[686] Kryptonite’s Best: The New York Legend Chain/Padlock Combo Picked (Model 1515)


doodr says:

Ah more ad’s for subpar products

Kasper Vendler says:

Im gonna buy this lock for my next bike

Donald Sayers says:

Disk detainers seem to be the way to go, the rest of the world is finally catching up with Abloy. Disk detainer locks can be made to tensioned anywhere in the core, putting the driver disk half way up the core, would make the design of a picking tool difficult.

Catsinelixe Holloway says:

What is that thing you are picking with?

Bent Water says:

I need to go buy an expensive bike so I can secure it with this lock.

Ricardo Lourizela says:

How does this compare with the 1415?

socalkev says:

Are you selling the chain?

Filip Poutintsev says:

Wow! You are very good at picking locks. Has there been any lock, that you were unable to pick or at least that was extremely difficult and took over 10 minutes?

Ronnie Dylan says:

Dear LPL, if you had to choose your best lock & chain combo deterrent, which would it be?

thehoep says:

Looks like you had some trouble there buddy.

Jeff Hirata says:

I have not seen all of your videos, but it seems like this was one of the hardest to pick. Nice job Kryptonite. I’d like to see you try to bolt cut that chain. Is it strong like pewag???

STIG..LOCKS..R says:

that was amazing well picked ide like to see a lott of people try to pick this lock I know I wouldn’t be able too well done and well picked maybe abloy protect 2 next time thanks stiglocks..r

TheQuark6789 says:

Dang, 16 pounds for the lock and chain? That’s as heavy as some entire bicycles! Yeah, you’re definitely not pedaling with that thing with you.

Freds Bloggs says:

Two drops of superglue in the thread will block the screw forever……..or if necessary a steel plug!

Fotachi george constantin says:

so much for 16mm hardened steel worth of 200 E , picked in 2 min

Wayne Herby says:

7.2kg… ouch!

tom thompson says:

if you had that chain ,,, and your pick of locks to secure it ,,, which lock would you pick , if it was your 30k bike it was locking …

HSSQ says:

– I cant lock pick this
– Are you serious ?
– Yea
– *Angle Grinder starts running*

Admire You says:

it seems u will open all the locker 🙂 genius man
please recommend any bicycle locker that can not be hacked but the only way to open it is using grinder
thank you

Adam West says:

I don’t want to come across as a fan boy and preface this by saying I’m a great admirer of the skills of other notable YouTube pickers but I honestly think you’re the best I’ve seen. Even if this was a highly practised pick, hell of a job around a camera and any and all hats off sir.

illusion ?????????? says:

These videos are interesting, but your voice puts me to sleep if I’m tired XD

Rick Koehler says:

So, LPL, any chance of some more vids trying to exploit the weaknesses of this lock/chain combo?

Adam Bernstein says:

How many thieves see a lock like this and just walk away knowing they can’t pick it? It certainly looks impressively strong with beefy chain links.

QuietStormX says:

I see this for your Motorcycle and Backpack for day use when parked…

DrBint says:

Fantastic picking!

Hugo Peraza says:

I took this to school EVERYDAY.

Shadowstray says:

Do you mind putting up metric values as annotations? It would really help out the majority of potential viewers who do not subscribe to the United States Customary Unit system. Pounds and feet make as much intuitive sense as measuring things in Blue Whales or London’s Double-Deck buses to most of us.


angle grinder would probably still win

Moldoveanu Dragos says:

I love to watch this

Bazuzeus says:

If someone like LockPickingLawyer
needs so much time to lockpick this one, I think you can say it’s “unpickable” (nobody will “waste” so much time as it’ll be faster to cut it with a tool)

nicklatino says:

So how is he able to pick this lock so easily, but the ASSA Abloy locks are so hard to pick?

wb5mgr says:

I feel like if it takes more than about 90 seconds to pick you can count on the fact that the owner will sneak up behind you with a bat…

It seems like to me that the battery powered die grinder is your best friend…zip,zip and gone…

Ben Blankenship says:

This lock is really interesting to me however it is to heavy for me to carry with me. My bikes are exactly what thief look for. What type of light weigh heavy duty lock would you recommend?

martialme84 says:

No, thank YOU!

guy guy says:

is a lock being picked a bad thing

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