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I carry my OnGuard u-lock bike lock with two strips of double sided velcro hook and loop tape, and the TwoFish Megablock XL lockblock rubber bumper.

This lock carrying method takes up one water bottle space on the bike. Alternatively, a specific ulock mount can be used to offset the lock to the side of the bicycle, or under the saddle, but the balance and control of the bicycle could be different.

Most of the bike lock manufacturers include ulock mounts with their locks. Most of these mounts are made of plastic and could break on rough terrain, which is something to keep in mind.

What are your experiences with carrying bike locks?

Tip: For the best protection, use 2 strong u-locks. More hassle for you + more hassle for the thief = less hassle losing your bike.

Note: The rubber block I use by TwoFish could potentially break if loaded with too heavy of a lock. Just keep an eye on the integrity of the rubber and any straps you may use. My lock only weighs 1.8 pounds.

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TheStatge says:

Hi, I have noticed that you repeating a word like a train or a road or other words with some strange voice. This you do only in the video or you do and when you talk to someone.

I also attach my u lock with Velcro, but i use it in combination with cable lock for more securiy
I like your channel I ride a bike only very early in the morning before work because there is no where to leave my bike. Your videos are very informative and interesting

And sorry for my bad English

Addi Aaj says:

@BikeBlogger based on your experiences, what would likely be the max weight capacity of the Megablock XL system? I am considering this setup for a u-lock that will weigh between 2.0lbs-4.5lbs

BeboSaab says:

Get an ABUS Bordo and put it in your under seat bag with your wallet and phone ontop of it, no rattles. The newer Kryptonite U Locks have a rubber o ring and a plastic sheath that rotates for rattles but it’s still trash. U lock design is antiquated and rattles no matter what.

V Rizise says:

Tarantino 😛

Nick Martin says:

How much does that lock run?

John Kearns says:

back pocket for my ulock.

Daniel Gennaro says:

Thx mate! I was deciding on a Bike Chain or a U Lock.. I hear that U locks are stronger, but I imagine both are very heavy… I want to carry mine on my bike as well like you suggest. I think the chain lock might be more versatile in being able to wrap around trees or a variety of objects… lol you made me laugh though! “Hold on a second!”

KrefelderBusfahrer says:

Best first scene ever 😀 Awesome sound!

mrkwns24 says:

Good tip for carrying the U-lock! The plastic mount for mine is breaking apart and I’ve been looking for an alternate way to keep it mounted on the frame of the bike.

James says:

How much does your bike weigh?

Denis Epshteyn says:

You look like that guy from 40’year old virgin xD

Raul Romo says:

Where did you buy the velcro?

MrEvilbyte says:

That’s an interesting setup and gives me some ideas. I still havn’t decided on my lock setup yet, or what lock to get.

…. and that guy at the end of the vid can go suck a…..

1Kellapitter says:

Love the videos! What helmet are you wearing here?

dasgutz37 says:

How do you route the cable through the shim, please?

reeceicycle says:

I use Velcro cable tie wraps to strap my lock on top of my rack.

WerNaU12 says:

Thanks so much bro!

I think therefore I err says:

Good topic for today I also use ‘ OnGuard’ thick(cable) lock.

Jose Paco says:

What bike do you have

ZiggZagg11 says:

was the guy at the end yelling at you…?

Paul Vasquez says:

+bikeblogger. I am on a tight budget for a single speed bike. I’m on the fence between the Motobecane CF & the all steel Motobecane. there’s only about a $40 difference between the two. thank you!

David's CycleVlogs says:

why haven’t you use your other camera don’t you have 2 ?

Angry Vegan Cyclist says:

are you on strava

Dovydas Vilčinskas says:

bugs….got me laughing 😀

David's CycleVlogs says:

bike blogger when is it’s a good idea 2 lock both of your wheels if you have quick release ? P.s when will you go live streaming

Erueti Foster says:

My U lock came with a holder which was useless. I ended up placing it under my Handel bars it doesn’t come close to touching the front wheel. I use a wire cable to secure the front wheel while looping the cable through the bike rack and locking the rear wheel. For the grand daughter I just use a combination wire rope lock they’re not the best but her bike isn’t worth much. The folding bike just has a heavy Chain and padlock.

Angry Vegan Cyclist says:

how do you keep your image so clear when you ride in the grass, even with a helmet mount my image goes to total shit

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