How secure is your bicycle lock?

The City of London Police teamed up with havebike and the Cycle Show to test the effectiveness of bicycle locks and offer bicycle security advice.


Mr Paul says:

You could always hide a tracker on your bike…

Luke Flegg says:

At the begining there were a couple of very cheap cable locks (not worth mentioning) and after that (in order of appearance):
– Tekmun U-Shaped Bike Lock
– OnGuard Beast Chain 8016L
– Master Lock 8196EURDPRO
– Knog Strongman
– Master Lock 8238EURDPRO
– OnGuard Brute LS #8000
– Abus Granit X-Plus 540
– Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini

Thanks to @dh41400

Jim Dor says:


Kenz300 x says:

More police should be on bicycles and not in police cars. They would talk to more people and be more in touch with the community. They would also be in better shape. By doing this cities would also learn what they need to do to make their city more bicycle friendly and encourage more people to get out of their cars and on to a bicycle.

Lawrence Sand says:

lock the bike and take the front wheel with you if it has a quick release front skewers.

limitedignition says:

No need to scratch the expensive bike for this demo though….

circusboy90210 says:

they did’nt list custom chains like pewag or superharneded ultra high security locks with covered shanks and boron carbide bolt. somethings even a grinder can’t cut

Yes Sure says:

Get 2 motorcycle disk locks and put them on the bicycle disk they are really hard to grind or cut off

Akuimo Batusayan says:

What we need are locks either made with Adamantium or Vibranium.

pmarmify says:

what is the point? In Hampshire we rarely see any police. I called 999 once & police took 2 days to come out. So anyone calling police for theft in progress, the thief will be long gone by time police come out… IF THEY COME OUT!

Mathieu usas says:

I bought a lock for my wife . Feel safer.

Bymerango says:

Нет ничего проще чем угнать Веселопед

Biking Mania says:

Look at all that money wasted

Blu Rox22 Js5 says:

a ramset gun can break those locks 1 second or less more portable than an angel grinder

Retxed Neerg13 says:

This video will counter (Tested – £11,000 of Bike Locks Destroyed)

Henry Jacobsen says:

take a bunch of cheap locks and wind them around the D lock or chain. More thickness=more time.

James Chua says:

meanwhile nobody cares about a any bike in china. as a matter of fact. shared bike in there was are being towed by officers because they are all over the place. lol

ShoA says:

I just bought a wire lock. and went to youtube to see how strong this lock is. and now I distrust it already..

acme181169 says:

It’s about what i expect from the police – Nothing useful

Stephen N says:

This doesnt happen in asian, or south american countries. They chop the fingers or even the hand off of bike theives in public. Then let them go.
Its a strong deterrent.

The Doomsday Channel says:

Your causal criminal isn’t gonna have bolt cutters. Imo best defense is a gps lojack. It isn’t the value of the bike, but how much you make at work you’re losing out on. That or public transit.

76Schoeneberg30 says:

I always take my bike up to my apartment and at work its inside the company area where foreigners cant come in.

Edward Schwenk says:

Perhaps a decent legal deterrent (if caught) to the idiot stealing the bike would help keep bikes safer. What is
penalty for stealing military secrets, and selling them to foreign nations for example?

Jadkandkajxjsj Mioxjskfkskdksj says:

Mini Bicycle U-lock with Transit Frame Mount Bracket, Stainless Steel Keys, Electrostatic Coating, Anti Theft Technology, High Security Hardened Bike Keeper, Rust Resistance,Best Waterproof Cylinder
by Belcycling

ročník 62 ročník 62 says:

Ano, toto je poctivý test, který vhodně varuje cyklisty…

M-aki says:

we need a lock that cuts bolt cutters.

stockton350 says:

My advice would be an adamantium d lock by Stark industries.

Andy V says:

you’ll never stop a thief but you can make it not worth their time.

MSpace says:

I just find a police officer and chain my bike to him

Satoshi Nakamoto says:

Thieves use a jewelers diamond hacksaw or a 48v diamond cutting dremel that you can barely hear and takes a split second to cut through anything even a safe.

Topside Bob says:

Yet another good reason to leave the UK.

circusboy90210 says:

don’t park an expensive bike outside

Gillenz Fluff says:

What about a backpack petrogen!

Gigaguenther says:

You dont need to have the absolute best lock in the world, just the best one around, so a bike thief will pick an easier target

Peter Lafayette says:

So funny to run into this video.
Looking how to secure my trailer and this guy on utube shows how to wrap a huge chain through your wheel and around the axle and says almost inprenitable.
I look at that and say a guy could cut through that in less than a minute with a portable grinder and here you show up.
I said long ago, ever since the portable grinder came on the scene, nothing is safe.

mattl1762 says:

False economy! Of course they can all be broken into, that’s the point, ready for the next mug to buy their next £100 lock and another bike costing hundreds or thousands of pounds. It’s what keeps the world ticking!

daMacroGuy says:

Law enforcement should conduct undercover stings with a decoy bike followed by public hangings of the thieves. Worked back in the day for horse thieves and bikes are just another form of transportation.

Thunderbolt says:

we need better places to lock your bike.Other wise leaving your bike is inviting thieves.My bike got stolen and I got it back because I rode everyday and saw a kid riding my old bike.

aoxilus says:

that is why you buy the cheapest bike on the market people are inflating bicycles values when they are not worthy.

Erin Derrick says:

how about dont let thousands of muslums in to steal them in the first place

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