The Best Bike Lock You Can Get…In my opinion! (Review) ABUS Bordo 6000

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I think some of my viewers misunderstand me… Yes this bike lock can be cut, all locks can be cut. That’s not why I think it’s the best lock “I have ever had.” If a manufacture says that their bike lock is impregnable they are talking rubbish. What I like about this lock is it is stronger than all but the most expensive D-locks and unlike a D-lock it is a lot more practical and convenient to use. People have been posting videos of this lock being cut… With gigantic bolt cutters! If someone wants your bike that badly nothing will stop them. This bike lock will just deter the normal opportunist bike thief and will be stronger than the vast majority of locks your fellow bikers will have… so Mr Bike thief will take their bike and not yours.

A review of a bike lock I have used for years, it is in my humble opinion the best standard (and by standard I mean it does not electrocute you with 415V if you try to tamper with It!) bike lock you can get.

For more info on locks see this video.


Lee s says:

master lock streetcuffs 8200 or 8290. I found very useful. the abus 6500 lock works better but the streetcuffs most people don’t want to touch

Adam Morrell says:

the bolt area is weak and can be cut with bolt cutters, A decent 2nd lock after a gold standard U lock in my opinion as i use 3 locks.

hoah says:

Ive seen these snapped open quite easily, they litter the floor of the bike racks here.. I use a mini fahgeddaboutit, and a Krypto mini, but I live in london.

ADz Bikes says:

Could be the mask, who knows? With haters, well, they are gonna hate no mater what, but I am off the wall with my stuff so do we care…naaah, locks, well, I just dont bother with say, the Cannondale BB, it goes where I go, I do have a ‘deterrent’ cheapo, that just puts off the scrote who will just nick and go if it sees a chance, but with the cruisers I have, I am OK in that they are such a handful to manoeuvre, no one is gonna try, but I still am concious of the smart ass, who wouldn’t mind falling on his butt trying to ride one off….I gave you a like 🙂

dmsone says:

Are you Ray Mears? You sound just like him  ;- )

hk84 says:

It can be cut with bolt croppers but its still much better than just using a cable or armoured cable lock.

scoby says:

I thought that the video was very informative! Thank you

The Cat says:

No way is this the best bike lock you can get. It has pins in the intersections that you can cut through with bolt cutters. The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini is more secure than this.

mac69041 says:

Sounds like you work for Abus

uphillfreewheeler says:

I use a cheap cable lock. It works because no one wants to steal the bike I use. My expensive bikes never get left in public places.

Matthew Barwell says:

Good video, nice and clear bar the mask lol.
But i wouldn’t personally promote this lock, reason being its just two midrange and doesnt look intimidating enough to the average thief which is probaby the reason why someone tried it in the first place. Now im sure 70percent of those people will fail but eventually someone will crack it , because it is only a midrange lock.
There are others that will almost give you as much convenience but far superior locking power like the Abus granit x plus 54. (which you can attach to the bike easily) then you have the kryptonite New York locks which are heavier but there is a 98 percent chance that the person who gave your bike a shot whouldnt have even entertained the thought with any of those , and for me thats more important. I know the message you are pushing is convenience but IMO the least someone should have is the abus 54, and the best is the 18mm kryptonite NY. If you use your thing as the main lock for your bike in Tower Hamlets, London for example (drug user capital) on a nice bike , id actually put money within a year you’ll get the bike stolen or at least a few more attemps… at least.

Reginald Scot says:

Oh dear… lots of dislikes? Was it something i said about this lock? Is it the lock you do not like? Or is it to do with Video Quality? Let me know so I can improve. 🙂

ZenTeT says:

I get the abus 6500 in about 1 week from now I got the 200 dollar usa version im going to get the best chain and keypad lock as well in the next few months. If I get my bike jacked again im out no more bicycles

Kanisterkopf88 says:

Was soll die homo Maske?

chuck ferguson says:

Nice job! I had seen this lock but wasn’t sure exactly how it worked. You hit the nail on the head.

bluefavorites says:

Your mask is far more stupid than the idea of your actual face on video. I’m guessing you’re really ugly????

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