Onguard bike lock Vs bolt cutters, who is tougher?

OnGuard Silver level D-Lock, (U-lock, Shackle lock, Staple lock)

Kryptonite bike lock Vs bolt cutters

This is not a video about how to steal a bike!
I was given this bike lock from a friend, their bike was stolen and the lock was left behind. The key no longer worked in it.
So rather than throw it away I thought I’d see how secure those Onguard locks are!

I was pleasantly surprised!

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Shelly Belly says:

Wrong angle

David Storton says:

I’m reassured by this, I’ve just ordered the gold standard one from the same maker

Niklas99 says:

Maybe the thief picked the lock and thats also why you cant put the key in

Orlando LuvLuv says:

Well the fact the robber could snap it makes the test on the shackle marginally good

z1522 says:

This only demonstrates why the thief used a different tactic to overcome the weakest aspect of the unit, rather than trying to use cutters on the one strong component. They may have used a car jack in the span to wedge the shackle away from the bar where the mechanism itself failed.

James Sempy says:

me think: U is of hardened steel. harder than BC ?? check the jaws. could be damaged.
of course the bigger U dimater is, the harder to cut.

chrismetallica1 says:

The steel is tempered. just get a blow torch. Heat a spot till it goes red then cut. It will go through like butter

rihsyan adam riansyah says:

my shackle won’t get that hard

Cenzo Benzo says:

ever heard of a lock pick

Даниил _ says:

The lock is left from the stolen bike ??? How did the thieves manage to open the lock?

rotaryhoes says:

I was just waiting for it to cut and the off cut shoot into the side of your van! says:

*Nice lock for the price.*
The other channel used the hydraulic cutter and failed too !

The lock manufacturer can increase the security by wrapping the lock core into a thick cut-proof fiber tube, so that it can not fit into the cutter without any other work. This will prevent the evil people from trying.

We need better bicycle locks on our planet. This one might be a good start.

Arisa Kuhouin says:


꧁ Isy Ruiz ꧂ says:

Se continuasse, romperia kkkkk

Erick R. says:

is that a bull dog onguard 13mm?

kenny lars says:

She didnt lock it proper

Stephen Smith says:

Send it to LockPickingLawyer so he can use the hydraulic cutter on it.

Hong Nguyen says:

How thick of the lock shackle? Please

smokeya2 says:

Get a bigger bolt cutter

Tailless Jay says:

Think it will. Be more difficult. If done It. Like a thief… AND. In public?? , cuz. U R. Asleep. When at. Night? … Just a waste of. Time. When do. It at. Night. Right?!

alex Marshall says:

what onguard was it?brute?and only got a quick shot of you croppers..the jaws looked a bit shot

Christian Geiselmann says:

Lockpicking Lawyer has a video on these. He ruined the jaws of his hydraulic bolt cutter on the hardened steel. But he can pick the lock.

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