How to Lock an Expensive Bike in 3 Minutes

Bicycles can get very expensive… especially electric bikes or carbon fiber road bikes. You want to make sure nobody steals the bike or any of the components connected to it like the seat post, saddle or wheels. There are many ways to go about securing a bike but the most popular way I’ve heard and the most proven technique I’ve tried is to lock the frame and rear wheel to a secure rack while looping a cable through the front wheel and saddle rails. In some cases, a bike thief might steal an entire rack and all bikes attached to it and in other cases if left outside overnight, the bars of your u-lock could be cut and cables snipped. It’s not possible to secure against every kind of attack but following these steps makes you less vulnerable because it adds time and effort required to steal. It also puts you one step ahead of the other bikes that are locked up at the rack.


Simon O'kane says:

Just shows how low life thiefs are… If they can’t steal the actual bike they’ll still try taking the seat or other components pathetic oxygen wasting cretins.

Christopher Rock says:

~ Is that a 10mm kyroptonite cable? and what is the length, about 3 feet? Thanks, if you find the time to answer!

Mr Chumster says:

they can still get your brakes

Tuomas Soukka says:

Thank you! Im going to buy these types of locks in the future. though you can’t always lock everything. I have built my bikes, so i pretty much know the physics of a mtb. the fork would be easy to take off just by opening top cap, removing stem and wheel, you got yourself a pretty nice rockshox pike. This is what happened to my friends bike.

Darryl BEAN says:

Good stuff. I have been researching locking systems on the internet and boy is there a lot of data out there, LOL. However, I think you have a golden opportunity to do a vid on the subject. Perhaps a 2 or 3 part series due to the amount of depth it could be. One of the first things I noticed is that locking requirements are rated. IE if you live in say NY. The last thing I noted was… buy a good U lock that locks on both ends. Anyway I think you would do the topic a great service. Good vids and thanks. Darryl from Victoria, BC.

AmusementForce says:

You can also try Zefal Lock N’Roll anti-theft locks to protect your wheels and seat. I love it.

James Nickel says:

I just finished making a new purchase and am now at the  of the thieves here in London!
Got a lock setup similar to yourself!
Thanks for the tips!

Andres Hernandez says:

ye right

Fernando Gonçalves says:

thats a good ideia. but i would add a second u-lock, for extra security.

Fred C says:

Your U lock is not fastened to the frame, if someone removed the back wheel, they could get the U Lock off

atfsgeoff says:

For a $6000 bike I wouldn’t leave it outside without a GPS tracker and $300+ worth of the thickest, meanest chain and lock I could get my hands on, on top of pitlock locking skewers and matching lock hardware for saddle and headset. I’m talking 19mm Pragmasis chain, and a Squire SS65CS padlock to go with it.

Robert Ostman says:

I would at least get the locking parts shown in here but instead of using them on a expensive bike, I would go for the less expensive road bike that I could get… so I would have invested in the bike about 50 to 100 dollars, plus about 20 into a comfort wide seat… in general I tend to tell ppl to simply do not get a expensive bike…. no way jose…

Shadi2 says:

what can you do to stop someone from burning out the motor by turning the throttle and holding it?

Banter_ Apz says:

Can’t take the seat are you joking me look at the seat cable it’s as thin as a piece of straw Jesus

Javier Serralta,VOX says:

right on…thank you…

MAsterTroll says:

Why not just do a minor weld

Kurtis says:

I have a levo, it is the comp edition so is low spec, the is no way I would lock that up, even like this for 5 minutes, i bring it to the gym and I lock it up to a pole in the gym XD.

Bob Brawley says:

Cheap battery powered grinders, negate all bicycle locks

ElAshtonio says:

You don’t lock it up in public, it’s as simple as that. Always try and take it with you into shops and if the shop kicks you out, well, they’re losing a potential customer; as long as you don’t disrupt other people’s shopping, I can’t see there being a problem. I lost a £350 bike the other day (had 2 combination locks on it, secured in the optimum positions) and now regret not taking it with me wherever I went that day. So please don’t lock your expensive bikes outside unless you absolutely have to and always use D locks if you do.

adamania says:

I think all this is missing is a waist chain lock.

skull fucker says:

just tesla that bike and find a toasted crook

terry oneill says:

it has helped me alot great advice cheers and thank you ,out the other day on my kalkhoff i love ,needed to pee ,no lock forgot it ,so i took it in the toilet with me got some strange looks lol and thanks from the uk

BlueTerror says:

Looks awesome! Where can i buy those wire locks?

Andres Hernandez says:

And I had a gun lock the ones the police officers use

StutterBomb says:

i was told those braided cables where practically useless and high quality chain and u locks where the most effective options.

mike rotteveel says:

lol thiefs can steal that in less than 3min if they realy want to

cakeba says:

I’ve cut kryptonite cables with a pair of bypass cutters small enough to fit in my pocket in about 40 seconds. Fair warning, chains are safer than cables.

Spicy Corn Chip says:

CLICKBAIT!!! Its 2:59 seconds!

Richard Meyer says:

Nicely done.

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