Almax Immobiliser 19mm Chain

The infamous Almax Immobiliser 4 Motorcycle Security Chain is 19mm !!!!!

19mm. Super FAT. Super Strong security chain.

Case hardened, Carbon manganese alloy steel enhanced with boron

IMPOSSIBLE TO CUT WITH BOLT CUTTERS, even the 42″ bolt cutters.

Almax 19mm Security Chain called The Immobiliser is the biggest motorcycle chain you can buy.


Michael says:

you sound like a nice guy… don’t lose that touch my friend.

J Dovak says:

you obviously dont own s high dollar harley…locks and chains dont mean shit

alex bruns says:

ivery nice you can find bigger go to boat yards haha!

MrShurik3n says:

@DreamExcessive. Whats the process for placing an order for this chain. Their website says overseas orders must be emailed or can be done via phone call. I tried emailing them, havnt received a response.

freakqnc says:

That’s all nice and dandy, but unless you can chain your bike to a lamp post or something sturdy and fix on the ground that can’t be cut or lifted away, then this won’t help much since the thieves can simply lift the bike into a van and bring it to the chop shop where they can take their sweet time with steel cutters to remove the massive chain from the stolen bike. It’s just a bigger deterrent, but if one locks just frame and wheels with a chain not tied to a lamp post, if the thieves want to steal your bike they will do so, no matter how massive the links of a chain or your lock are. That’s the sad and unfortunate truth.

rudy ha says:

That is so far the best bike lock report….thanks

DeadlyAviator says:

They have already been tested look it up…

INDX iLaC says:

I know u said u went with the longer links but what one as there’s 4 difrent ones gonna pick one up myself , thanks

Rick Riccar says:

Funny, the guys who know about Master Locks, they are cheap non valuable lock up, that are easily picked.  Night and day difference you have there, good choice.

Tulsa Rigging company is also very good choice in the states.

terry lat says:

Squire padlock is pickable but there is only a few human beings that can u Gotta be one unlucky bastard if one of those guys comes to thief your bike very highly impossible that would happen only a very skilled person can pick it but with the abloy all u needs is a bolt cropper available at a store near u

AMZ 2K8-R6 says:

Man thanks for your video I had two new model r6 stolen now on my third one lost about £17000 within months thanks to you just ordered the 19mm almax and abloy pl362 also have squire lock both will make extra secure this is the one to have people it cost £150 for Almax 19mm 2.0 meter long very good price for chain even if it was higher still worth it leaving my £7k bike on street.

wb5mgr says:

Damn dude, I hope THAT chain is not for THAT dog!

Tim Sharky Productions says:

perfect for motorcycles

Shawn shawnZ says:

So how much did it cost you?

terry lat says:

This dude bought a good chain I’ve met Alex from Newcastle that’s makes these almax chains I have 2 myself u can not crop these no way but this guy compromised his bike by using a shit padlock the abloy is cropable look on YouTube you would have been better if with a squire lock or even better a anchor las padlock will do the job

theseventhammer says:

A portable angle grinder will cut through this chain in about 30sec flat. Ask police in England what thieves use – they don’t bother with bolt cutters anymore.

LKN4WAR says:

They are planning On releasing a 22mm chain in the future. Thanks for video and info. Very nice lock.

wb5mgr says:

That’s not even close to the biggest chain you can buy dude…come down to oil field country 🙂

Peaky_Blinder says:

update this vid I use a 22mm this vid is old and pointless.

David Chan says:

How did shipping cost?

Gnosis2078 says:

actually theres a video of angle grinding and a 12mm took 5 minutes… this one probably 8-10 minutes which is a ton of noise and chance to get caught… 

niner1bb says:

No you wont! Post a video of you cutting that lock with a saw.

Gerhard Symons says:

Bought one a week or so ago. Solid piece of kit. Heavy and impressive. Use it to protect my pride and joy against the filthy thieving scum. Having had one bike nicked, I have gone full commando and bought an alarm, immobiliser, perimeter sensor, two disc locks, this Almax bad boy with Squire lock.

Dem apples.


Hi. What store you buy the abloy padlock? Have website? Thank you

break time says:

12mm 19mm it doesn’t matter against the grinder

Forensource says:

I bought a Kryptonite noose off a guy in Manhattan.  He asked me how many chains I wanted.  He would find bikes with poor locks but good chains.  He stole the bikes and chains with it.

Michael Tatham says:

another video I just watched suggested going to a marina and asking for anchor chain !

Addicted2baseball rgd says:

You have to use both links on padlock. Thieves will go attack the shackle, that’s left vulnerable.

Wolver ine says:

Hey DreamExcessive have you had a look at pewag chain. The strongest chain in the world. A rockwell hardness of 62 which is harder than the jaws of the bolt cutters, you can barely scratch them. One guy even chipped the jaws of his bolt cutters. You can get it case hardened yes.

James Williams says:

 A pager alarm and disk lock alarm and the Almax chain with a squire lock should keep any Motorcycle (Honda Fury) nice and safe:)

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