[695] Knog Strongman Bike U-Lock Picked

See BosnianBill’s video on this lock: https://youtu.be/ytE4BHSM6TQ


Silas Smith says:

The mere depth of the core… BRUTAHL!!!

Gazz R says:

I’ve seen BB’s vid and I’m quite impressed with these locks. Are we going to see any destructive opening methods ?

Wes Dresen says:

Always impressed with your picking ability. Seems to be a good lock.

NMCCW says:

Great pick. Thanks LPL.

David Perry says:

Please RAMSET gun that lock

Thor Lancaster says:

It’d be nice of this could be taken apart. You could file in some false gates and get something on par with an Abloy classic. Not sure why Knog didn’t do that. It’d cost pennies and make it more secure (although it’s excellent already).

fredmackay says:

Please take it apart!!

Tex Patriot says:

Ramset that Beast!

SasPes says:

Very nice 😉 Bravo!

One in a Million says:

Can you do a follow-up video with a destructive attack?

Jane Dobos says:

How about trying a abus granit x plus. I was thinking of buying one of these locks for my newly painted bike.

BlackDolphin90 says:

Also I don’t see someone going through the hastle to locate a bike with this lock, make or buy a tool to pick it, learn how to pick it…….when a angle grinder is easier

bird718 says:

i wonder if the strongman u-lock is made out of steel or pot metal?

Rocky Toady says:

You should show one of the horrible Dollar Tree chain bicycle locks

Janne Heino says:

Typo in the title, kong = knog

LighteningForceX says:

Can you feature your entire lock collection PLS 😀 and also you make just about every lock security look like a joke, AWESOME WORK!

MaakaSakuranbo says:

You’d think someone would already make a lock putting all the recommended anti-pick features together in one lock

Tania Xomuni C. says:

Interest me to see what have inside… open it please.

Good job.

Black Eye Bob says:

I wish trailer tongue locks were made like this. An adaptation of the locking housing with a ball insert molded on would work. Locking $50,000 race cars plus tools and gear with a lock that can be opened by a aluminum can is wrong. Anything out there? Nothing You can’t pick, but any thing make that gives you a challenge?

Tony Papantoniou says:

How will it stand up to a torch will the silicone burn melt off leaving to fall apart.

Stephen Cresswell says:

I’d like to see that attacked with brute force.

R.P. Rosen says:

You sir, are a disc detainer … DEMON!

Dave Joseph says:

In a disc detainer lock shouldn’t it be possible to design the internal spacers so that they would interfere with the use of a picking tool? Why is there room to move the tool from disc to disc? In other words if the spacers forced the tool to be at angle 0 degrees then how could the tool successfully position a disc at 45 degrees and then escape to the next disc?

shane says:

They need to adjust this design to do trailer hitches as well.

stevencox75 says:

shoot it

Defaultz Enabled says:

But can it stand up against a,ramset

RouteBGP says:

LPL, would really like to know what’s under the shiny plastic. You do too… 😀 Would say “Bet ‘ya $5 there’s a cast zinc part in there somewhere.” but saying something like that would infer betting…

MDProductionsARG says:

I’m glad you are on the ethical side of proffessional lock picking lmao.
Great video as always

ariesmars29 says:

“Person like me” That is true! You are one of the best!

neil says:

Now you need to pick one of those kryptonite slider locks bb did today.

Smoke DeGrasse Tyson says:

I’d like to see some videos on making your own tools.

Jason B says:

Having the core set too deep into the lock to easily use the pick tool seem like a common theme with pick-resistant disc detainer locks

Thor Lancaster says:

Should I trust this for my $1000+ bike? I probably would, as long as I used 2 for added deterrence.

Jack the Ripper Aka cnwamw says:

Where did you buy your lock pick set

TuxKey says:

It does look good. Time to see how hard it is to pick by the master himself 😉

Jordan Reeve says:

i recently found your videos and can not stop watching them, its really cool how you pick with such ease to someone who has never tried it. keep it up 🙂

Fractured Hearts says:

So how much do those custom picks cost?

Albert Lebel says:

Outstanding as always LPL. And I agree, the skills you have and the right tools required here are extremely rare. I could not imagine any low life picking one of these open. Thanks for sharing

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