Eye of the TiGr: Titanium Bike Lock vs. NYC

When asked to try the TiGr titanium bike lock, a skeptical reviewer answers an important question — is the lock tough enough for New York City streets? Find out in this four round battle between Transportation Alternatives’ Les Brown and the 125 TiGr lock.

Visit BikeNYC.org for the full review and a sneak peek at the new TiGr Lock prototype: http://bikenyc.transalt.org/blog/tigr-bike-lock-review-theft-test


Leo Parra says:

add diamond 2 the lock

acidxray says:

this video proves…Germans don’t let their tools dull.

Alexandr Hubitski says:

I don’t get this. The is a video where a narrower version of the lock is gets cut by a woman. Why is 1.25 more secure? If I can cut .75, then I can cut 1.25 in just three shorter cuts. Only difference — it will take 15 sec instead of 5 sec. Do 10 seconds worth $200?
Look at the bending the cutters made. Only reason they didn’t cut through is the misaligned bolt cutter, which bent the metal instead of cutting through.

Almost ordered a long bow… Phew, that was close.

em forty says:


Various Curious says:

If he can do that in public might as well use a portable grinder, much faster.

Dan TBM says:

Better than a litelock

CaptainCropper says:

I got my hands on one and snapped the lock mech off with a 2ft length of pipe, no cutting needed. Took about 10 seconds.


the guy who was using the cutter he look fagget

NeverTalkToCops1 says:

More blokes bouncing on bolt cutters. Notice the manufacturer uses goofy blokes instead of science to sell their lock. Bogus!

Karen Nakamura says:

He’s using very bad form. One of the reasons that the petite German woman was able to slice through a Tigr was that she leveraged one of the cutter arms against the bike stand pole and used her body weight. Even petite, she had > 100 pounds of force. In comparison, trying to squeeze together the bolt cutter arms with your hands is much weaker.

Robert Silvers says:

One would use a hacksaw on this.

panbalala says:

Bullshit a german video show how to cut it under 6 seconds !

Rob K says:

If you cut thru the actual locking mechanism, it will release. it is difficult to cut the flat area.

Qwer Asdf says:

HERE is the really test 🙂 —>

Garrett Weekly says:

work in a bike shop and the tigr guys (west coast rep i think) asked us to try and cut it…it was open in 10 seconds with 24″ bolt cutters this guy in the video has no idea what the hell he is doing.

Don Mega says:

you use the ground as leverage. and hop on the bolt cutter with ur whole weight. that’s how they do it 😛 seen this cut by a measly woman with the proper method btw.

xXShOOtYXx says:

he only tried once, after 4 more tries that thing is open…

chousiself says:

i use a lock like this for my wife when i leave home and i ‘ve never lost ler.. Highy recommended

Spyman says:

А где можно купить такой замок?

BlockCylinder says:

Where’s the science in this test? Those tools look like they were trashed years ago, and the dude in this video looks like he doesn’t know how to use them. I saw a German video where a small woman used a brand new (not bent, worn, or misaligned) set of bolt cutters to cut through a TiGr lock. It looked easy.

ironman tooltime says:


[Daniel] says:

not very reputable. also should have tried an angle grinder

Freerider says:

The weakest link will always loose in anything in this world. Thieves know this as well, so if you “forget” just one aspect of a lock, it doesn’t matter if you’ve used 10 inch super hardened steel shackles or whatever else.
When newcomers in the world of lockmaking overhype the strongpoints and hide the weak points, why would you ever trust them at all when you are actually wanting to purchase a security feature. It’s like a person wanting to secure his house better and he purchase the most secure front door ever built, then he “forget” all the windows that can just be broken in matter of seconds.

andy765gtr says:

anything metal of practical dimensions can be cut with bolt cutters.the future lies with the locks made from super strong, bendy composite materials that are coming out, which cant be cut or sawn in reasonable time. but every lock will have a weakness. trick is to make it not worth the bother for 99% of scumbags

Ariel Baum says:

please use a guy who’s not this fag to open the lock im sure it will work

Lincoln Stewart says:

Dude’s so uncoordinated it looks like he couldn’t cut hair with scissors. You think a thief doing this would be using the cutters for the first time?

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