Lattis Ellipse review: Would you use a solar-powered, app-enabled bike lock?

Is this $200 smart bike lock worth it?

Equal parts smart and frustrating:

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Vee Macks says:

Gotta love/hate it when technology is used to not solve any problems at all.

e4r says:

Useless gadget

dmitriy40 says:

First, please provide more footage of this… large man (?) riding a bike!
Second, a lock review should be done by a lock expert, NOT by a tech expert.

ColtsFan4Life 35 says:

Totally not worth it for $200.

Jj W says:

Unless it rides the bike for me, no.

machyne82 says:

Goes to show you exercise is not the answer.

paul woodward says:

Don’t buy it there ripping people off I purchased on it cost me 293.00 and they won’t send it on there site it’s still under unfullfilled and they won’t respond to any emails or social media and there is no number to call them there is countless complaints and the are not doing anything.

The Law of Inertia The Law of Inertia says:

Hey CNET, First, a overweight person riding a bike around the city. Did you get that idea from the Simpsons? Anyone with basic reasoning can easily tell this guy loves fatty foods than riding his bike. Second, bike riders adapt to different locks. A true rider would of learned how to place the lock without holding the phone. Finally, CNET you basically insulted the bike community. I’ve never seen a fat person enjoying a bike ride. At least make the lie believable. Place a thin person riding the bike than this guy.


No. There’s no need to put tech in a simple lock. I see this as a pointless money grab.

generationRx says:

I’m sorry, this lock sounds dumber the more I hear about it.

Nick says:

The whole video was hilarious, but $200!?!?! A cray cray bike lock for cray cray sf… LOLOL

lapamful says:

When I lock my bike to a lamppost at least I’m secure in the knowledge that nobody’s going to steal the lamppost.

maximus bricker says:

Sub to me

GintokiKreuz1 says:

I was wondering why u had a cracked phone…dude that sucks

Jj W says:

Maybe you should repair your phone’s screen before you buy a solar powered bike lock.

Galo Aguirre says:

Why not just embed a gps tracker with a cell transponder, deep in the frame of the bike?

Leave you’re bike anywhere, unattended.

If it ever gets stolen you have a security service track it for you and retrieve it?

Charles Eye says:

They wasted all that R&D making it electronic when they could have used it on making a better _lock._

Khizee Naweed says:

I need more proof that this large guy rides a bike and uses this lock consistently..

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