Kryptonite Evolution Mini VS Bolt Cutters

We attempt to cut the shackle on a Kryptonite Evolution Mini using 12″ and 30″ bolt cutters. The bolt cutters do little damage.

See how it stands up against a pry bar attack:


MissHitAllTheTime says:

can u attempt it on a Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock i want to see how long this lock will take??

Tomislav Peric says:

I just come to idea how to steal a bike anytime,you just need friend who is “recording” and you talk about locks so no-one suspects 🙂

jbassmesser183 says:

A thief broke my friend’s mini evolution krptyo u-lock (same one in this video). Not sure what they used but it was likely a saw. Two thieves cut through the larger grey krypto u-lock (not evolution series) of one of my neighbors this am. I think the krypto chain lock for motorcycles is the best way to avoid bike theft in a high-crime city.

Ryuudo123 says:

the weight of the person pressing the cutter is meaningless, he could apply more pressure if he would push against something from the top. (the ground is the bottom leverage and the top one could be if he crouched and push from the metal stand where the bike is standing. -> basically his back muscles could put out much more pressure than his weight)

still, someone else might break it if he is stronger, or just use some grinder

FilipVeliki94 says:

Does this u-lock have a protective vinyl coating so that the lock doesnt scratch the bicycle frame ???

etobiCRACKscorpions says:

face the camera when you talk or have the cameraman stand on the other side of the bike.

rainbowsalads says:

I wonder how many key cut variations for this lock?

CK Wunch says:

You cant really walk down a street with a 36″ bolt cutter lol, what i tend to do is use multiple locks and twin anchor points as much as possible, what i have noticed is i came back and they had not touched mine at all, but the bike in front had teeth marks – not sure what was used, and a bike behind had the same marks, and there was just a backwheel behind that still chained to the secure bar.
My locks are all kryptonite – mini front wheel to frame, rear wheel through frame to bar,  hi tensile cable front to back and through pedal crank, and a third krytonite to a secondary point usually it only just reaches. OK it takes up two bays, but hey they left it alone – didnt even try to go for it.

Александр Солдатов says:

– Что вы делаете! Велосипед воруете!?
– Нет, мы обзор снимаем
– А. ну ладно, дальше пойду.

Привет из России.

Vova3iLvova says:

quality u lock is the ultimate way to go

uwebvarga says:

Bolt cutters might do little damage, but they are unfortunately easy to pick.

Mr Mojo Risin says:

just cut the bike rack simple

CPC says:

hydraulic bolt cutter?

MissHitAllTheTime says:

u need bolt cutter bigger than those two the one that are like 24 inches length..also with a bigger jaw possibly the one u see nypd or other security type department uses like fdny lols…or the one that school uses to clip your locks when u lock it overnight and dont remove your lock….

VaPoRiSaTiOnZ says:

My right ear enjoyed this…

1stPlaceDirector says:

Yea, but they could cut the smallest tube on the bike rack in about 5 seconds.

Turtlefoot69 says:

Thanks for the review, I’m guessing the 18mm one is going to give thieves a helluva problem then especially if its locked up high if this one is so strong on its own.

swg369 says:

is there any lock that you guys couldnt break?

gblan says:

Of course the “smart” thief will simply use the bolt cutters to snip through the seat stay like it’s a little piece of wire. Walk the bike around the corner, toss into the back of truck, drive away, sell parts.

House of Chain says:

We attempt to cut the shackle on a #Kryptonite #Evolution Mini using 12″ and 30″ bolt cutters.



MrSelfDef says:

Cheap shit non ratcheting bolt cutters. Irvin Record 24″ would have munched through that.

lacosamia93 says:

Could you make the same test with an Abus Bordo 6400/ 6500 and Abus Granit X Plus 54/160 or 540/160?

Harbard says:

That 30″ bolt cutter is not correctly setup, you have to increase the gap between cutters and then the handles will come closer too each other and you get maximum leverage. You are not even getting 50% with that bolt cutter, and it would in no doubt, cut that in 2 seconds if the gap was correctly set 🙂 I prefer to use cordless drill operated bolt cutters “hydraulic”, they are small and fast.

Macgyver Siruma says:

how about portable grinder

Analog Human says:

I’ve seen 6-year old kids use tools better than that.

spaaarky21 says:

Which Mini was this? I’m trying to decide between the light Mini 5, which has a 13mm shackle, and the slightly heavier Mini 6, which as an 11mm shackle.

Jay Harvey says:

Bolt cutters are not the only way to defeat a Kryptonite lock.

Bob gates says:

will they cut through the standard kryptonite u lock. the base model?

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