Smart Bicycle Lock? – Ellipse by Lattis

This is the most advanced bicycle lock I have ever come across. The Ellipse by Lattis is a Smart Bicycle lock that is solar powered and controlled via your smart phone. Join me in this episode as we uncover what this product is all about.

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Sheepy99 says:

The range on these is terrible.
Left it charging in sunlight beside the window for 4 days, and then the lock still can’t find my phone when I try to create a link between the two.
Varying distances, reinstalling of app etc. does nothing.
Feeling like a bit of a scam at $200…

Austin Dent says:

I’m still confused if the tampering notification is only if the phone is within bluetooth range? If I’m more than the short distance away from my bike that bluetooth range extends does it notify? I’d imagine it would have to use cell towers for that and it doesn’t do this.

lefthandedpolack says:

how much is it?

Hamdan Shams says:

Hii Gear Candy Its me wwe_hsp

WeTheTech says:

A strong neodymium magnet will wipe the lock of its firmware… it will just become a dumb lock.

Rupert Mouse says:

This lock is useless because it is not waterproof – something that Ellipse fail to mention in any of their marketing material.  When my lock was bricked by an ingress of water, they promised me a replacement.  I sent the original lock back and have heard nothing since – worse, they have ignored repeated requests for information.  Avoid this product,

Lattis says:

Great video! We are just getting started and our team is working hard to continuously improve the user experience with regular app updates. Thanks for the review!

Kerry Heysen-Hicks says:

Thanks for this.I have got the Ellipse. I am in Australia so it was great to see your youtube. Great help, however I got to the pin code and couldn’t enter it as there was no keyboard.
Did a keyboard come up when you went through the app a second time?.

TheTexasTodd says:

Lets try to break it

Ryan T says:

Various alerts sent out sure – but only receiving them after I contacted Lattis many many times. Purchased two years ago as a gift, the shipping date was pushed back over a dozen times, many different reasons cited but never really any resolution. Anyway – I finally received the lock over a month ago and it became stuck on the firmware update screen – good luck with that. I asked about returning it for a refund and was told by whomever is managing the support account on April 21 2017 “If you would like to return the lock for a refund, I could have a shipping label generated for you on Monday. However, by the time the lock is received back in our warehouse, we’ll have the new Android app available to download.”

It’s now May 6th and an update that allows me to use the lock without issues. I agree – the features are great IN THEORY, but in practice they do not work. First generation product or not, given what was paid for this lock and the number of years waiting for it to be delivered – No. Buggy experiences are not to be expected.

Mohammed Zakaria ali says:

I thought it would make sound alert when someone try to move the lock, they just replaced a physical key with a phone key,
Not that impresive..

Peter Pandaluki says:

I ordered one of these two years ago and am still waiting. I have attempted to contact the company many times but they do not reply. They are ignoring me!!!

Gear Candy says:

So far the lock has been very useful. You get piece of mind that you will be alerted if someone messes with your bike. I still haven’t had a false positive alert so its been working great.

Pete Jeffris says:

Have to stay skeptical. They always show thieves easily busting through U-locks on news reports. Those folding locks seem like the best option these days.

Hamdan Shams says:


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