Top 5 Best Bike Locks 2019 | Strongest & Unbreakable Bike Locks

Top 5 Best Bike Locks 2019 | Strongest and unbreakable Bike Locks to Prevent Theft
Bike Lock – (USA) , (Uk) , (India) ,

Squire Snaplock Bike Lock – ,

Kryptonite Evolution Mini-5 Bike U-Lock – ,


N-Lock – The Multipurpose Bicycle Lock

Re-Lock –
Re-Lock: keyless automatic bike lock

Products and gear – ,
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BlackDolphin90 says:

The first lock, he used the wrong tools to break the lock. Bolt cutters we’re too small and he could have got in with a common tool used by theives the battery powered angle grinder.

BlackDolphin90 says:

All these locks can be defeated.

Korup7ion says:

I would buy the first one if it was sold secure gold, silver is junk

BlackDolphin90 says:

The second lock…how will it know it had been picked open?

Sirios Star says:

ALL bike locks need to be time rated. Meaning, how much time will it take for an angle grinder or bolt cutters to destroy your lock. One minute is about the maximum .

Orenthal Simpson says:

I could ride that n lock bike away with the handlebars turned sideways. An angle grinder with a cutting wheel could get the rest of them, guess i would need a $20 respirator for the skunklock though

StiX says:

Bullshit testing. First lock – Use a brand new hacksaw blade and it’ll cut through it within 30sec. Get someone who actually knows how to use Boltcutters.
N-Lock sound interesting but its the same as taking the seat off. Just because it’s unrideable doesn’t mean it unstealable
The only one with credibility is Kryponite

Adrian Ferrando says:

N lock, the thief can always leave with the front wheels or snap open the cable and run off with it in his hands (literally).

DaBurntToaster says:

skunklock is a dumb as fuck idea, they can just come back 2 minutes later
and hows it going to be the “last lock you ever buy” if it only deters one thief one time…
so fucking dumb

Matoo says:

wouldnt someoke call the police if they saw that, do it in ur back garden i would never do it in public

Raven One says:


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