it startled the shit outta me when it opened!


Time for the Ramset 🙂

dbltrplx says:

That lock is pathetic

VicariousReality7 says:

1:50 ummmmm i have always carried my thick insurance approved chain in my bike basket…. on my steering handle

Geoff Lamb says:

Have you tried the old trick of using a bic biro as a makeshift impressioning tool? https://www.wired.com/2004/09/twist-a-pen-open-a-lock/

truthseekers666 says:

AT 6:05 when it opened with a bang I was glued to the screen and jumped like a little girl… BOOM… interesting pick.

Lunchbox Productions says:

I’d say the body construction is pretty adequate for it’s time, you have to think about the fact that there weren’t any cordless drills or angle grinders back then. if someone wanted into this they’d be there for a while with a hacksaw!

jmmurdy says:

Nice video.

ariesmars29 says:

I’d like to see what tapered pins look like and why they need strong tension to set.

Stephen Escobar says:

Please do the Ottolock https://ottodesignworks.com/shop/ottolock

NMCCW says:

Like seeing vintage hardware that can still put up a fight. Thanks!

Albert Rieder says:

Not so easy, a really good Lock, good enough for to Day. And a very good Pick from you

bird718 says:

back then the k3 was top of the line…. now Fahgettaboudit ……..

ADR-Richard says:

It looks like you could just roll out the rounded end of the slider with some pliers then just pull it through ?

experiment54 says:

I remember a time when no one would steal your bike. There was a town bike and everyone rid her.

FuzzyDad1 says:

I love retro locks. Nice job on SPP, as always!

Pook365 says:

I’d love to see a list of what you think are the best few bike locks…as reviews in cycling magazines are entirely useless!

Dan Milavitz says:

They did have self impressioning tools back in ’73, though I don’t know if this particular lock is susceptible to the bic pen exploit.

Galahad Knight says:

How about the infamous Kryptonite that could be impressioned with plastic bic pen?

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