[789] Hydraulic Cutter vs. Bell’s 16mm Shackle Bicycle U-Lock (Catalytic 750)

See me picking this lock: https://youtu.be/1atiQHPPL10


Fat Fueled Triathlete says:

Can you abus and Kryptonite New York forgetaboutit

Jeff Moss says:

more good stuff!

Colorado Geek says:

The hydraulic cutter is the new Ramset.

w0ttheh3ll says:

please always show a close-up of the surface of a cut in the future!

Glen Hinckley says:

These shackles are case hardened not hardened all the way, only about the top .5mm is hard the rest is very soft.

Paul Thomas says:

these hydraulic cutter are so quiet and compact compared to transnational bolt cutters.

Clinton Boucheix says:

Uuuhhh ….. Any recommendations for a bike lock that is hydrolic cutter proof?

Brent Carson says:

Total waste of time, as usual.

Ben F says:

Has anything survived the hydraulic cutter?

Frank Giampa says:

It occurs to me that you are doing these tests under ideal conditions, where you have the cutters on the ground, and are able to use your full weight on them. In the real world, the lock would be suspended around the frame of the bike, and the “immovable” object, and you would be having to use these cutters in the air, pumping 1 hand against the other, Don’t you thing that could make a difference in the difficulty of the attack?

Shane Miller says:

What is they impreganted the shackle with a cable that the cutters would smash instead of cutting?

John Lee Pettimore III says:

This lock (vs the hydraulics) has been the most impressive so far. Now if they would/could harden that steel, it’d be a great step toward making a superior product.

Daan Made in Holland says:

Tool like that cost like 600 euro, for 600 i let sombody steal your bike lol

greggy weggy says:

I wonder if you cut the other leg of the lock first, would the outcome be the same?

Doug Manatt says:

I like that you address the issue of delay. Really the only thing offered by physical security systems against determined adversaries.

Cameron Cobb says:

can you try to cut a Pewag 3/8″ Square Security Chain with these cutters?

Dean Bainbridge says:

Sales of hydraulic cutters have soared – soared, I tell you! – amongst the less well off neighbourhoods of America.

Those who watch Youtube, anyway.

Thomas Neal says:

I’d say that’s a pretty good lock if you have to carry around a high end hydraulic cutter, and cut it TWICE to remove it.

not many thieves gonna fuck around with that, when there are much easier targets.

makarov9 says:

ANTI-Bicycle lock

Peter Blake says:

One of the Blackburn u-locks (possibly the San Quentin) featured a hex profile shackle the same thickness as this one; the theory being that the flat surfaces spread the force of the cutting attack. Always wondered if that was borne out, seems LPL is well equipped to make an attempt.

sthukthx says:

I would really like to see a close up cross section of the cuts

Albert Lebel says:

Well done. Maybe if you cut it at the top you could have spread it enough to remove it. Fun stuff

James P says:

so marks out of 10? . it still took you nearly 3 minutes, if the owner is nearby that’s ample time to be discovered during attack.. let’s say the owner is gone for 1 hour, it’s giving you 5% security (1 in 20 chance of discovery), gone for 30 minutes, it’s worth 10% actual security (1 in 10)

obviously not the best odds, but with a second or third lock, that’s about 8 minutes delay. if you can put motion detecting camera or sensors near the bike to get an sms text, youve got a chance of discovering the thief in action

Book Williams says:

Where’s that pure Ironman Athlete strength from the Litelok video? 😛

USARAY1947 says:

16mm of butter.

Florence London says:

immer der selbe scheiss

Tom H. says:

More people should numerize their videos

luis fernando says:

You must spend lots of mondey Byington and destroying locks thanks great job

Steven Booth says:

I do hope the UK’s bike thieves don’t watch this channel as at the moment they are still using battery angle grinders and a guy with a baseball bat or hammer as guard. Use one of these and no-one will be any the wiser till they’re long gone.

Julian Thompson says:

If it’s not kryptonite, abus, or onguard and at least 14mm, it’s not worth buying. I wonder how that bolt cutter would do against say the kryptonite evolution series 4. The evolution series 4 is 14mm thick and it’s generally accepted as the thinnest and lightest u-lock that you can get that requires an angle grinder to get through. Personally, I use a New York Fahgettaboudit.

Shadi Gif says:

Lock Picking scumbag Lawyer

MrFatilo says:

Cutter is starting to look pretty battered.

ejonesss says:

you may want to try again with another Catalytic 750 this time cut the keyhole side first it may be like the kryptonite lock where there is a curved hook at the end that allows it to lock into the non keyhole end

Roy Sammons says:

And yet another bike lock fails with yet another soft shackle.

FicaGTI says:

I would like to see how would hydraulic cutter perform if lock is higher from the ground as it would be in real situation. Since “arms” of hydraulic cutter are pretty short I am not sure that you would be able to use ground as leverage point?

bigtonka82 says:

You could twist that shackle if you put a little more muscle into it. Lol

M3ta7h3ad says:

Any chance you can try this against an almax chain? They get spammed constantly on motorbike forums as the best chain in the world, I think your hydraulic cutters would give it a run for it’s money.

gamer bro TGBP says:

Youtube … Sup with notifications coming verry late

Кристиян Александров says:

yep, cheap alloy, not hardened alloy, is always easy to cut. Cannot wait to see tough locks like leading models of Abus and Kryptonite, i an also curious how blackburn locks will do

logical memes says:

will you ever do a face reveal?

john/flag says:

have you ever tried the ABUS London Granit 53?

MICHAL_C900 says:

0:38 to 0:43 but i have dirty mind 😀

CheckAvability says:

Compare it to cutting 16mm 4.6 and 8.8 bolts.

nick hanley says:

I think if you were yo cut it at the top it would be easier to pull apart

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