[785] Hydraulic Cutter vs. Kryptonite TKO Bicycle U-Lock

See this lock picked open: https://youtu.be/1SzH4BXJpjQ


AlisonWheeler says:

Still waiting to see a lock survive this treatment!

ThePizzaGuy1396 says:

Do you do real tool reviews as well?

Adrian Caban says:

We’re starting to find its match, but not yet…

Franco Castro says:

Another one bits the dust!

lysippus says:

you still cant open a bowley

Barsabus says:

A hacksaw with some oil also works just fine

Hi-Smart Alarms says:

Please pick two locks for me! A jail cell lock and a Knox Box lock!!

EffArDee says:

Best news of the day: Hardness > Size

Jeremy Ellis says:

I wanna see the hydraulic cutters vs an 18mm kryptonight lock as I just purchased one after having a bike stolen outside my work. Should be interesting to see.

Wazzuuup GD says:

i have a CRAZY idea
try 3D printing padlocks to pick them

maybe even try to use a 3D printer to make a core thats impossible to pick

Penelope Banks says:

Please can you do a hydraulic cutter test on the Fahgettaboudit? Would be really useful as a benchmark and I can’t find any other video doing this.

Isaiah Rossiter says:

I would like to see you crack the lock with a bike attached. Those cutters are kinda bulky.

desertraven says:

Hardening is more important than size.
Going to make sure to tell that to all the ladies I date from now on.

sportlol says:

Abus U-Lock granit, next

James says:

The lock picking loser. Just think of all the miserly and suffering of those who’ve had there their bikes stolen. you are teaching thieves. I appreciate you are supporting yourself with this videos.

Tony Papantoniou says:

Must be getting expensive destroying all these locks?

aullik says:

When you say the blades are cheap. could you tell us how much they cost?

I mean is cheap more like €2 or more like €15

Stephen Foster says:

I see many people wanting higher strength steel or better hardening but, as many things in engineering, compromise is required. The harder you make something, the more brittle it typically becomes. Higher strength steel is more brittle and if you can induce enough stress in the material, it will fracture. The compromise is in balancing hardness with ductility.
One interesting thing to try would be to cryotreat something like a 300M steel. A properly heat treated and cryo treated 300M steel has high tensile and torsional strength while maintaining excellent toughness.

Arthur Hoenig says:

Make a video on trying to pick the Sargent and Greenleaf 951c high security padlock I saw it on internet for $2,293.

Jeff Moss says:

cutting edge stuff! 😀

airmandan916 says:

Short and Sweet at 2:12

Dave Scurlock says:

New set of blades; were you expecting the lock to be more of a challenge?

BiddieTube says:

Looks like it is as hard as possible without being excessively brittle. Any harder and it could be easily pryed and snapped in half, or struck with a hammer to break it.

Water Bottle says:

And exactly how much do the cutters cost?

octaviouselec says:

0,49 Down to the garage.

Todd Edelman says:

What’s the max. opening of this cutter? Do cutters with wider openings cost more? Are they significantly larger than this one? Imagine a hardened chain like a Pewag 3/8in covered with some kind of tough plastic that would make it impossible for this cutter blades to get around it: The hydraulic couldn’t defeat it, an angle grinder would take a few minutes and even a very long set of bolt cutters would have a difficult task, yes, assuming they can also get around the whole lock thickness? The weak point may end up being what the bike is locked to, as is perhaps too often the case.

This “fat” chain or u-lock would be bulky, but not particularly heavy. I don’t think it would add a huge cost over the un-fattened chain once in production and development cost is covered….

Skyler Griswold says:

I believe the lockpicking lawyer is the only channel who number his video.

Thu Nell Ⓥ says:

I wonder how many thefts watch these videos…
Guys, if you like “lend” a bike every now and often, please like this comment, so I get an idea.
As you know, this is anonymous and does not proof anything to any authorities. Thanks.

SegaDisneyUniverse says:

Wow, looks like that barley took any effort to snap in half!

Matt Williams says:

Watching these videos, I’m curious if there have been locks made that simply require too many things to be done at one time for one person to open the lock. It seems like a simple way to increase security, say by having a number of buttons to depress or something similar, that wouldn’t be as difficult if one was just using one hand in a key. Thoughts?

MrMotionmac says:

Have you ever come across a Kryptonite lock or one designed like this one that wasn’t able to be compromised by these hydraulic cutters?

John Dough says:

Only thing I would ask for I future videos like this is showing a close-up of the cut on the shackles to see the depth of the hardening.

Cameron Cobb says:

Can you try a 63 HRC Pewag Hardened Square Link Chain 12mm
Part # 3012. I am curious to see the hydraulic cutters cut through the chain featured on Wayne Winton
‘s youtube channel.

Penwick says:

Please test a belt style bicycle lock such as the LiteLok

for2utube says:

Isn’t the cable lock the countermeasure to cutters? The stranded cable squishes, and not all strands break.

Dennis Fairman says:

No u have a nice day.

Salvatore Rapisarda says:

Will you be making videos on safes in the future?

Ryan heyno says:

id like to see someone actually brute force the bike lock off a bike and not just unused bike lock

TomaCukor says:

Is there a bike lock that survives that cutter?

Brent Carson says:

A waste of time because the result is a forgone conclusion, especially since it’s one of Kryptonite’s economy locks. The cutters advertise 7O,000 psi. No hardness figures are given for either the lock or cutter blades. The viewer is left to try and dig up the figures from Kryptonite though, in this case, it obviously doesn’t matter. They’ll also easily cut the Kryptonite’s 18 mm New York Fahgettaboudit flagship lock. You might be able to harden the shackle to 66-68 HRC, but then it becomes brittle, and vulnerable to a freon attack. Tungsten carbide for shackles is almost as hard as depleted uranium. Army projectiles made with it will go through the hardest steels like a knife through butter; however, it may break or crack if it is impacted transversely.

Fossil says:

Im pretty sure jerryrigeverything just has a lockpocking chanel, its both great in quality and same in voice!

vincent's Soul says:

When we checked on cctv that’s exactly time takes for my bike to be stolen two weeks ago

iamdmc says:

make the entire shackle from the material the cutters are made from

CommonAtheist says:

0:38 Being hard is more important than size. Got it.

Joseph Teichman says:

What is the force rating of the cutter?

El Bill Burrito says:

Good stuff! Looking forward to seeing brute force on a fahgettaboutit or any other 18 mm Kryptonite lock.

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