Abus Granit XPlus 54 23cm Bicycle U-lock

This is a look at a U-lock that I have just purchased for my new bike. It is an Abus Granit XPlus 54 23cm.

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Schmidteren says:

I live in Denmark. So if anyone know, should I get the 23cm or 30cm one? 😀

Jean Luc says:

How is your bike now ? Stolen ? 🙂

faribx1 says:

@tlegowo what happened to your first abus

Yocara says:

Are the 23 cms enough to take the wheel, frame and an outside pole?

Han Lockhart says:

I thought you just had Bronze, Silver, Gold, but now you have numbers in it? Great I bought a Gold Secure Lock, but I have no idea what the number is!

Zerobladetion Wot says:

To expensive for me. Very nice U lock i admit but, i use two cheap U locks from target never gotten stolen yet …….. so am safe ! lol!

huxleypig69 says:

Abus are good locks in general. This lock can be picked but they’re not easy – you need a special tool to do it.

flexcamp says:

@MrHifonics 230mm version shown sells for approx 70 euro…

scyther6666 says:

Ordered this yesterday after doing a lot of research. Any lock can be picked and broken into with the correct tools, however, 5 minutes for a thief is a lot of time and it’s going to make a racket. The thief would most likely steal another bike without a U lock.

xdmasson says:

This is a 13mm square shackle lock. So it has a higher cross sectional area than a 13mm round shackle. It should be very secure. Equivalent to a 16mm round shackle lock for example.

MrHifonics says:

how much?

arsi lumme says:

i also don’t think that too many thieves even think of using an actual key, instead of a set of tools. i wouldn’t know though, my bike has not been stolen as i’m very careful about leaving it anywhere, but my house. vandalism is my worst fear anyway… even if the lock remains, the bike might always get bad damage while trying…

volodask says:

Why make a review if you don’t yet know what you want to talk about? “These plastic things have to do with mounting the lock, I guess…” You could have made your video a lot more informative if you had taken a look at the stuff 5 minutes in advance!

flexcamp says:

I have an Abus Varedo (level 10-11) good solid lock, had it for 3 years now, still got my bike! Will be upgrading to Granit X soon. Good solid German engineering!

letrend says:

ugly design, for a good lock. apparently the plastic casing of the lock comes appart easily when you trop it on the floor once ore twice.

Michael009 says:

Abus is basically the best brand for security regarding motorcycles, bicycles, and even home locks, chains, padlocks, etc. However, as any other company they have cheap, medium and premium products as well. I was referring to the premium ones when I said they are the best.

estovaono says:

hi man! is that a godd brand? thanks!

PrivateEyeYiYi says:

Abus locks seem to be a step up from the Kryptonite brand , which has some low end products to make it more confusing. Whenyou get past their toughman marketing and “Fedfetaboutit” persona . it’s not really clear how good Kryptonite’s high end stuff really is.

Abus’ low end starts out at least as good and probably better than Kryptonite’s high end. Abus is a decades old reputable brand that didn’t come from the back of a van. Clearly they’re the adult in the room. .

arsi lumme says:

i’m pretty sure that this is one of the best locks that money can buy, yet not cheap! but according to reviews this seems to be as hard to break as many other top locks and the weight is reasonable compared to many others too. if i didn’t think that u-locks were ugly as hell, or had any bag with me while riding, i’d definitely consider this. abus bordo folding lock granit x-plus 6500 (the new version) is my lock of choice. doesn’t look bad while attached to frame, if probably not just as safe

Gfunker5OO says:

very interesting

Mary Annette Flores says:

I use an abus mini 40 u lock and the bordo 6000 folding lock together on my bike after much online research as well as talking to fellow cyclists. I have total confidence in abus and the quality of their products, even though they are a bit pricey I believe it’s a worthwhile investment to protect my baby…

llolll1 says:

haha. no wonder that this lock is so god. its made in germany ^^

OceanTech39 says:

what does it look like on your bike?

bright new century says:

According to a test of a Dutch consumer organisation this lock and the ABUS Bordo Granit X-plus can only be opened by using extreme tools such as an angle grinder. The other locks they tested were opened using bolt cutters or the were too heavy to bike with. The U lock weighs 1.7kg and the Bordo weighs 1.6kg. The U lock has a higher Dutch ART testrating though. I think its hard to beat on weight/price/safety ratio.

risteard mac fheorias says:

you can buy keys for these quite easily, you should have got a kryptonite

arsi lumme says:

kryptonite seems pretty synonymous for a lock that frustrates the thief, even their lower level locks. +they look pretty aggressive. but abus is supposed to be a little more “high-end”. especially their best locks seem convincing yet damn pricey. the granit-x locking mechanism seem great compared to lower-end abus locks that are quite vulnerable for basic pick locking. if your claim about easy getting keys for granit-x locks is true, yes that is a minus, but somehow i doubt it includes them

tlegowo says:

@estovaono this particular product is pretty good, seems sturdy and well built, however, this is only my second Abus product. I can’t speak for all their other products.

vlf0lh41 says:

those extra bits of plastic are spacers to attach the mounting bracket to smaller diameter tubes such as seat stays.

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