[735] Kryptonite Keeper Bicycle U-Lock Picked


Mmmyess says:

Is the lock susceptible to being defeated in other ways?

DaToNyOyO says:

I bought a cheap pick set from Amazon. It arrived yesterday. I had a go with the practice resin lock that came with it. I’ve been playing at picking it for about an hour. It was so easy to pick (no security pins) that I went out and bought a padlock to play with instead.

I bought a MasterLock 9140EURDLH (level 5 security) padlock. And I just picked it open, on my first attempt, in under 30 seconds.

I am horrified because either I’m seriously lucky or locks are pretty much useless for keeping people out of places…

brett campbell says:

i bet he could pick his way into fort knox

Rich Scott says:

Your vids are getting quicker and quicker ,nicely done.

Galphor says:

isn’t that the same type of lock eric clanton AKA “the bikelock basher” used in berkley?

God's Child says:

is there a lock that you couldn’t pick?

JamesG says:

Because picking isn’t a significant real-world threat, how about exploring force attacks on that lock?

Trey Cook says:

Well done, sir. Thank you for the extra bit of explanation.

Christopher Technology Everything says:

Love your videos. I learn so much from your videos.

QuietStormX says:

Nice but, you can Pick it Quick outside with pocket tools… ;-( What of Motorcycle Locks too…

Surfing Moose says:

Wouldn’t a bic pen body have worked faster?

Albert Lebel says:

So this looks like exactly what I should get in order to learn how to pick a disc detainer lock, Would you agree LPL ??? Also, when my disc lock picks arrived there are two pieces, one like the one you used here and another I cant seem to find much info on. Any help ???

Tex Patriot says:

For Labor Day, we needs some destructive attacks. #ramset

Haseeb 2 says:

If anyone has those, they should be locked as high on the bicycle as possible as they are easily cut with bolt cutters using leverage from the ground.

shua l says:

lol .. the lpl quickie..

locojambo says:

Hi LPL can u start a new channel where u pick 2 peoples locked property and swap the locks from one to the other and we all laugh at the results

Mike Baxter says:

I see these in Toronto with (or on a single occasion TWO) a 3/4″ or 1″ black iron pipe thread ‘T” added for more physical security … hope that makes sense, they just slip the ‘T’ fitting on the lock end.

MrLupooo says:

Nice Lock

Trypta Meanie says:

And the price of the inexpensive pick is????????

idk idk says:

Oof I hate the one locking mug mechanism

DaToNyOyO says:

How times have changed… I hope.

This guy shows all manner of ways to slip locks, jimmy locks, pick locks. And blow stuff up. Genius.

I wonder how many people’s houses were broken into thanks to this video. I also wonder how many locks were changed and upgraded thanks to this video! Lol

Michael James says:

A question for you LPL: you seem to suggest that disc detainers are harder to pick than pin tumblers. So, why haven’t the former largely replaced the latter in ubiquity for securing front doors etc., in your view?

Fractured Hearts says:

I do have a question but not to do with this lock. why did you take up lock picking/sports?

Jillian Latorre says:

Good training lock if you want to learn to pick disc detainer locks.

bird718 says:

the Kryptonite Keeper is not a keeper.

Ben Stone says:

Just jiggle the handle! Lol

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