[848] Via Velo Bicycle U-Lock Picked (8 Sliders, 2 Sidebars)


Yaahmann says:

I feel like one day LPL will get a lock where he just cant hold back. “This is the lockpicking lawyer and what I have for you today is an utter piece of shit, dont buy this cheap Chinese plastic load of ass”

Alex Wood says:

Well you would think if they bought a pricey bike. They would buy the best lock and chain on the market.

Kernel Korn says:

Videos like these are what make me really want to get into lock picking as a hobby

sammy grace huffsteter says:

take the hydraulic bolt cutters to it now that would be funny if it can withstand the hydraulic bolt cutters

Dave Zaroski says:

Morning lol can u read comment on 706 unrelated

spike001ton says:

Yet an other its technically locked lock

Timothy Bjorling says:

Ever got a BNSF 105 lock ? The only reason it would be hard to pick is because they bend keys lol.

Murdertech says:

You’re like the Bob Ross of lock picking

Old Ben says:

Sneezed once and missed the whole picking.

bikegirl2 says:

umm this is why bikes get stolen. buy a good one x

Lynne Burke-Rosner says:

The keys remind me of my Chevy Colorado set of keys.

1kparmar says:

Every cyclist hates this guy 🙂

Can you tell us what you would do/use to be secure. At least that gives us a fighting chance.

Jarred Lima says:

I know youve picked so many locks before so I doubt that you cannot do it. But I am just curious if you test pick the lock beforehand to make the video go smoothly.

Boreasrex11 says:

I’d really like to see an instructional of the inside of these ‘slider’ things.

Bryce Young says:

This guy should design his own lock, be really cool to see what he comes up with

mrinsom says:

The lock is in an Amazon giveaway right now, and this video is being required to watch on the page before you can put in an entry lol

New Tears says:

You can also cut through the wire cable easily.

I know, because my bike was stolen.

JansonX88 says:

Please pick the hiplok gold – seems to be same type =)) https://www.hiplok.com/product/hiplok-gold/

mcw0530 says:

Amazon is really striking out with the Chinese crap

SellerThink says:

They say for a bike lock, you want to invest $100 in your lock and security for every $1,000 your bike is valued at. Here in Southern California, I use a Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit and an Abus Gold U-Lock with a cable for my business bike fleet, with Pinhead locks on the wheels and seat of the most expensive one, and a small laptop computer alarm lock that goes through the seat and carry trunks on the back which have a motion detector and cable cut alarm. The most expensive bike in the fleet is probably only worth $700 to $800 dollars since it was a higher end bike purchased previously owned. The combined two locks and cables probably weigh around 25 Pounds which is a ton of extra weight in bicycle terms to carry. But, when a package is being dropped off at the shippers, I want to know the bike is going to be there for the ride back. Last year, a house across the street got raided by four armored police vehicles, 30 officers, swat and flash bang grenades. Everyone knew something odd had been happening at that location. Turns out they were squatters and had amassed 30 or more newish bikes worth $3,000 and up each. That’s 30 Felonies, and 30 cyclist who had expensive bikes and crappy locks.

Brandon Vantassel says:

Is there a way you can review without putting it was Picked !!… it takes the fun out of watching yall/bonsinan bill and yourself pick it ???.. I want some mystery….

Stewart gamez says:

I love the sound of the vids

Christian Lopez says:

I have absolutely no use for knowing knowing how to pick locks but watch your videos religiously.

Iimrhyperpenguinii says:

For me, anything Amazon recommends is garbage at best. Unless I have the model number, I have to search through multiple pages and read all the 1 to 3 star reviews until I find something that actually sounds reliable. I’ve seen plenty of products being grouped together that are not compatible, and the products end up with a ton of bad reviews because the buyer didn’t realize it.

Peter M says:

Amazon reminds me of a show barker, willing to promote and sell anything. One would believe (hopefully) that a company with it’s fiscal resources might invest a little in ethical sale and honest reviews, but there again I am eternally hopeful!

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