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WeTheTech says:

Litelock is unsafe. There are videos on youtube showing thief twisting the lock and breaking them by a jack

John Doe says:

Is it truly does what it says you should not have any problems trying to cut it yourself

jrichardsonsix says:

Junk and it costs 85£ in uk can be cut in half in 20 secs with angle grinder. Look it up on YouTube.

sunny judd says:

Stick a grinder in between where they connect and boom its open

Josh Weinstein says:

Here is a video of the Litelok that was left on the ground after my bike was stolen while secured with Litelok: You can see the point of failure, which is the compression holding the metal threads in place.

Suleman Mostufa says:

Where can i buy that lock?

Harvardfacebook says:

Looks like a red hot knife could cut straight through it. Good luck mate.

europe laguna says:

You’re kidding right? “Great Lock” ” One of the best”. Based on what?? The color? It bends nice? A great lock is determined by how long it slows down an angle grinder. Put it tool o it before you make those claims.

Torben Hansen says:

lol lol lol

John Doe says:

Use some bolt cutters

John Agresti says:

A foot too short guys.

Philippe Lebel says:

If you not try tu cut it it’s not a review.

Chris Comins says:

Jjust watched video of this lock cut in 14 secs with angle grinder. Don’t believe the hype!

marisse o. says:

how to repair my cut lock?

John Doe says:

Use an angel grinder in the light

Love Life says:

I bet 2 mins with an angle grinder

Donovan Tyler says:

the only way I can see stoping an angle grinder is to introduce a lock depth that exceeds the usable grinder disc or some crazy thick puck idk

John Doe says:

I want to see you cut it

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