[676] OnGuard’s Beefiest U-Lock Picked (Model 8001 Brute)

[586] OnGuard “Beast” Padlock Picked and Gutted (Model 8101): https://youtu.be/7TWvEkmrZZ8


Rich Scott says:

nice job

Albert Lebel says:

Fantastic work picking that one. I must say, your talent is very inspiring in the way you explain everything so well and actually pick the locks in such a short, but not hurried way. Just fantastic !!!!

Kris Sisk says:

Nice pick. I’ve got a lock similar to that one (completely different brand, so the similarities are probably superficial) and never could figure out a good way to manipulate the sliders. I stopped trying when I started using it for my bike though. I figured if I couldn’t figure out a way to pick it it was probably good enough for my junker of a bike that would probably end up getting given back anyway if anyone stole it.

Kirk Decker says:

They didn’t include enough keys. Break out a cutting torch and let’s see what happens. Nice video!

ZeroColdx911 says:

One of the best budget locks. Great video

Adi - says:

I agree Mr Lawyer. If a bike thief would take time to learn how pick this he would also have the mental stamina to get an advanced degree, say JD. 🙂

Digital Hazard says:

I work for the UK Distributor of Onguard locks and personally deal with them day to day, for Warranty and Customer service, this is super interesting and I’m happy to know it’s at least awkward enough that I doubt your typical thief will pick it when a battery operated angle grinder will do it in seconds haha

Jesus H Christ says:

Is it true that you are going to do an bed time video with an hours worth of that voice calming us?

Gary Rumain says:

Funnily enough, this was in the recommended list to the right of this video –

SLE4W says:

Somewhat nervous picking, without usuall gentleness, but as always great. I do not think, that any thief would be trying this type of attack, rather than brute force.

Admire You says:

thank you out of my list

metamorphicorder says:

Thats so embarrassing.

Tech Gorilla says:

Those keys look like the keys to my wifes Lexus RX350.

James Murphy says:

On Guard…. (Fake news;)

STIG..LOCKS..R says:

its absoulutly amazing how you picked that lock ive got one just like it and I lock my 800 pound bike up whith a 4 prong locking system and sliders but should I be worried it was the dearest lock in the shop thanks stiglocks..r

Eridian Assassin says:

Watching Lpl videos, Lpl posts a video. Gotta love that Locksport.

MR/TROLL says:


Niidea1986 says:

I think this is safe enough since, if bike thiefs knew how to pick locks, they would be robbing houses instead of bikes…still I would like to see you attack one of those pavewag U locks, they claim to be safer than kryptonite locks.

bitkarek says:

you have a nice day, thank you 🙂

cave man says:

I’m in the market for a bicycle lock, which one will u suggest? Most likely a U lock and a cable?

Andy H says:

Another design flaw with that lock is that you’re likely to lose it on the trail at some point. The thing is so heavy, and the mounting clip just can’t take the torque of it bouncing up and down regularly. I made (2) warranty claims (great customer service btw) before giving up on it. It’s just not practical unless you carry it in a separate bag.

bird718 says:

bike thieves are meth addicts who target anything that’s not locked and brute force attacks anything Master Lock using a potato….

camjamsdad says:

What is the deal with the one key? It’s larger than the others


Big lock

Modern Leveller says:

Master should take a few pointers away from this video. I’m sure they could benefit from a few refreshing ideas in their design department!

Gazz R says:

I agree, it requires a different skill set. Will you be trying any “brute force” attacks on it?

Metin Tolaman says:

Abus kilitleri özel şifreli olduğundan hiç bir şekilde acilmaz

Zachary Linton says:

Question about the tensioner how long is it on the end that you put into the lock

Bertie Pimplebum says:

Bike locks should have two locking mechanisms with two different keys. Regards. U.K.

Chris Denver says:

Uhh tyjjgvccdrth

MTB Dream'in says:

I am officially renaming that lock to OffGuard.

John Hernandez says:

this is a fascinating skill. its made to look so easy. but i have a feeling it is not. these simple tools used? it looks so random the way this gentleman does this with such apparent ease. but i doubt i would have the time or patience to learn this. i know its not rocket science but come now. stick a couple of tools into a lock and “click & slide” around? gotta be something more to it. and i wonder if you “screw up” do you have to go back to the beginning, so to speak?

TheGreenRoom2.0 says:

Do you not have a vid where you subject this U lock to brute force attack? It’s close to the OnGuard I use for my bike and I’m very curious how it holds up

Being a moderator of a Stolen Bike group on Facebook, I have a love/hate relationship with your channel! Keep up the awesome eh!

alok singh says:

Hey man there is any lock which you can’t open, that lock I will buy, but I know there is not any lock which you can’t open.

alok singh says:

Please suggest me a cheap disk lock with theaft alarm

Rocky H says:

I felt like a badass bragging about my $50 lock and carrying it on me but at the same time if I’m dumb enough to leave my bike locked up for 20 or 30 minutes then I deserve to get it stolen

andrew levy says:

Do you ever fail to pick a lock?

Morgan Woodson says:

Was surprised to see this type of core as I have an old Pitbull with a slimmer shackle, but the same XP4 bolts and it has a disc detainer core. At first I guessed mine is more secure and they must have gotten sick of paying a patent license so stopped using it. The only pick of an OnGuard disc detainer I found took almost 8 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evni31DkaYg, but @shoebox’s talk about a 4 disc bike lock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT0PDQUZi74 suggests it isn’t really that secure. In a 2010 catalog http://www.magnum.ws/OnGuard/Documents/ONGUARD%202010%20SECURITY%20PRODUCTS.pdf, all but the 2 (out of 5) star locks use the “M-cylinder” disc detainer, but in 2017 http://onguardlock.com.ar/ONGUARD_2017_CATALOGO.pdf all but one are slider http://onguardlock.com.ar/ONGUARD_2017_CATALOGO.pdf “Z-cylinder”. Guess I’ll get an Abus Granit 54 or 59.

Morellio Benoir says:

Do they really give you FIVE keys with it? How would you ever need that? 🙂

Nollaig Mar says:

Love the way you could of used a vice to make it easier for yourself like certain people who are into this sport on this chanbill I thing your probably the most skill full on YouTube lock picking community you only use a Vice if it’s really necessary

Reckless Roges says:

I’m wondering if you took up lock-picking to refute a case where the other side claimed, “My client couldn’t have stolen the bike as there simply wasn’t time.”

Michael Healey says:

Really appreciate your videos being an aspiring self taught locksmith apprentice thank you I try to watch all your videos and a select few other locksmith’s videos to broaden my aspects and find which methods work for me keep the tutorials coming ty vm
Mike healey

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