How to lock your bike. The RIGHT way!

Here, our host, Amanda, teaches YOU how to properly lock your bike. With the help of a U-Lock or a Chain lock, this can be done fairly easily. Take a peak at our latest episode and let us know what you think!


the joker says:

amanda i can eat ur pussy

jjjuice10 says:

Hey pure cycle I have an suggestion having an fixie bike giveaway worldwide on Christmas. By the way I love your tips on riding a bike Dixie even if I don’t have one.keep it up

J R-B says:

I got 8 locks. A GPS tracker built in, SmartWater marking, it’s registered with the police and BikeRegister, so yeah.. just try it, you thieving bastards. You got no chance.

Anthony Gabriel Yap says:

Can u giys do a skid video on a fixie

Ericson Jae Liberato says:

If I buy a fixie bike with only a front brake, am I able to remove the front brakes so I can only stop by using the pedals?



Vince Lacuarin says:

Don’t read the script man.



Angle Muniz says:

a good bike stickre

BEAU246868 says:

what kind of u-lock would you recommend

El Jefe says:

im sorry but adding sticks WILL make my bike ride different , it will throw off the aerodynamics and do you know How heavy is a sticker ? its like half a gram!!!!

hot damn if i have like 4 stickers on my bike thats like an additional 35 grams!!!

that will slow me down considerably , plus i wont be able to ollie as high or it might fuck up my kickflips

Jonatan OTW says:

Get the right lock, sure thing! But which lock is the right one then?

Does anyone from Google still care about youtube or is an autistic dog doing design for youtube now? says:

By time and determination, he actually means an angle grinder.

Unicorn Workhorse says:

But what if I like my bike looking sexy?

T B says:

Fixie is for faggots

Benny Chavez says:

my U lock is combination and no key i have the stickers on it too, and i have a quick release on the front tire. so i can pit it threw the front tire right

Nintendo Sucks says:

just put 5 different locks

Payl says:

1:45 terrible place to lock your bike at. Those weak iron bars can easily be cut with 26′ inch bolt cutters. Also, your bike would be safer if you put the U lock through the frame near the cranks, thieves will have a tough time deciding if they want to risk damaging the bike by trying to slip in some bolt cutters or using a griding. The tighter the lock is to your bike the better.

Goriaas says:

Lock that walmart fixie? Nah, not even a blind person with down syndrome would steal that….

xodustheleviathan says:

I just got one of your pure fix bikes. I love it. perfect weight and size. but what a ride. thanks for the tip was going to pick up a new u lock. now I know what I’m looking for. thanks

Belle Domina says:


AlphaLeetGaming says:

looking the wrong way ass

Jerry Perry says:

Making it look cheap doesn’t help. Actually cheap ladies bikes have the biggest chance of getting stolen. They are the easiest to sell.

WeTheTech says:

The style of presentation is dated. The male host sound like hes reciting a poem.

T B says:

Had quick released for five years never had a problem

Ken Williams says:

thought i was gonna see them show THE RIGHT LOCK

Jeremy Oliver says:

lol pure fix bikes are trash

Ericson Jae Liberato says:

If I buy a fixie bike with only a front brake, am I able to remove the front brakes so I can only stop by using the pedals?


I did such a good job locking my bike that the bike thief lost his temper and proceeded to kick my tyres to bend them up. I came along while he was doing this and wasn’t he surprised when a 6’2 pissed off me put him in a rear naked choke. Yes, he was arrested.

Jessica Jones says:

did not help me need step by step

Gilbert Sanders says:

good job Zach. ignore the haters. love those t-shirts! want to but one.

Nikola Tesla says:

I personally don’t like removing the quick releases on the wheels, because than I need to carry spanners somewhere, in the eventuality that I get a flat tire

Luke Calls says:

Didn’t cover how useless cable locks are

Internerd Army says:

i ride mtb, and ur telling me quick release is bad

czarkirchy says:

666th comment

Andries RC says:

fixie hipsters!

johamu4 says:

Loud warning! Intro music ouch!

Auleo Fox says:


Number Digit says:

Look into Hexlox. I do not work for them, but it seems to help with the stealing of bike parts.

Louis Turner says:

Pure fix = douche bag hipster.

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