Almax Immobiliser series 5 22mm chain part 1

Almax series 5 22mm chain


Connor Buxton says:

Part 2!!

OperationFoxley19441 says:

Abloy 362 padlock is the best…………………………… and is currently undefeated!

david zing says:

Things you have to do to protect you bike.

Gilera runner says:

Them new Squire SS80CS locks are massive, I saw one in the flesh on a 22mm Pragmasis chain and it’s insane, I think the shackle link alone on the SS80CS is over 16mm and it’s a monster….But from what I know it only works on the 19mm and 22mm almax and pragmasis chains, and the Squire SS65CS is for the 16mm and can also be used on the 19mm if need be.

Gerhard Symons says:

I can only assume what a beast the Almax V is. I bought a IV series with Squire lock and its the dogs. Hopefully will keep my baby safe on the street from inquisitive bar stewards.

Gilera runner says:

Almax are good chains I have owned a few in the past and infact still own one but for me Pragmasis chains are the number one when comes to security bike chains and I myself think they are better than Almax, did you not see Pragmasis TITAN 22mm chain that’s been out for about 2 months or so now before you brought the Almax 22mm, it is a true monster….But either way Pragmasis or Almax are great chains and you cant really go wrong with either…Pragmasis and Almax both do the monster 16mm, 19mm and 22mm chains except I find Pragmasis have a lot more security related products than Almax but like I said both are good chains either way…And on a side note all these bad reviews and tests on other posts and video’s were done on pragmasis chains/links that were ALL “pre 2007” we are talking 10+ years ago, the visor down and captin cropper tests were all over 10 years back just look at the dates, pragmasis have changed everything since them days for people that ain’t in the know with these things, hence why Pragmasis are number one these days followed by Almax depending on who you ask…

Rubbergently says:

Almax doesnt ship to the netherlands like WTF i can basicly swim over to your island !

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