TiGr Bike Lock Review

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Morgan Friman says:

Lock the bike with the tigr on a 25 mm tree.

SuperMerlot says:

This looks more like a paid ad

Rob K says:

Hello… How do you keep the lock metal titanium edges from scratching the paint on the frame..?

Douglas Davis says:

How hard would it be for them to plastidip the lock so it doesnt scratch the shit out of your frame?

joel sater says:

Anyone have anything positive to say? Jesus people are negative. The German company that cut through the lock in 6 seconds was the old original tigr. Not the tigr mini. Both the tigr and the tigr mini have been made to be thicker and stronger so we’re not comparing apples to apples. On top of that this bike lock would not have won a red dot award if it sucked as bad as people say in the comments. This bike lock weighs less then a pound and is made out of titanium with almost twice the thickness as it’s old original tigr version. This blows an original U-lock out of the water on security and weight. It also has a 3m clear film over it to prevent your bike from getting scratched. This is an American made lock so let’s give a little more support to the people who made it and put some serious time into engineering it. Also keep in mind that no bike lock is theft proof, any bike lock ever made is a deterrent to annoy the thief and to want to move on to a more easier target based on he quality of the lock. Check out some review pictures on amazon and you’ll see that this lock has held up to some bolt cutters no problem.

Vesamatti says:

Im rather certain this would suffice, but anyone who really wants to get in the lock could do it with ease, lets say with a shim? like the ones you would use for a padlock

simplexicated says:

Good video, is this sold secure gold?

matthewgonzales67 says:

I can brake that shit easy pop goes the weasel the bike is mine and gone out of sight be for you even know it I remember back in high school I took 3 nice bmx bike’s and I did this all in between class times in day light

Dee From Brooklyn says:

seems like another shape would allow wheel and frame locking this one’s a bit tough. good review

Sunset BEATS says:

lol i can buy a way better chain for less than 99 dollars

Ruben Schepers says:

No scratch protection ?

Linc Qimiq says:

Its easy to cut lock by cordless grinders

jesse bailon says:

why do you look baked in all your videos

All Knowing Deity, Sacrifice All To Me says:

represent! surf city!

Paul Elstein says:

Totally can relate to the intro… ._.

Vladimir Patlan says:

Pretty sure Andrew was happy as hell when he went down the slide lol

john sellers says:

were you paid for this review because the tigr lock is one of the most unsecure locks available and can be cut in 5 seconds and should be avoided at all costs especially if your using an expensive bike

TheFarias93 says:

ok but your wheels are an easy access

Syndicate_ Racing says:

Do a review on the 560G titanium bike lock

Greggson Wong says:

How strong is this lock? Do you think it would be easy to cut, saw, grind or plasma off?

Jason C. says:

I could defeat that lock with ease. LOL

Doctor Morbid says:

The best is how a German testing organization cut the lock in six seconds and used a small, inexperienced woman to do it, with no special clippers.

Beatriz Hernabdez says:

If i saw that track bike i would take the bars,stem,fork,seat,wheelset and cranks since its not all locked

James Demastus says:

theres no point in this review if you’re not going to try and cut it. other videos show this lock being cut in 6 seconds

Aloe says:


Silver Stacker says:

Remember kids, if a thief wants it, they’ll get it. A die grinder would make quick work of this lock, or any other lock for that matter.

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