Sparks Fly As Bike Thief Grinds Through Lock At Mid Day In San Francisco || ViralHog

Occurred on April 15, 2016 / San Francisco, CA, USA

A brazen bike thief saws lock in broad daylight while folks watch.”-Ty Mckenzie

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katari says:

They are to fat to understand whats going on, fact

Donald J. Trump says:

Nigga stole my bi…oh wait, somebody stop that honkey!

Sean McKeown says:

Social Justice warriors everywhere!!!!! But no risk free virtual signalling to be done here, so all ignore. This video really highlights the San Francisco inhabitant’s true mindset. Any libertarians (not to be confused with liberal) or “alt right” would have been straight in to protect the individual’s property rights even though the bike probably belongs to a liberal, virtue signalling, Hilary voting SJW who wouldn’t do it for his fellow citizen.

Charlie Harper says:

This exact thing happened to me in Berkeley right next to the University. I loved that bike.

cz luver says:

No one thinks to video the guy to get his face while in the act. They’ll video every other stupid shit, but not evidence.

Andre Williams says:

daytime,where’s the cops when stuff like this is going on,I blink I see a cop,I stretch some one takes a picture, people put their phone’s away when I walk by,Ive never stole anyone phone or bike.I was riding in Golden gate park kinda fast,there was a lady jogging as I rode by her,someone thought I snatched something from her,cutting me off making a big scene,only to realized I’m just exercising

Peter Corteen says:

It was my bike! I had lost the key!

wlad says:

omg thats just horrible

Russell Colon says:

I recorded the same thing in Manhattan fortunately the owner returned before the thief could make off with the bike.

PJ Scotland says:

this is a faked video for u tube

TheDjayAnas says:

Now imagine if he were black

KretinzUnited says:


alfamonk says:

Mid Day? Everyone’s got their headlamps on. I call horseshit. Was a brazen motherfucker too.

avalon 269 says:

that guy is a idiot for doing that in public if he did that where I’m from he would be tackled and held on the ground tell police come because no one would believe that’s his bike

Mohammed Zakaria ali says:

this dude really got balls

Hugo Sabato says:

Liberals do nuffin!

Doug Christensen says:

The biker says, “I think he just stole that bike” and does nothing. 330 seconds of cutting is all

Soulware3D says:

damn that ginger thing scared me off the video.

john smith says:

I was focusing on the black guy. I feel bad.

Brownrevolution says:

Hahah everyone though it was the gimpy black guy. Racist

gmweirdo says:

This is how ridiculous SF is. It’s a denizen of nutty kooks.

Jeb Garcia says:

Karma will return. You throw a stone in a calm pond, and the ripples return eventually.

Midas Sandahl says:

@ all the people saying hes dumb or that this is staged etc, would you approach someone with an angle grinder?

bishplis says:


Peter Piper says:

Next time get a cheap t-shirt that says “ACME Locksmith” and carry a tool box. No one will bat an eye.

GpD79 says:

Someone please tell me this is a prank video. I can’t believe this is for real!

carforumwanker says:

size of that red head dyke !

IronHolik says:

Coward people..

Plz No says:

Just fuck that guy, I feel bad for those who get bikes stolen from them


Are people that stupid. He was using a grinder FFS ! and everyone just ignored it. Don’t know which is worst, the theft or the ignorance of stupid individuals. Wow!

Brock Eppler says:

Out of all the comments here, I am mostly disappointed with the two ladies in the beginning. The one girl even had her phone out, and could’ve easily snapped a picture indiscreetly (selfie) for the police. People are too scared to do the right thing.

ElAshtonio says:

You can tell that’s not his bike just by looking at him, no one wears an overcoat when riding a bike, especially a road one

Steve Gerhartz says:

No way to know if this is legit but common sense dictates you pay attention to your possessions.

Mista Dobalina says:

Don’t use locks, use cling film.

jenna azelia says:

Wow, I admit, thought it was the black guy. Shocked me that it was a white guy. Still doesn’t take away that blacks commit most of the crimes. Is it racism if it’s the truth? Is it racist to be on alert based on stats? Or ignore stats n be a victim more than when you were alert? So many questions. Darn it.

Casovni Stroj says:

If anyone asks, I was fixing my bike…

Alejandro Bello says:

“I’m just gonna send a Twitter of that bad-bad man so gets a LOT of Thumbs Down. That’ll tech him!”

Timm Bodenhagen says:

All the people seen in that video are so poor.

Mattias B says:

people are dumbasses

C O D Y says:

This guy really does have a big set of nuts on em who does this i mean really

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