How To Lock Your Bike – Secure Your Bicycle From Thieves

Lock your bike correctly and keep your bike safe from thieves.
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If you’re cycling around town, or if you’ve stopped at a cafe, where you leave your bike and how you lock it can prevent it from being a target for the dreaded bike thieves.

Choose the correct bike lock, lock it in the right location and the right way with GCN.

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Dan Janucik says:

3:10 killed me.

Suleman Mostufa says:

1,000 pounds for a bike in the UK wow in the U.S it’s just 290 dollars for a bmx bike.

IMC IMC says:

You can also add an alarm.

Ray Saeidi says:

THANK You! I liked this video very much!

Jason M says:

In Vancouver Canada, there are full time bike thieves and it doesn’t really matter what lock you use or how many you use; if your bike is worth alot, they will steal it, no matter where it is or how secure you feel it is. I’m not sure the actual stat, but at least 5 “stolen bike” ads go up on used sites daily. I know people who used the best/biggest chain locks on the market along with U locks for the front and rear tires and still had their bike stolen.

Mirsad Redzovic says:

LOL @ drug addicts looking for their next hit of EPO hahahaha

Daniskier says:

@global cycling network

What if my bike cost 3500 ? Do I really have to get a 350$ lock ?

I was thinking about the ABUS Xplus (around 100$).

WeTheTech says:

The host seems to have some vendetta against junkies lol. Must have had bike stolen by one…

Kaila Mayho says:

what kinds of locks do you guys recommend or use?

Saint Cupcake says:

I once had my MTB left out during a new year’s eve, and some clown(s) came by and punctured the entire lot of bikes. Around a hundred bikes or so. But rather than just puncturing my bike, they stole all my quick-releases (saddle and both wheels). They however put my saddle back. So I needed a new inner tube, a tire and three quick-releases, resulting in an annoying £90 bill.

Pat Healy says:

I’ve dropped a little solder into all the allen bolts.. It will stop your bike being stripped.
You don’t need to adjust anything while you’re out. When you get your bike set it up and have done with it. If anything you’ll just need to fix a flat tyre when out.
Spanner’s not needed. Any major work is done at home where you can simply reheat the small solder beads.
And lock your bike to something in front of a shop window.
And either change quick release or better still lock the front to the back wheel.

TreyMMA says:

Some people commute to work 10-20miles and up to 40 miles round-trip. Some do it simply because they love it, some do it because they are training for a TT, Triathlon, or a race of some sort. I’m considering buying a Cervelo S5 used for an amazing deal, but I would use it for commuting and city riding from time to time and one of the biggest concerns when considering buying it is that it’s so nice, I’ll constantly fear someone is going to lift it and I’ll be riding around with 2-3 locks paranoid. I wish society was more accommodating for cyclists.

Sara Shirmanesh says:

Hi Dan

I have a silly question. I’m looking to buy a power meter for my bike but worried about thieves dismantlling them. My bike is stored in a communal bike shed with fob access and secured with a D lock but not sure how I can secure my power meter.



WeTheTech says:

To maximize security to your bike parts. You can put ball bearings into the hex key inserts with hotglue or heavy grease.

Ichabaud Craine says:

Ace vid with lots of good advice. I’m not sure I get the point of running the extension cable through the D-lock to another padlock though. If they get the D-lock off your bike’s still gone and they’ll get the cable off later. If they haven’t got a van they’ve obviously already got the tools they needed to get through the D-lock so they’ll have little trouble getting through the cable too, surely?

I’m not saying it’s not more secure, it is. At least marginally. But I dunno if it’s so much more secure that it’s worth carting another padlock around with you.

