Kryptonite Mini 7 U lock: 2 year review


M. Castro says:

this was great! thank you

Abraham Wu says:

Where did you get your saddle bag that attaches to the bottom of the top frame? Thanks! 🙂

littlegoobie says:

not angle grinder anymore. check out cordless rebar cutters. nearly silent, no sparks. cut through almost any ULock in under 15 seconds.

G C says:

Have same lock. One tip is to lock only your rear tire, the part between frame members, to post – no need to lock both frame and tire, as you can’t steal the bike even if you take the tire partially off.

George Silver Hawk says:

I had the same lock, and yes, a 24 inch bolt cutter would cut it’s 13mm shackle. I had to cut mine because the lock jammed. The locksmith wanted $90 to come out and remove, and the lock cost me about $54…. so I went to my local Harbor Freight and both their 24 inch bolt cutter for $18 and it did the trick. I was actually surprised at the easy that it cut with the bolt cutter. I learned that the 14mm shackled U Locks will stand up to the 24 inch cutters, but can be cut with the 42 inch cutters. So now I got a U Lock with an 16 inch shackle as my main lock.

A 13mm U Lock like this is fine for most things… a ride to your local park and your bike is lock in an open area.. or when riding and you want a to run into your coffee shop and your bike is still within views, etc. If out and about and when have to go into a store of something, I’ll use two U Locks plus a 7 foot cable that goes through my front wheel, saddle and rear rack. I have my main U Lock on the frame and rear wheel and a second U Lock that I have on the frame. Best wishes and thanks…

Daniel S. says:

It is indeed a good lock thanks dor the review. Bought it and also have done a video on my channel. Cheers.

Tomasz Rutkowski says:

Do not recommend this lock, the key jams and you always need the key to close/open it, most locks close keyless, it rattles on the holder too, regret this choice a lot, have another one for half the money and it is much better

Aleksey Yaremenko says:

Thanks, gonna buy it!

DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals) says:

Great video! I was considering this as a second lock.

mexicool187 says:

Thank you

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