Complete Guide to Bike Locks

I have received many requests from people to make a video with advice about bike locks. There are lots of different types of bike locks available on the market. This video will help you decide which type of lock is best for your security needs.

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Shaun Blackstock says:

Excellent post..Thanks!

William Hay says:

Tip for securing your seat :go out and buy a cable or a u lock to secure your bicycle seat!

Dev9172 says:

I have 3 locks . I take the time to lock it . I paid $700 . Toronto is a BIG bike theft place . I like that new lock you have . I will look for one here .

thedeadlybrain says:

Very good vid. Lots of helpful tips and tricks. I appreciate you being out there. Thank you.

isaac isaacson says:

Someone stole my bike today I called the police but they wanted to know the serial number and I don’t have it…I have no idea that bikes have serial number…the funny of it is that he left a bike unlocked and stole mine which was locked (he left a good bike – perhaps a stolen one also – and unlocked mine in 3 seconds and stole it) unbelievable: the manager of Metro was too kind to show to me a video of the theft…I’m sad and it
makes me laugh at the same time…why he did this…why?

XtraByte says:

The U lock is not secured at all. It can be broken into in seconds! Check out other YouTube’s reviews on locks.

LuAnn Best- Woodside says:

Where can I get these locks in Las Vegas NV where we had our pretty blue girl’s bike stolen just this morning off our porch! Despite having it cable locked in a Senior Community!

Ramon Teuling says:

I live in the Netherlands and I never knew that the bike locks we use are not used in the usa, pretty interesting.

Manish Mahanti says:

Owl never bothered….

CC27433 CC27433 says:

Great work really an eye opener.

Areole Ham says:

great info thanks!!

Dev-Destroyer Rules says:

How about if it gets stolen from a school

FoodOnCrack says:

6:20 if its a chain that you buy on on length specific to your desire, it is cut in the store to size with a saw or bolt cutter: the thief can do the same thing because the chain is stainless steel, not hardened. Get a chain that is set to length by the manufacturer.

Charles M Rinehart says:

The best chain is the square security chain. Bolt cutters cannot cut through it. Only angle grinders with a special blade. How many bike thieves carry those around?

Dazlidorne Jenkins says:

I watched this video for over five minutes and then you recommended a cable lock?

Belcycling bike lock says:

Bike lock

Stephen M says:

thanks 🙂

Jaime Lopez says:

good video ,thanks

John Hoyle says:

While in NYC, what bike lock did you most often see people using? Thanks.

C.P. says:

I don’t trust any kind of cable locks… seeing a cable on a bicycle is just screaming to be stolen… Especially if you live in a city.

pdbike says:

Thanks for sharing. what is the name of the Dutch lock? is it available in the US?

Julius J says:

so this is what rick moranis is doing now

Scott Fox says:

Great advice and it is appreciated.

AnimeBeefRandoms says:

Probably should have watched this video before my bike was stolen.

Kelly Toth says:

“U-Locks are the most secure.” Uhhhh, traditionally the opposite is true. Are there secure U-locks? Yes. Are secure U-locks common? Heck no. A strong hardened chain coupled with a quality lock will almost always be the most secure lock.

Alex Campbell says:

The way we do it when we go to the city McDonald’s i always have someone else watching my bike while I go in and get the food so of someone tries to steal my bike get ready for a fight

vulturus says:

I would suggest making a record of your name and/or serial number and placing it somewhere hidden, for instance, handlebars. It is useful as a way to identify your bike in case the bike thief scrapes off the serial number off the frame.
Also, get a picture of yourself standing next to your bike, as further proof.

Erueti Foster says:

Good video

Sebastian Diederich says:

dude you look exactly like Chandler Riggs :D, thanks for the vid

Haryder says:

Whats the name of bike lock that you bought from netherland?
is there any online available?

futurenika says:

good video.. i am thinking about taking ur pedals with u.. is that a good idea?

Jahayra Chairez says:

what is the name of the last lock and where can i find one?

Hal 502 says:

The best locks are u locks, i carry only one in my bike bike which is a beach cruiser. I have a fixie but i never leave it park outside. Bike thefts are bad people.

Isaiah Pineda says:

my bike costs about 500 dollars there are cameras facing rack there are bikes about the same price around that are locked with CABLE LOCKS that don’t get stolen while I’ll be using a hiplok 1.5 and a kryptonite u lock with cable I think I’m ok

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