CycoWarriorx says:

Just curious, sooooo, I’m riding my road bike, wearing my road bike gear – how am I supposed to carry some of those huge locks unless I’m wearing/carrying a backpack? Lol

Water Bottle says:

I use two methods when locking up my bicycle… #1 Park next to one easier to steal and #2 use a high quality u-lock in addition to a chain lock and an armored cable lock. It is secured tighter than a nun’s XXXX and next to someone else bike that easier to steal I can relax knowing my bike is safe whilst I am away. xD

Phen0mable says:

English law invites thieves to steal

matt lll says:

3.15 lolol…
if uve got a drug addict nearby looking for this next hit…… sorry gcn. but that killed me haha..
nice vid. good info

skool quality says:

this is not the point of which locker can be more effective but to provide a better service in safe parking bike avoiding: stealing, thief, personal stress, policeman engaged in futility …If I buy a light bike whats the point to buy a heavy locker!!!

Edward straka says:

well it wouldn’t be a smack head grinding ya lock off, they would have sold the grinder long time ago.

Daniel Lenaghan says:

“If you’ve a drug addict walking by in need of his next hit of EPO..” Rofl


seats worth 60 pound? how about those bars. same allen key could nick those too

Chase says:

What about school, I have a Scott 29ner and if I wanted to ride it to a highschool is that ok

Ed S says:

You gonna be carrying whole bunch of keys…

luke ukmodels says:

I do not recommend using the Kryptonite cable as this is easily breakable!!

Ni gel says:

I’ll just buy a car

Boukie McBridger says:

Drug addict ? Wtf

derek minor says:

I leave my bike by a police station and someone was able to cut my locks was a angle grinder

Brendon Noble says:

I try to use two different types of lock which require two different
types of tool to break. For instance a metal saw like the angle grinder
can get through a D lock in seconds but can get messed up cutting a
cable. a cable cutter will breeze through a cable but not a D lock. Even
fitting a cloth sleeve (old glove, nylons, sock etc) over the D will
require atleast a knife to cut it off before attacking with the angle

Computer Science and Tech. says:

Be careful with those D-locks. I had one once, and the mechanism to unlock it broke. The key no longer worked. The police couldn’t even get it off for me. The fire department had to come down with one of their hydraulic cutters to get it off.

Chris Hansen says:

Why not have a lock (that makes those annoying sounds the car does when it’s being stolen or a loud noise is heard, not sure what it’s called) That would stop robbers, they would get scared and leave.

Azmil Reza says:

Great info, thanks a lot! Could you tell me what padlock you’re using for the lock extension?

Skye Izumi says:

Another tip, take your seat post and saddle with you if you can.

Shadi Gif says:

just fit some high explosives with remote detonator to the frame and yell “Allahu akbar!” as the thief rides of on your bike.

Chawanat Nakasan says:

And as security principles go, there is no 100% secure method to lock. Given enough time and effort, your locks can always be defeated. However, make the effort insurmountable: make it loud, take too long, need too many tools, attract too much attention, or whatever. If all else fails, make your bike’s worth-to-effort ratio lower than the ones next to you.

Also, some shops may be okay if you want to bring a high-valued bicycle inside. They probably won’t welcome every single granny bikes, but if your bike seems to be worth a significant value, you’re not ruining their floor, and you’re bringing them good business, they will consider it.

Kelvin Tan says:

the kid who steals people’s saddle is an alan key sadist lmao !

drzsL says:

just wanted to express my take on this. I understand the logic for getting a shitty bike if you’ll constantly be gone for more than a couple minutes, but that’s like saying always get a crappy car to deter criminals. I personally have a fairly nice bike worth close to $1000 US Dollars and I refuse to let it sit at home just because of the chance a thief might take it. instead of getting crappy bikes I think bike companies should start implementing better securities (no quick release anything, micro gps) and cities should start doing more to promote bike usage (storages, heftier fines for bike thiefs)

DarkpowderUK says:

Tip: Never use a lock with a cylindrical barrel-lock/key. Far too easy for people to bypass. Look for a lock/key which looks more like a car-key.

Joey Andres says:

“next hit of epos”. Oh nos, all the tour de france athletes.

Justin Batay says:

How bout if the thief just want bike parts

emoclew Barbz says:

How do I secure thru axle wheels?

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