Comparing all Kryptonite Evolutions to Abus U-Mini 40 and Kryptonite New York Lock

Kryptonite evolution mini 5 mini 6 lite mini 7
Kryptonite new york city mini
Abus U-Mini 40


Ben Mullan says:

Why did you have 5 expensive ass locks in the first place

frank avila says:

Good video. I’m debating on 5 or 7 for my road bike. Which one did you end up with? Thanks

Taras Masciuch says:

Can you say TRIPOD…?

v1nce n7 says:

very helpful vid thanks!

Zoë Lkjsdhf says:

I love Kryptonite’s because they are faster to steal. I just cut one side with my hydraulic bolt cutter then slip the other out. The Abus mini and the forgettaboutit are the best. I use the Abus mini because t good and light weight.

Malte Montana says:

you’re missing the evo mini 9 …

Zoë Lkjsdhf says:

Also you don’t need a dust cover on locks. Sometimes you might want to put chain lube or wd40 to keep the lock from freezing up though. Rattling is not a problem.

Ben Mullan says:

lol good vid but did you really buy all these to use or you just gonna return the ones apart from the fahgettaboudit

Irina. sweetirys says:

where is Kryptononite Mini 7??

Phoenix Marzrover says:

Maybe would have been a better idea to pay your hydro bill so you can turn on the lights.. instead of buying all them locks……? Just a thought….

motocyclin3 says:

and also got

Mark Gales says:

Now I feel dizzy

AspectRatioPolice says:

why film it at night without lights?

Highly Akicktive says:

which one did you finally decide on?

mort low says:

they test the Kryptonites in germany and the covering is made out of toxic china plastic + poor quali locking mech. + very heavy…. the only half way good kryptonite is the new york serie but how i say they super heavy and toxic…

Daniel S. says:

It is indeed a good lock thanks dor the review. Bought it and also have done a video on my channel. Cheers.

Matthew Allott says:

You need to do a test of them all to see which lock can with stand the most

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