Bicycle Locks Comparison

When comparing locks for bicycles there are two main factors: how sturdy the lock is and how easy it is to carry around. This includes the weight of the lock, the size when broken down into storing position and also how it mounts to the bike or whether it has to be carried in a pack separately. Another big factor is price, some locks can cost upwards of $100 but come with an insurance policy that will pay you back if the lock fails and your bike is stolen.

– Consider locking the frame of your bike directly to a permanent rack or pole and running a cable through the wheels and seat (and anything with a quick release)
– Chain locks take more time to cut through but are heavier and harder to carry, they also cost more
– U-locks work well and the smaller sized ones are harder to pry apart but also harder to use because the frame of your bike has to be right next to the pole or bike rack
– Cables are easier to cut than chains or u-locks but they are useful for securing a wheel or seat in addition to a u-lock
– Also consider how long you will be away from the bike and what the neighborhood is like when considering which lock to use
– Locks shown in the video include those made by Onguard and ABUS
– Make sure you lock your bike to a secure rack, thieves often steal the entire rack along with bikes attached


k says:

I really want a high end bike lock(s) but I don’t even ride !y bike to town just to trails! aha

Dev9172 says:

Any lock can be broke . I use 3 locks . All different , its the only way . We just need to shoot anyone stealing a bike . Then it will stop .

Dan TBM says:


Gregory Rose III says:

catina?! Id never use that!

HumanFarmCitizen says:

These locks are pants! Shitty pants! If people can open Kryptonites with Bic pens……imagine the crappy designed, shit locks from this video? I wouldn’t use them, even if they were free! 

Marshall Photography says:

Got my bike stolen once, bought myself another one, yust go to town and lock it, stay away from it and watchet!! then one guy came to stole it, I hit him with baseball bat, get my bike and gone away!!!! 🙂 (sryy for my bad english 🙂 )

Chris S. says:

LOL Most high end bikes that are stolen in this area are stripped and the componets are sold on Craigslist. A carbon frame can be cut apart with a hack saw or serrated knife in seconds, a lock guarantee won’t cover that.

g pi says:

All of them can be cut in less than 40 seconds.

Charles Michael Rinehart says:

Get square security chain over standard round chain. Also use multiple locks.

EMMA p says:

Why not just get a lock which has an anti theft guarantee? That way you don’t have to hassle with 3 locks

Zoë Lkjsdhf says:

To many bike shops carry week locks like this guys store. It’s almost like they do it on purpose so you will come to them for another bike once yours gets stolen. Get a 10mm plus hardened steel chain like the ones from OnGaurd or Kryptonite  or a thick u lock like the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock or you can get two med range u-locks(both through the frame to something). I live in NYC. I use one mini u lock or a 7mm Abus chain when im running into stores and am not going to be out very long. For over night or all day use you need something much more substantial, 

Manuel Ramirez says:

Abus Catina lock chain msounds good

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