[671] Bell Catalyst 750 Bike Lock Picked


jimmy walls says:

Can you do a video on brute force opening on this lock please ._.

Tom Hejda says:

LPL, can I ask you, is there a way how to contact you? I didn’t find any, and the message I sent your way was probably lost. I think I’ve got a lock at home that might be interesting to you.

Joshua Wagner says:

thanks man appreciate it!!

Terry Schneider says:

These are very good locks for the value. I’ve purchased 5 of them on clearance for 7.50 each. Great video.

Grek121 says:

looks like magnum or magnum u-lock (Magnum Industries Limited)

Jhaas42 says:


pcfreak1992 says:

I just checked Amazon in Europe and it’s about $60 here 😀

《THUMPER》 Lock picking, Police accountability says:

What about a torch, would you think they wouldhonor their agreement

ofek pearl says:

I am sure Bill is now looking for some way to make this tool too LOL

Pizzafourlife says:

You make it look easy, but that looks like a great lock

Patrick Debellefeuille says:

*put the gun to the body see if it breaks!*

Omnom Bacon says:

Time to test it with the screw spreader?

mancraft says:

Ramset you have a new challenge

cafe80s says:

Awesome channel! I’ve been wondering about this lock for a while. I would like to know the quality of the shackle vs hacksaw & bolt cutters.

Matthew Trzcinski says:

Weird, I think I saw one of those in use today.

NolanSyKinsley says:

Are the locking pawls spring loaded?

Juan Cabrales says:

Hey have you ever heard of pin tumbler lock jigglers or used some before

The Greasy Strangler says:

use a bottle jack and collect the 1000 bucks

nyllie says:

as soon as i heard 16$ i went to search if its anywhere available in my country but nope. only for 60€ on amazon 🙁
are there any other locks that are worth buying and dont break the bank to secure my bikes during the summer?

James Phillips says:

16mm shackle, it’s bolt cutter proof, that’s good enough for me haha.. i think every lock ever made has been picked, even the sargeant and greenleafs but there’s only a handful of people in the entire world who can get them open.. maybe we need new locking technology not like the fingerprint scanner but do away with the pins.. maybe a mini computer chip that opens with push button fob that you carry and acts like the key encrypted with really long pieces of code to interact with the locking bolts and a 10 year disc battery that u can take out for extra security.. the problem with pins and dials is anyone has access and it’s been a problem for years

Unknown says:

Brute force attack !!!! Please

ArcticAstrophysics says:

I got this lock for $10 dollars at Walmart because they put it in the wrong spot 😀

Jirohen says:

break by force? could you ramjet this?

bird718 says:

any chance we can see a file test on the lock to see how hardened it is?

skygh says:

And as always, another great open and review. Thanks LPL!

zaarl says:

soooo…the real question here is, who at Bell is actually going to pay someone a thousand dollars if given a picture of this lock destroyed on a public bike rack? are they going to shut you down with technicalities? send you a new lock? what if provided security footage of a thief screwspreading or ramsetting this lock to smithereens in broad daylight and happily running off with a brand new track bike.

Broken Syntax says:

In my use case, this represents a near perfect security situation. Just need to make it a bit harder to pick and we’re golden. My bike’s value is slightly less than $1000 😀

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