OnGuard Bulldog DT U-lock Review: A great budget bike lock

OnGuard Bulldog DT Review

A full review of the OnGuard Bulldog DT. I look at:

1. The specifications
2. How secure is it?
3. How easy is it to carry around?
4. How easy is it to use?
5. Anti-theft protection
6. Conclusion (including the best alternative)

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Tyshown Ramirez says:

I saw a video of some on picking this lock not good at all

Alex Cabrera says:

it’s $20

WeTheTech says:

Please post more u lock reviews. Thanks!

Jesse Chen says:

DO NOT BUY THIS LOCK. I’ve had it for a month and it worked fine at first. Now the key won’t turn and my bike is permanently locked until I pick the lock. Made me late for class. spend the extra money and get a better lock.

king buzzy says:

How much did you pay for the lock? Great vid btw

Francesco Cecchetti says:

How do you carry around the steel cable?

Israel Magalit says:

Excellent review!
Thank you for posting!

Akeel Rafiq says:

So the scheme is a load of bull

I. Hussain says:

Good video, I have a question, the black spline thats on the lock is facing the wrong way towards the inside of the lock so I can’t attach it to the holder on the bike, The screw is tiny, do you know how to turn it around.

Alan Hayward says:

I have the combination version of this lock, it’s very good for the money and I recommend it.
On-Guard Bulldog Combo DT-8012C
No lock is going to prevent your bike, scooter, or motorcycle from being stolen, if a professional thief targets your pride and joy and they just happen to have a battery powered disc cutter in the glove box of their van, you’re screwed!
The idea of a £20-40 lock is to have them just move on to something else a little easier and from what I’ve seen on my travels, unlocked completely! In fact if I see a bike unlocked, I’ll park right next to it!

klarth1234 says:

I have had this lock for a while, I recommend it!!

Paweł S says:

what kind of review is this – show how you cut this with a battery powered angle grinder…:)

Primorsky says:

What about protection against picking? I saw the video with the Onguard’s STD u-lock model (2015) where the lock was easily defeated with a simple(!!!) tools like a flat screwdriver and hexagon tool in ~2.5 minutes. So does it mean that Onguard’s Z-lock anti-bumping cylinder is nothing more than marketing B.S. ? Or I didn’t understood something?

Dima Naumenko says:

Great review. Thanks a lot.


Right now im fucking with two u-locks and the wire cable. Kryptonite back rim front rim on guard bulldog with the wire cable running to the back lock for extra measures. No problem so far.

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