Kryptonite Evolution Mini VS Pry bar

We use the most common attack against u-locks to test the Kryptonite Evolution Mini..


stabilisedchaos says:

The locks are great but man I thought Kryptonite cables that go on and protect wheels from being stolen would be very strong, but there’s a video on here of a guy with a mini bolt cutters slicing through one like butter,I need to get another U-Lock to protect my front wheel.

megatroll says:

This won’t happen in real life, unless the thief wants to intentionally break your bike.
You are supposed to lock the bike through the frame and rear wheel. There simply is not enough space to fit a huge pry bar in there. Even if so, the attempt of prying it open will irreversibly damage the bike and thus the value to the thief is lost.

bishplis says:

yes use a bar with holes in it, fucking dumbasses

Gstrangeman96 says:

one thing is breaking a lock that is only attached to one bar, when you have room to manouver, don’t have anything to damage, and because it’s not attached to a bike and you are filming, people are not going to react to you.
If you had that same lock going through a thick frame and wheels, and had to pry it open without damaging the bike it would probably work differently for you.

Zoë Lkjsdhf says:

The problems with these is you only need to cut one side and it gone where as the Abus locks need to be cut twice.

mrchie888 says:

Maybe you guys should of tested it with a junker bike and a more practical pry bar which a thief would use.

wellthi says:

could you test those ones : *”KryptoLok series 2 955 Mini Integrated Chain”* and *”New York Fahgettaboudit Mini”*

Lee L says:

Moral of the story.. Be weary of anyone walking down the street holding a 8 foot Pry

House of Chain says:

We use the most common attack against the #Kryptonite evolution mini. #success @kryptonitelock #biketheives #bike

Scuba Mike says:

I think the lock passed this test. If there were a bike locked in there it would have been trashed. The lock IMHO gave a good fight. thumbs up

Avoyce N Deether says:

Ha! For a while I thought the lock was going to win! I’ve had a kryptonite mini-7 for a couple of years now…one of the advantages of buying the smallest u-lock you can get away with is that it leaves less room to get a pry bar between the lock and the bike. Without destroying the bike, of course. But if the thief just wants to destroy the bike, no need to mess with the lock! 😉

Kante0 says:

Could you please test this technique with the Abus Granit X-plus 54?

KOYOT says:

If I would be the owner of this car near by , I would kick your ass you fucking moron

MrBrander says:

Lol. You call that a pry bar? That’s just a flimsy piece of aluminium list. Try using a real iron bar next time.

Patrioten 74 says:

You’d probably want to use some protection for your eyes next time. But that’s none of my business.

WeTheTech says:

Another reason why kryptonite’s single locking u locks are garbage. I believe most thiefs use a pry bar instead of bolt cutter since they draw less attention.

Alex Chu says:

My only concern is if the lock indeed held up, the bike frame would be more or less ruined especially if it was carbon.

BrainSeepsOut says:

I found a cool idea how to steal bikes in broad daylight- bring along a friend with a video camera and pretend you’re doing some sort of test!

bibilolo0802 says:

This is how the every production test should be done , until it’s broken!

bishplis says:

yes use a bar with holes in it, fucking dumbasses

Cory Smith says:

what is a pry bar made of?

wb5mgr says:

This is not even a real pry bar… This is a $15-20 piece of unistrut stolen off a construction site… Admittedly it IS probably the sort of thing crooks might be using to break locks…but a real pry bar is made from solid steel like this
Interestingly enough, you were able to break it anyway, but in a real lockup situation with a bike in the lock could you even get the bar into the ulock? Probably would be easier just to have a ratchet and remove the bolts holding the anchor to the ground…then take the whole thing.

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