Abus Granit X Plus 54 30cm Bicycle U-lock

Abus Granit X Plus 54 Presentation and Review. Featuring the Abus X-Plus cylinder and a 13mm parabolic shackle. This Bicycle U-Lock is Sold Secure Bicycle Gold and also Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold! I would however recommend using the Abus Power or the Abus Extreme as a motorcycle lock. These two have a 16mm thick shackle providing superior security Made in Germany.

My name is Adrian Weber and I am a private Security Adviser with a CFPA certificate in Security and Security Management. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


adjn1973 says:

Hi Adrian, thanks for your comments – I bought one of the Granite 54 x plus, 230 instead of the 300 as the latter really is quite big & heavy but wanted all the quality of it. Thanks for your reply, very helpful!

Adrian Weber says:

The brute has a larger shackle diameter so I would not compare these. The brute is made in China and the Abus made in Germany. In terms of quality the Abus is probably better.

Robert Jay Mathews says:

I bought this lock and took out insurance against theft for €70 for a year,now i feel like i can leave my €900 bike some where for a few mins while i hobble around the store in my road shoes.

Adrian Weber says:

The Kryptonite has a higher certification, the Abus X Plus would be on the same level than the big kroyptonite. This Abus has 13mm shackle and can bem compared to Kryptonite locks with a 13mm shackle. I myself believe that the Abus has a better quality than the Kryptonite.

Matej Kesan says:

Great review video of a great lock.

VicariousReality7 says:

13mm….. not very thick…

Zorik Soep says:

Hey Adrian, what about Kryptonite Series 4 ? Its close enough same quality or ?

Olivier Cauffopé says:

that is the world’s best bicycle lock

You Toober says:


Greatly appreciate your reviews!  Very informative, too!

I wanted to know what’s your opinion of the Xena U and padlocks?  The XENA’s *XUL, XPL, XBL, and XSU* model locks.  Both the alarm and non-alarm versions.

Are they any good? Or is it just hyped trash?

Thanks again for your reviews!

DeadlyAviator says:

Hey Adrian, I stumbling across this video which actually shows the production of this D lock!


adjn1973 says:

Hi Adrian, I bought one, the 230mm version. Question – How does the lock mechanism compare to this:
Single Pin Picking ABUS Facilo Bike D Lock And Using Jiggler Keys SCARY!!! http://www.uklocksport.co.uk
Would be grateful for your comments!

Nicholas Aarons says:

Very Cool Video Adrian. Keep up the great work. N. 😀

Adrian Weber says:

The INSTITUTES I am in contact with are private. Bosnianbill is also a private person! I already said that with the time and if you have any better lock in mind let me know. As said before your insulting comments have been removed. You have no videos at all if you know it all better do the videos yourself and then we will see if you can do it any better than I can do it.

waddac2 says:

Now that looks a very nice and tough lock buddy, great review :o))))

emanuelev1987 says:

you knew this
I wanted to know if it’s better or kryptonite abus

Schmidteren says:

What is the difference between: Abus Granit-54 X-Plus and Abus GRANIT X Plus 540

emanuelev1987 says:

ok..also cost even less than kryptonite abus

Sgt Pepper says:

How does this compare to the onguard brute?

Adrian Weber says:

Yeah just too bad I can’t get discounts on their locks… I want to do a review on the Extreme since I wonder if it has thicker metal on the lock body or if just the shackle is thicker. I would assume that the lock body should be thicker too! No problem you are welcome! It is good to see that Abus at least makes some stuff still here in Germany.

ScoobTEQ says:

I like how Abus included the small round nubs at the ends of the shackle, which add additional physical strength to the latching mechanism. Looks like a quality bit of kit. Thanks Adrian!

Jasmine Lognnes says:

I bought this lock after I saw this video ~1 year ago. Very good lock, and it makes a cool sound the closing it, with also gives points in my book =)

Adrian Weber says:

LOL Ireland is still a cool place to be! I love Ireland!

yamada_sam says:

Good job! Would you recommend the X Plus 54 or 540? Both are of the same series, but i noticed, that the X Plus 54 costs a bit more. Just with regard to the design, i’d rather pick this one:P

Tye Cook says:

i use an abus mini 40 (14mm) and a bordo 6000. Don’t have a lot of experience with locks, i bought them ’cause they seemed like real good locks after online research and i heard abus makes quality stuff. any comments on my new combo would be appreciated…


20mm cable still be cut u lock are the best lock abus extream 57

Juan Martinez Perez says:

Granit X-Plus 6500/85 or Granit X-Plus 54 300 ? Thanks

Adrian Weber says:

The Dikus Locks and the Granit locks are also still made in Germany by the way. For money reasons they only if the CEN Grade 4 and 5 padlock not the 6er. The attach the shackle guard with a screw to the body. Like this they only have to produce one body and just attach the shackle gouard with a screw to the shackle guard version. Anchor Las and Abloy have seperate version for that. Anchor Las even has one with 3 sides protected and one with 4 (removable shackle).

emanuelev1987 says:

hello I would like to know what changes from kryptonite kriptolok 2

Yuji T says:

Very nice lock

Adrian Weber says:

This is a professional review based on my knowledge and on the knowledge of my associates. This is also a neutral review and I did buy this lock. People I know do these kinds of tests that you refered to. I myself can not do these tests because I do not have the tools. Thanks for watching your comments will be blocked from now on :)!

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