Tested – £11,000 of Bike Locks Destroyed

What’s the best bike lock? Senior road tech editor Warren Rossiter headed out to Abus in Germany to independently test (and destroy) £11,000 worth of bike locks from various manufacturers.
With the results now in he gives you the low down on the best bike locks you can buy.

Article http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/article/the-best-bike-locks-and-chains-44996/

Results table https://imgur.com/Hlbrlov


Brian Michael says:

I ordered the Abus Bordo Granit X 6500
you liked the litelock more than it?


I knew this was just a video for self advertising

Simon Everett says:

Interesting results for bikers not sure about the robot saw test didnt seem to be actually sawing more scratching, but they looked like they would take an age to get through manual or not.

Carson King says:

56 Newton meters,,, what the fuck is that, that’s an everyday measurement if I’ve ever heard one, why not just use kilos and tons so normal folk understand what the fuck you’re on about?

Big_Adam_2050 says:

I expect to start seeing a lot more iron railings with sections mission because of these locks.

Phil Weatherley says:

The saw test – where the saw, after returning, drops the blade on to the target each time is rubbish. No-one, using a hacksaw, does that. The blade twists on impact losing part of the power-stroke, so losing effectiveness and wasting time. It’s either a stupid test or there is something I am missing justifying their rationale. (?)

vaw power says:

A lock is a deterrent not a guarantee of security.

Jadkandkajxjsj Mioxjskfkskdksj says:

Mini Bicycle U-lock with Transit Frame Mount Bracket, Stainless Steel Keys, Electrostatic Coating, Anti Theft Technology, High Security Hardened Bike Keeper, Rust Resistance,Best Waterproof Cylinder
by Belcycling
Link: http://a.co/eKRBRA4

BlackDolphin90 says:

I think they dont show you how to pick the locks because of how easy it can be….

Tyler L says:

Lmao you don’t need to blur the lock picks

LockPickingLawyer says:

I’m stunned that the Abus locksmiths couldn’t pick many/most of these. Several of these locks are not particularly challenging. I’m not sure what to say.

Also, I noticed the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit U locks in the pictures, but they are not listed in the results. I wonder why that is. It seems that this test might have been comparing Kryptonite’s JV to the Abus varsity team.

Clid says:

What about the Seatylock?

Elliot Flowers says:

At least having a ‘good lock’ means you can relax when you are inside and your bike is outside. And when it gets stolen it gets stolen. At least you aren’t worrying about it up until that point 😉

jwrm22 says:

Good test. What do you do with the remains? When the core is intact the lockpicking community will still be interested in them.

I do have two older version of the ABUS U-lock bought second hand at €15,- each about 5 years ago. My bike is arguably worth less. So reuse/buy second hand unless you have a €2k electric bike, then just don’t leave it outside.

Paul P. says:

At 11:03 I can see a bunch of Kryptonite New York mini Fahgettaboudits in the rightmost carton in the front row.
I’m genuinely interestet about the results, because I own this lock myself and was looking for tests.
I bought it, because it’s by far the toughest I came across at my local bike shop. I know you used Abus facility and all…but I sadly can’t even find it in the full article.

mindciller says:

Simulate a tweaker

Andrew Hunter says:

On the D lock no menshion of which wheel cables are strongest? .

Henry Jacobsen says:

Why not design a large polymer u lock? Enough width to prevent fast sawing/melted grime all over the saw, not easily grippable by a crowbar, and finally cheap and easy to produce. And it can even be molded to fit over the wheels or wherever you would like it.

Demitri Yannitsos says:

cant believe I watched a video on bike locks for almost 15 minutes lmao

Potti314 says:

You are afraid to show a rake and a tension wrench on camera? Search for lockpicking on youtube and you’ll find detailed tutorials.

Byron Pratt says:

Wow abus had their best lock in there yet not so top of the line from their competitors

Jorge F says:

Thanks i learn new ways to open locks hahaha!!! security is just a idea is not real .

Ryan Grange says:

why are they blurring lockpicks? In at least the US and UK these are perfectly legal to own and theres videos of lockpicking allover youtube, just search bosnianbill or lockpickinglayer

cris rose says:

i would be interested to see a test like this for motorcycle locks, both chains and disc locks.

also what about cable locks? iv seen plenty about and id say they’re just as common as U locks.

A six says:

the hand saw blade machine is cutting inaccurately. that test is wrong. faulty.

David Perry says:

You should test these bike locks with a ramset gun.

Tommy says:

My bike lock is newer version there’s no way to use a pin cause the lock is circle

wolfnite4 says:

Super cool vid

funky fatboy says:


Morpheus says:

Great video! Thanks!

Heythatsprettygood says:

PSA: don’t use master locks. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can pick the lock in less than 20 seconds. Splash our and buy anything else.

matt115lamb says:

What about the Almax 22mm immobiliser series, that is a proper chain !

Byron Pratt says:

The light lock doesn’t go into lightweight I think it belongs with the chains as you can’t fold it and stick it in a pocket

omsonic says:

Nothing about shimming ?!?

tim bum says:

a mini GPS and a BIG baseball bat problem solved and after i saw the ramsted gun attacks well i give up on locking stuff

twisted intentions says:

all you need is a ramset gun

David Ray says:

it’s shame they didn’t test any of the steel cable bike locks

Tio Dave says:

The hacksaw was improperly calibrated in the test. You can see the blade bouncing and wobbling on the cut. Maybe it was just for the filmed portion of the test, but it’s bad data if so. Other than that it looked like a well rounded test.

circusboy90210 says:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6iMmCSayBQ the best locks with the best cylinders picked in seconds.

wa2k360 says:

ok well putting it in the climate control defeats the purpose of having a control

Tom Hadler says:

Great, now do motorbike locks

Blake Chesser says:

lol go to Bosnian bill to see him pick all these locks with no blur ha ha

dmak2 says:

Why don’t these manufacturers try a sintered diamond coating?

Han Lockhart says:

You guys must employ former criminal lockpickers to test these locks? Fascinating and informative anyway, cheers.

South HemiTV 4 says:

thankyou for making this video. But as always you probably educated some theives too with these videos.

wiggle dig says:


Grant Wallace says:

What about the bike registration schemes? Are they effective. I have my bike on one of them…. can’t remember which. Have a tamper proof sticker on my frame, but unfortunately a heavy caste on my left leg…. (non biking incident)

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