[684] WordLock’s Dual Sidebar WLX Series Bike U-Lock Picked


David Spira says:

LPL the last time BosnianBill attempted to pick a lock with this core, he couldn’t get anything to bind. What are you doing differently?

Logic Bob says:

I’m surprised you haven’t gotten your hands on one of those Knog Strongman bike locks that Bill was so impressed with.

Albert Lebel says:

Nicely picked as always. I would agree, for the price, not a bad lock. And most could not pick this.

Ricky Hall says:

Word idea is good for the color blind

STB 1971 says:

Destructive test this lock please!

《THUMPER》 Lock picking, Police accountability says:

Nice pick Mr L.P.L.

Kirk Decker says:

Thanks again for another cool video. May I suggest more CHEMICAL ATTACKS.

Tezzit says:

Hi LockPickinglaywer ! been watching your channel for a while now and picking up lots of tricks ! thanks for the vids and the explanations !just found this lock and i would love to know how good it is as its the best lock i can buy and i fit about 3 a week ! can send you a lock if you need ? just let me know where to send it ! all the best !

Kelly Bullock says:

Great job picking you are an exceptional lock picker. When you pick a lock you make it look so easy where I know that it s not easy at all. Why don’t you do challenge locks?

THR33STEP says:

Maybe you should put a little bend in your Z bar like you did with some of your other tensioners.

Ron Reuwer says:

great pick as usual you are the guru of pickers have a great weekend

dj videos says:

How come you stopped opening the locks with the original keys? Now its hard to verify that its a real pick, and not just a gutted core.

MarkTheLostTraveler says:

Amazing how he shows you how to pick any lock on the planet and how easy it is with a little practice. I think this guy is the reason all bikes are stolen. Still on the other hand good to no which locks to get that might take awhile to pick.

Kirk Kostyshak says:

Great pick!

Matthew Kriebel says:

This lock seems aimed at, and probably is a good choice for, a highschooler who has had a word lock padlock on his gym locker, and now wants to lock up his $100 to $200 bicycle

House of Malice says:

Purple handle is .18

artineogda says:

Are You the one who stole my bike?

Aaron John says:

Loved the comment ” cheap lock for a cheap bike” says it all!

Austin Knoppe says:

Hey does anyone have suggestions on how to get alot of locks to practice on? I just started lock picking as a hobby, but I’m having trouble getting beginner locks for cheap.

Gewel says:

You make locks seems as a pointless things

bird718 says:

i can’t wait for to see it destroyed

Defaultz Enabled says:


ManWithBeard1990 says:

So the color and the word correspond to a single key… Could a thief order a key for a red lock with holiday written on it? I hope not…

Marco N says:

are you a thief or something like that?

JamesG says:

I bet some folks at WordLock are breathing a sigh of relief. The Vice Pres is putting his stuff back in his desk. Had it packed just in case.

The lie about the shackle size is too much for me. I would never buy anything this company made, given just that one datum.

joseph crosby mecham says:

Or of course the set of nineteen cheap locks for a somewhat expensive bicycle.
I’m sure someone has computed the average cost that should be considered when purchasing a bike lock based on the average cost of the bike. Have you ever run into such a formula that wasn’t a marketing gimmick or some sort of delusional mathematician wannabe?

Thanks again. I do like the lock but as you say, something has to be done about the shake, rattle, and roll of the mounting system.

BangDroid says:

New mic? You voice sounds nicer than usual, more rounder in the low end

Silas Smith says:

Okay LPL… Be honest! Did you pick this lock before you filled this video to get it wired out?

dlevi67 says:

You are being too kind when you describe the shackle as “a little disappointing”. Given they describe the lock as “14 mm hardened steel shackle”, the fact that the steel is only 11.x mm is misdescription and false advertising. Possibly not the worst sin on this lock, but way more than “disappointing”.

Mind you, perhaps you are just a naturally understating person: your comment to the extent that “it’s a little awkward to hold the lock in front of the camera and pick” raised more than an eyebrow… I’d be lucky to hang on to the lock and not send it crashing down on the bench, never mind picking it!

aszi88 says:

got a nice click out of “him”

Patrick Debellefeuille says:

*My question is: Wheres the ramset gun!?!!*

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