[599] Oxford HD Chain & Bike Lock Combo Picked (Model OF157)


R DOZA says:

Quality video…Useful information

Satisek says:

Are you going to do anything special for video 600?

Tony T says:

Always find your videos interesting. Have you considered the hiplok bike locks? I am curious is they are more secure or mostly focused on convenience. Plus it uses a lock type I don’t believe you have picked on camera before.

seccat says:

Where is the Amazon affiliate link? For $25, I can leave it at my destination.

HobbyPicker says:

Counter-rotating the first disc is a huge pro-tip. Great video as always!

No Thanks says:

The previous model of this lock could be opened with a pen lid, so this is a huge improvement. Chain not the best but park next to a better bike secured with a shitty cable and its good enough. Absolutely not for motorcycles, only low value peddle bikes and mopeds. The area I live in is moderately shitty and they just go for the easier targets.


Great pick creation, and great picking that Oxford Bike Lock, thank you for sharing

Abe Lincoln says:


Albert Lebel says:

Excellent work. Also nice job on the pick. I hope you get your wife a new ring rack. Don’t end up in the dog house. Thanks man. Always a pleasure

Jonny Hammon says:

Me and my friend had this model of lock and chain on our motorbikes when they were stolen a while ago, the thieves just used bolt-cutters on the chains instead of picking it.

murleaf1 says:

double locking mechanism?

THR33STEP says:

In my own opinion, that’s a good lock if you have to make your own tools to pick the lock! I guess you won’t be buying your wife any rings for now!! (just kidding!!)

BlackDolphin90 says:

I picked the D Lock from Oxford….i did not feel false gates

Tex Patriot says:

Could you do some destructive testing on various chains?

metamorphicorder says:

And the price is doubled now. Was getting this for a friend with an expensive ebike. Now i guess im gonna pay more for it.

Nimikos says:

You’ve picked Yale locks, now Oxford, next maybe Harvard. You could get a series going on Ivy League locks.

rama a to z says:


Gazz R says:

Nice picking. Did you test the hardness of the chain?

Dave Kimball says:

Love the reworked picking tool, especially using the wife’s ring stand.

Lego Buildings Rewiew says:

You make great videos!

roshani koranga says:

best lock for bike sir?

Bezalel Geretz says:

Looks like the $18 Harbor Freight lock (item 66067) but the HF lock only comes with 2 keys.

Zach Bonnell says:

Neat adjustments to that pick.

Charles McKinney says:

Harry, you are one very clever guy.

Greg Truchot says:

Since this is a low to medium security bike lock, what would you consider a high security bike lock? Thanks for the great videos!

Jolly Peanut says:

I like your modifications to the picking tool… Seems like a decent lock & chain for the money…Good video..

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